Should all producers of renewable energy automatically receive GOs CEPS Commentary, 12 March 2018
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CEPS Commentaries offer concise, policy-oriented insights into topical issues in European affairs. As an institution, CEPS takes no official position on questions of EU policy. The views expressed are attributable only to the author and not to any institution with which he is

Corrigendum toInstitutional and Policy Assessment of Renewable Energy Sector in Afghanistan
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In the article titledInstitutional and Policy Assessment of Renewable Energy Sector in Afghanistan, the sentenceBiomass Department at RED is the responsible department for the development of other departments involved in the sector of renewables in MEW

Harmonic Mitigation using D-STATCOM with Renewable Energy Sources for improved Power Quality using Intelligent Controller
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ABSTRACT In this paper, distribution static compensator is used to compensate the source currents which are affected by the harmonics due to unbalanced and non-linear loads. Here a PV based inverter is used as a shunt active power filter to mitigate the current harmonics

International Political Economy and Renewable Energy : Hydroelectric Power and the Resource Curse
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One of the most-studied issues regarding the role of natural resources in development is the so-calledresource curse : the paradoxical (and contested) situation in which a state with abundant resources has low rates of economic growth per capita, high levels of income

Optimal Planning of Solar PV/WTG/DG/Battery Connected Integrated Renewable Energy Systems for Residential Applications using Hybrid Optimization
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ABSTRACT Nowadays, energy becomes the basic need of each and every human being. Most of the energy demands are met by the conventional energy sources like coal, oil, natural gas, etc., which are going to exhaust one day and cause severe energy demand in future

Composition and Operation of a Semi-Virtual Renewable Energybased Building Emulator
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This paper describes the composition and operation of a semi-virtual energy system and building emulator designed for studying hybrid grid interactions of a modern nearly-zero energy building. The system consists of a real part for energy production (PV panels and

Can Limits to Growth in the Renewable Energy Sector be Inferred by Curve Fitting to Historical Data
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ABSTRACT . The paper examines the assertion that limits to growth in the renewable energy sector can be inferred statistically from global historical data for installed capacity of solar and wind power. This claim has been made in the peer reviewed scientific literature and has

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No new nuclear or fossil based thermal power plants installed after 2015 Least cost RE power plant mix replaces phased out nuclear and fossil power plants Energy system modelled to meet increasing electricity demand for each time step Research Objective

Opportunities and Challenges of AC/DC Transmission Network Planning Considering High Proportion Renewable Energy
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ABSTRACT The time and space distribution characteristics of future high proportion of renewable energy sources will bring unprecedented challenges to the electric power systems processing and planning, the basic form of electric power system and operating

Marine renewable energy production
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C limate change is a fact. Summers become warmer and winters tend to be colder but also sea level rise and superstorms are consequences we are facing more often. Governments are changing their policies to address climate change. One measure is to invest in Bunkers and Prisoner-of-War (PoW) camps from the Second World War (WWII) are not typically associated with renewable energy production. During the war, bunkers and PoW camps were used to separate humans from their environment. Renewable energy

Excess renewable energy flexibilisation by integration of geological storage
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The European Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan provides various approaches to address challenges of the future energy sector by, eg, the implementation of low-carbon energy systems based on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), improving the electricity grid

Should National Environmental Policy focus on developing more oil resources or developing renewable energy sources
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ABSTRACT United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a nation which is gifted with abundant reserves of oil and natural gas, thus occupying seventh position in the world. Because of its vast reserves, the oil sector plays a pivotal role in running the economic system of nation. Though the

The role of storage technologies for the transition to a 100% renewable energy system in Europe
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Energy transition pathway from 2015 nuclear and fossil based system to 100% RE by 2050 Transition modelled to meet increasing electricity demands in 5-year time steps Max. 20% growth in RE installed capacity shares compared to total power generation

A Single-Phase Cascaded H-bridge Quasi Switched Boost Inverter for Renewable Energy Sources Applications
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ABSTRACT Recently, multilevel inverters have become more attractive for researchers due to low total harmonic distortion (THD) in the output voltage and low electromagnetic interference (EMI). This paper proposes a single-phase cascaded H-bridge quasi switched ABSTRACT . This paper presents a design of an artificial neural network algorithm for prediction and management of electric loads for the optimal operation of a microgrid with sources of renewable energy . The hybrid power generation system is composed of a photovoltaic This book is intended to discuss a variety of recent and vital technical and non-technical issues related to the global energy environment, and socioeconomic developments for professionals and students who are directly and indirectly involved in the relevant fields. The

South Sudans Renewable Energy Potential
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SummaryShortly after independence in 2011, South Sudan fell into civil war. A regional peace agreement has effectively collapsed, and the international community has no clear strategy on how to proceed.The war has destroyed South Sudans limited infrastructure

Energy Efficiency/ Renewable Energy Impact in the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP), Volume II-Appendix
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1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Energy Systems Laboratory (Laboratory), at the Texas AM Engineering Experiment Station of the Texas AM University System, in fulfillment of its responsibilities under Texas Health and Safety Code Ann. § 388.003 (e), submits its annual

