Remote PLC system using GSM network with application to home security system

Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) has been one of the best trustable wireless communication systems that can be accessed and used very easily. It is cost effective either if we consider the price of its transceiver module (a simple cellular phone) or the subscription fees. With the trend of huge growing usage of GSM during the past decade, network services is extended beyond speech communication to so many other custom speciļ¬ed applications, machine automation and machineto-machine communication. This paper designs an intelligent home that can communicate with the user by using a mobile phone over GSM network. The interface and communication between home appliance the controlling circuit is the most important component in automation process. This function is implemented by using a Programmable logic controller (PLC) interfaced to a mobile phone. The user sends GSM data in the form of SMS (short message service) message to switch ON or OFF any appliance inside the home, like lamp, light, air condition, washer machine, TV, register, video etc. The appliance may also sends to the user its status and alarms. For instance, if some body tries to get into the home, then the home will automatically send alarm message to the user mobile phone or call the police station (if required). The system can be improved to provide the use
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