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RDBMS to NoSQL: reviewing some next-generation non-relational databases
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The new generation of applications like Business Intelligence, Web 2.0, Social networking requires processing of terabytes and even petabytes of data. This is achieved by distributed processing. This is one of major reasons for the power of web companies such as Google We discuss applying column store techniques to both graph (RDF) and relational data for mixed workloads ranging from lookup to analytics in the context of the OpenLink Virtuoso DBMS. In so doing, we need to obtain the excellent memory efficiency, locality and bulk read

Supporting Efficient Streaming and Insertion of XML Data in RDBMS .
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Relational database systems are increasingly used to manage XML documents, especially for data-centric XML. In this paper we present a new approach to efficiently manage document-centric XML data based on a generic relational mapping. Such a generic XML

Big Data-solutions for RDBMS problems-A survey
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Now a days increases shared data very fast due to social networking and mobile phone. In olden days the data is less and able to handle most popular RDBMS concepts, but recently it is difficult to handle this much of huge data through old RDBMS tools. To overcome this

DB2 Spatial Extender-Spatial data within the RDBMS .
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Much of the data that we encounter has a spatial (geographic locational) aspect yet this has not been readily exploited by traditional RDBMS . Over the past five years there has been a confluence of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, RDBMS architecture and

Decision tables: Scalable classification exploring RDBMS capabilities
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In this paper, we report our success in building efficient scalable classifiers in the form of decision tables by exploring capabilities of modern relational database management systems. In addition to high classification accuracy, the unique features of the approach

State-of-the-art XML support in RDBMS : Microsoft SQL servers XML features
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XML is fast becoming the intergalactic data speak alphabet for data and information exchange that hides the heterogeneity among the components of Loosely-coupled, distributed systems and provides the glue that allows the individual components to take part

Rdbms vs nosql: Performance and scaling comparison
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The massive amounts of data collected today by software in fields varying from academia to business and many other fields, is increasingly becoming a huge problem due to storage technologies not advancing fast enough to provide the performance scalability needed. This

The transition from rdbms to nosql. a comparative analysis of three popular non-relational solutions: Cassandra, mongodb and couchbase
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NoSQL databases were built in the need to deal with the increasing amount of complex data (Big Data), required in real-time web applications, and are mostly addressing some of these points: the focus on availability over consistency, horizontally scalable, distributed

Data Visualization in RDBMS .
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Completely automated data analysis techniques often fail to meet their requirements, due to their inability to exploit peripheral knowledge associated with the data. Human beings are very good at interpreting data represented in graphical format, and usually have the wisdom

ODM BLAST: Sequence Homology Search in the RDBMS .
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Performing sequence homology searches against DNA or protein sequence databases is an essential bioinformatics task. Past research efforts have been primarily concerned with the development of sensitive and fast sequence homology search algorithms outside of the

Comparative analysis of RDBMS and OODBMS: a case study.
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The underlying hypothesis of the case study described in this article is that the development, implementation, operations, and maintenance of large complex data intensive applications such as computer integrated manufacturing can be simplified through the use of object

Differentially private stochastic gradient descent for in- RDBMS analytics
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In- RDBMS data analysis has received considerable attention in the past decade and has been widely used in sensitive domains to extract patterns in data using machine learning. For these domains, there has also been growing concern about privacy, and differential

A concrete UML-based graphical transformation syntax: The UML to RDBMS example in UMLX
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The increased use of modelling techniques that motivates the Model Driven Architecture requires effective support for model transformation techniques. These are being addressed by the MOF QVT activity with an abstract syntax and/or a concrete textual syntax for

Comparison of RDBMS , OODBMS and ORDBMS
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By being well acquainted with the relational model and by noting the similarities and differences between the two approaches to data modeling, designers will be able to turn into account and to make use of the already acquired experience as an important basis for

SNUPI: A grid accounting and performance system employing portal services and RDBMS back-end
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Abstract SNUPI, the System, Network, Usage and Performance Interface, provides an interface for resource utilization reporting for heterogeneous computer systems, including Linux clusters. SNUPI provides data collection tools, recommended RDBMS schema design

RDBMS framework for contour identification
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We discuss practical aspects of implementation of the compound object identification methodology. In this particular paper, we focus on the RDBMS framework used for storing, processing and comparing objects. We consider SQL for modeling segmentation