Modeling and Simulation of Cost-Effective and Reliable Hybrid Renewable Energy System with Nine Level Inverter
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ABSTRACT Utilization of non-conventional sources of energy to meet the present day energy requirement has become very much essential in the era of fossil fuel crises. The main intention of the project is remote areas/rural electrification. In this paper, economical Energy is an indispensable element for the survival and development of modern society. From the use of heat in industries to the heating of a house, from feeding a freighter to fueling a motorcycle, from automating an entire production process to lighting an office lamp

Closed loop Control of Hybrid Boosting Converter for Renewable Energy Applications
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a new hybrid boosting converter is used to increase the input dc voltage. In Existing method hybrid boosting converter used with one switch in the converter and produce pulses for that switch in open loop. By using the open loop method Renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and biomass, are being developed worldwide. In addition to technological development, this is attributable to promotion by governments through policy instruments. This book examines some economic and policy Renewable energy power plants have been used to feed loads in remote areas as well as in central power plants connected to electric utility. Smart grid concepts used in the design process of the hybrid renewable power systems can reduce the size of components which

Getting to Indias Renewable Energy Targets: A Business Case for Institutional Investment
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With deep expertise in policy and finance, CPI works to improve the most important energy and land use practices around the world. Our mission is to help governments, businesses, and financial institutions drive growth while addressing climate risk. CPI works in places that provide the most

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Efficient Energy Generation, Storage and Monitoring of Electric Vehicles at Remote Charging Stations
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ABSTRACT This paper describes design of configuration for hybrid renewable energy system (HRES) to achieve efficient energy generation, storage and monitoring using PLC-SCADA (Programmable Logic Controller, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System This book presents and discusses thermal characteristics of power electronic devices; in particular, when associated with wind turbines and photovoltaic solar systems. Power electronic converters (PECs) condition flow of energy between generation side and grid or

The Transition to Renewable Energy
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ABSTRACT The existing economics literature neglects the important role of capacity in the production of renewable energy . To fiill this gap, we construct a model in which renewable energy production is tied to renewable energy capacity, which then becomes a form of

The State of Knowledge for Environmental Effects Driving Consenting/Permitting for the Marine Renewable Energy Industry
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The marine renewable energy (MRE) industry is youngmost technology development and testing for tidal and wave devices has taken place over the past 10 15 years. As wave and tidal devices continue to be deployed for demonstration, testing, and pilot projects, and the

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ABSTRACT . The aim of the study was to determine the attitude of Polish society towards renewable energy sources and identify the benefits posed by actions that use renewable energy sources. A method of diagnostic survey was applied, conducting the study on the

Sovereign Wealth Funds as a Tool to Invest in Renewable Energy in Africa
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ABSTRACT In this paper, the Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) of oil-and gas-rich developing countries in Africa are examined as a potential renewable energy (RE) investment tool. If proved successful in this role, the SWFs could offer a solution to the broadly discussed

On Some Issues of Assessing the Efficiency of Renewable Energy Power Plants and the Share of Renewables in the Worlds Electricity Generation
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ABSTRACT : The paper considers some issues related to the evaluation of power plants using renewable energy sources: energy efficiency, economic efficiency, the share of renewable energy in the worlds electricity generation. At one time in the world there was a myth that

Renewable Energy Potential and Available Capacity for Wind and Solar Power in Morocco Towards 2030
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we identify the current status and outlook of the renewable energy source in Morocco. We provide also the challenges and the barriers to the development of renewable energy (RE) in Morocco and the national strategy for energy security and

Recovery of Materials and Fresh Water Supply using Renewable Energy
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ABSTRACT Growing population, progressively increasing lifestyle and related demand creates pressure on the huge but finite global resources. The water- energyfood nexus implicitly includes also materials both fuels and non-fuels. Besides water, food and energy demand

Dual Input Z-Source Inverter Fed PMSM Based Renewable Energy
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The proposed paper produces the high gain and low harmonic content in the permanent magnet synchronous motor fed Z-source inverter. The hybrid solar and fuel-based motor produces more power by using the direct torque control. The control based PMSM fed

Renewable Energy and Solar Business in the European Union
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ABSTRACT The solar business faces major challenges related to the constantly changing regulatory framework, corporate interests and public pressure. Successful adaptation to the high requirements of regulators and competitive alternative energy sources is needed. The

Feasibility of Renewable Energy Source as an Electrification Option for a Residential Load in an Under-developed Colony
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ABSTRACT This article proposes a hybrid renewable energy system for residential loads located in under-developed colonies which are deprived of regular permanent electricity connections from grid and have to take temporary connections for their day to day electrical

Mathematical Modeling of Hybrid Renewable Energy System
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ABSTRACT One of the major worldwide concerns is to reduce the emissions from traditional power plants by using renewable energy and to reduce the high cost of supplying electricity to remote areas. Hybrid energy systems can provide a good solution for such problems

MRENE Marine Renewable Energy
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Objectives: To provide students with (i) good understanding of the fundamentals of wind turbines, tidal turbines and wave energy converters performances and (ii) a first experience with the assessment of the performance of these technologies REM Master Skills L2.1 L2.2

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development-Impacts on the Path to Decarbonsation of Energy Sector
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ABSTRACT Societies around the world are on the margin of a deep and urgently required transformation in the way they produce and use energy . The needed transition in the energy sector is moving the world away from the consumption of fossil fuels towards cleaner