research paper and project in cryptography-12

research paper and project in cryptography-12

On the Security of 1024-bit RSA and 160-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography
JW Bos, ME Kaihara, T Kleinjung - 2009 , ABSTRACT. Meeting the requirements of NIST s new cryptographic standards means phasing out usage of 1024-bit RSA and 160-bit elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) by the end of the year 2010. This write-up comments on the vulnerability of these systems to an open

Cryptography based on error correcting codes
ABSTRACT. The idea to use error-correcting codes in order to construct public key cryptosystems was published in 1978 by McEliece [ME1978]. In his original construction, McEliece used Goppa codes, but various later publications suggested the use of different

A visual cryptography based watermark technology for individual and group images
ABSTRACT The ease by which digital information can be duplicated and distributed has led to the need for effective copyright protection tools. Various techniques including watermarking have been introduced in attempt to address these growing concerns. Most

RFID Authentication Protocols using Symmetric Cryptography
ABSTRACT Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is emerging in a variety of applications as an important technology for identifying and tracking goods and assets. The spread of RFID technology, however, also gives rise to significant user privacy and security issues. One

Securing peer-to-peer mobile communications using public key cryptography: New security strategy
Mobile phones are considered to be the most common communication devices in history. Recently, mobile phones are not only used for casual greetings but also, sending and receiving important data such as, social security numbers, bank account details and

Cryptography based on bilinear maps
The bilinear mapping technique that uses the (Weil and Tate) pairings over elliptic (or hyperelliptic) curves represents a great breakthrough in cryptography. This paper surveys this new trend in cryptography, and emphasizes the design of efficient cryptographic

On white-box cryptography
ABSTRACT. White-box cryptography techniques are aimed at protecting software implementations of cryptographic algorithms against key recovery. They are primarily used in DRM-like applications as a cost-effective alternative to token-based protections. This

Evaluating large degree isogenies and applications to pairing based cryptography
We present a new method to evaluate large degree isogenies between elliptic curves over finite fields. Previous approaches all have exponential running time in the logarithm of the degree. If the endomorphism ring of the elliptic curve is small we can do much better, and

Skew Frobenius Map and Efficient Scalar Multiplication for Pairing–based Cryptography
FREE DOWNLOAD This paper considers a new skew Frobenius endomorphism with pairing–friendly elliptic curve E (\ mathbbFp) E (F p) defined over prime field\ mathbbFp F p. Then, using the new skew Frobenius map, an efficient scalar multiplication method for pairing–friendly elliptic

Optimization of Public Key Cryptography (RSA and ECC) for 16-bits Devices based on 6LoWPAN
ABSTRACT Internet of things (IoT) is one of the last advances in ICT, providing a global connectivity and management of sensors, devices, users and information. Specifically, we are working on Future Internet devices based on 6LoWPAN. 6LoWPAN presents an

Lightweight cryptography for low cost RFID
Security and privacy concerns as well as the need for security services to enable the development of novel applications using low cost RFID have been illustrated in previous Chapters, and in particular various proposals made to address issues regarding

Dynamic key cryptography and applications
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT In modern security models, cryptography plays a fundamental role in protecting data integrity and confidentiality in information systems. However, cryptography itself is subject to cryptanalysis attacks. To reduce the cryptanalysis attack risk, a dynamic key

Elliptic curve cryptography based threshold cryptography (ecc-tc) implementation for manets
Summary A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) consists of multiple wireless mobile devices that form a network on the fly to allow communication with each other without any infrastructure. Due to its nature, providing security in this network is challenging.

Privacy-enhancing auctions using rational cryptography
We consider enhancing with privacy concerns a large class of auctions, which include sealed-bid single-item auctions but also general multi-item multi-winner auctions, our assumption being that bidders primarily care about monetary payoff and secondarily worry

On optimal heuristic randomized semidecision procedures, with applications to proof complexity and cryptography
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT The existence of an optimal propositional proof system is a major open question in proof complexity; many people conjecture that such systems do not exist. Krajcek and

Introduction to Cryptography
FREE DOWNLOAD No difference between an original file and copies of it Removing a world from a file or inserting others is undetectable Adding a signature to the end of a file/email: one can impersonate it–add it to other files as well, modify it, etc.

Robust cryptography in the noisy-quantum-storage model
FREE DOWNLOAD It was shown in [42] that cryptographic primitives can be implemented based on the assumption that quantum storage of qubits is noisy. In this work we analyze a protocol for the universal task of oblivious transfer that can be implemented using quantumkey-distribution

Threshold cryptography based on Asmuth-Bloom secret sharing
In this paper, we investigate how threshold cryptography can be conducted with the Asmuth- Bloom secret sharing scheme and present two novel function sharing schemes, one for the RSA signature and the other for the ElGamal decryption functions, based on the Asmuth-

An efficient general purpose elliptic curve cryptography module for ubiquitous sensor networks
ABSTRACT. In this article we present the fastest known implementation of a modular multiplication for a 160-bit standard compliant elliptic curve (secp160r1) for 8-bit micro- controller which are typically used in ubiquitous sensor networks (USN). The major part (

Pipelining GF (p) elliptic curve cryptography computation
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT This paper proposes a new method to compute Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Galois Fields GF (p). The method incorporates pipelining to utilize the benefit of both parallel and serial methodology used before. It allows the exploitation of the inherited

Towards security notions for white-box cryptography
While code obfuscation attempts to hide certain characteristics of a program independently of an application, white-box cryptography (WBC) specifically focuses on software implementations of cryptographic primitives in an application. The aim of WBC is to resist

A proof-reading of Some Issues in Cryptography
In this paper, we identify some issues in the interplay between practice and theory in cryptography, issues that have repeatedly appeared in different incarnations over the years. These issues are related to fundamental concepts in the field, eg, to what extent we can


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