Semantic search using ontology and RDBMS for Cricket
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Ontology is being increasingly used for building the applications for the specific domain. Ontology enables users to capture the semantic of the documents. System performance is improved drastically by domain specific information extraction. To interpret information and

A Rough-Columnar RDBMS Engine--A Case Study of Correlated Subqueries.
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Columnar databases provide a number of benefits with regard to both data storage (eg: data compression) and data processing (eg: optimized data access, parallelized decompression, lazy materialization of intermediate results). Their characteristics are particularly

Scientific workflow provenance metadata management using an RDBMS -based RDF store
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Provenance management has become increasingly important to support scientific discovery reproducibility, result interpretation, and problem diagnosis in scientific workflow environments. This paper proposes an approach to provenance management that

 Mapping extensible markup language document with relational database management system
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MAI Fakharaldien, K Edris , Journal of Physical , 2012
 Full Length Research Paper Mapping extensible markup language document with
relational database management system Mohammed Adam Ibrahim Fakharaldien,
Khalid Edris, Jasni Mohamed Zain and Norrozila Sulaiman 

 The Network Configuration of an Object Relational Database Management System
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P Diaz ,Materials Presented at the MU-SPIN , 2000 ,
 networking and implementation of the Oracle Database Management System (ODBMS) requires
developers to have knowledge of the UNIX

gy, fine-grained dynamic instrumentation of commodity kernels, which can splice (insert) dynamically generated code before almost any machine code instruction of a completely unmodified running commodity operating system kernel

 Design and Implementation of Graphical User Interface for Relational Database Management System
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ME Patil, RN Mulchandani
 Database Management System involves both the definition of structures for the storage of
information and provision of mechanisms for  There are different data models, among which
Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is the most popular choice for large scale 

An image storage system using a relational database management system to facilitate picture data handling
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DG Johnson ,1987 ,
Page 1. An Image Storage System Using a Relational Database Management System to Facilitate
Picture Data Handling  ISS utilizes the capabilities of the Mistress Relational Database
Management System, the Relation Interpreter Package and the CORE Graphics Package. 

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W van Staden ,Citeseer
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Wynand van Staden  In a similar fashion it is possible to create a VM
that can be used for access control in a relational database management system. 

 Using a Relational Database Management System to Implement
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SM Beitzel, EC Jensen, DA Grossman, FJ Ingham ,Citeseer
Page 1. Using a Relational Database Management System to Implement XML-QL  [21] J. McHugh,
S. Abiteboul, R. Goldman, D. Quass, and J. Widom Lore: A Database Management System for
Semistructured Data. SIGMOD Record, 26(3):54-66, September 1997. 

Access path selection in a relational database management system
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PG Selinger, MM Astrahan, DD Chamberlin ,Proceedings of the , 1979 ,
Page 1. Access Path Selection in a Relational Database Management System P. Griffiths Selinger
MM Astrahan DD Chamberlin ‘, : It.  System R is an experimental database management system
developed to carry out research on the relational model of data. 

Design of LDV: A multilevel secure relational database management system
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PD Stachour ,Knowledge and Data , 1990
 Design of LDV: A Multilevel Secure Relational Database Management System  Abstract-In a
multilevel secure database management system (MLS/ DBMS) users cleared at different security
levels access and share a da- tabase consisting of data at a variety of sensitivity levels. 

 A parallel relational database management system approach to relevance feedback in information retrieval
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C Lundquist, O Frieder, DO Holmes ,Journal of the American , 1999 ,
Page 1. A Parallel Relational Database Management System Approach to Relevance Feedback
in Information Retrieval  The Teradata DBC/1012 Database Computer is a special purpose machine
designed to run a relational database management system using standard SQL. 

Semantics for update rule programs and implementation in a relational database management system
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L Raschid ,ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), 1996 ,
Page 1. Semantics for Update Rule Programs and Implementation in a Relational
Database Management System LOUIQA RASCHID University of Maryland, College
Park and JORGE LOBO University of Illinois at Chicago In 

Usability and design considerations for an autonomic relational database management system
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Usability and design considerations for an autonomic relational database
management system by R. Telford R. Horman S. Lightstone N. Markov S. O’Connell
G. Lohman Autonomic systems offer numerous advantages 

Toward a verified relational database management system
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Toward a Verified Relational Database Management System * Gregory
Malecha  edu Abstract We report on our experience implementing a lightweight, fully
ver- ified relational database management system (RDBMS). The