research paper and project in cryptography-15

research paper and project in cryptography-15

Design and Implementation of a Secure Instant Messaging Service based on Elliptic-CurveCryptography
ABSTRACT. Instant Messaging (IM) is a useful communication and work collaboration tool between individuals, groups, or enterprises. Unfortunately, most IM systems lack the needed security mechanism capable of ensuring the secure communications of IM client-client

Finite field multiplication combining AMNS and DFT approach for pairing cryptography
Pairings over elliptic curves use fields\ mathbbF pk F _ p^ k with p= 2 160 and k= 32. In this paper we propose to represent elements in\ mathbbF p F _p with AMNS sytem of 1. For well chosen AMNS we get roots of unity with sparse representation. The multiplication by

Overview of cryptanalysis techniques in multivariate public key cryptography
This paper summarizes most of the main developments in the cryptanalysis of multivariate cryptosystems and discuss some problems that remain open. A strong emphasis is put on the symbolic computation tools that have been used to achieve these advances.

Acceleration of the elliptic cryptography with vector finite fields
ABSTRACT Special form of finite fields (FFs), called vector FFs (VFFs), is defined in the vector spaces over the ground finite field GF (p) using particular types of the multiplication operation over vectors. Implementation of the cryptographic algorisms based on elliptic

Securing mobile phone calls with identity-based cryptography
In this paper, an identity-based key agreement system and its implementation for mobile telephony in GSM and UMTS networks is presented. The use of telephone numbers as public keys allows the system to piggyback much of the security overhead for key

A new multi-tier adaptive military MANET security protocol using hybrid cryptography and signcryption
ABSTRACT Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANETs) are expected to play an important role in tactical military networks by providing infrastructureless communication. However, maintaining secure and instant information sharing is a difficult task especially for highly

Function fields over finite fields and their applications to cryptography
It is well known that algebraic function fields over finite fields have many applications in coding theory, and the latter is closely related to cryptography. This has led researchers in a natural way to consider methods based on some specified function fields in order to

Public key cryptography on modern graphics hardware
ABSTRACT. Graphics processing units (GPUs) are increasingly being used for general purpose processing. We present implementations of large integer modular exponentiation, the core of public-key cryptosystems such as RSA, on a DirectX 10 compliant GPU. DirectX 10

Measuring path quality in the presence of adversaries: The role of cryptography in network accountability
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Mechanisms for measuring data-path quality and identifying locations where packets were dropped are crucial for informing routing decisions and enforcing network accountability. If such mechanisms are to be reliable, they must be designed to prevent

Basing PRFs on constant-query weak PRFs: Minimizing assumptions for efficient symmetriccryptography
Although it is well known that all basic private-key cryptographic primitives can be built from one-way functions, finding weak assumptions from which practical implementations of such primitives exist remains a challenging task. Towards this goal, this paper introduces the

A Review on Quantum Cryptography Technology
FREE DOWNLOAD Nowadays, the information is exchanged among the computer network. These data and information are involved in business, military, academic education, research and etc. which are shared around the world in both private and public network. Since, many categories of data are required

Visual cryptography schemes with dihedral group access structure for many images
FREE DOWNLOAD A new construction of visual cryptography scheme (VCS) with dihedral group access structure for two shares and many secret images is proposed. Let D 2n be a dihedral group of order 2n, and let {Image (t)| t? D 2n} be 2n secret images corresponding to D 2n. In a

Introduction to Cryptography
Secure communications on the Internet or web is the foundation of network security and web security. Cryptography is the practice and study of how to hide information from potential enemies, hackers or the public. The sender encrypts a message with a small piece of

Efficient implementation of elliptic curve cryptography on dsp for underwater sensor networks
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT As emerging sensor networks are normally deployed in the field and thus vulnerable to many types of attacks, it is critical to implement cryptographic algorithms in sensor nodes to provide security services. Public-key algorithms, such as RSA and Elliptic

Elliptic Curve Cryptography
FREE DOWNLOAD The main aspects of Cryptography are message confidentiality, data integrity and authentication. Until modern times, cryptography was used predominantly for military purposes. Nowadays, it is mainly the security of ATM cards, computer passwords and

Secret Key Cryptography Using Graphics Cards
ABSTRACT One frequently cited reason for the lack of wide deployment of cryptographic protocols is the (perceived) poor performance of the algorithms they employ and their impact on the rest of the system. Although high-performance dedicated cryptographic accelerator

Formal Methods and Cryptography
FREE DOWNLOAD Security-critical systems are an important application area for formal methods. However, such systems often contain cryptographic subsystems. The natural definitions of these subsystems are probabilistic and in most cases computational. Hence it is not obvious

Some recent progress in lattice-based cryptography
Page 1. Some Recent Progress in Lattice-Based Cryptography Chris Peikert SRI TCC 2009 1 / 17 Page 2. Lattice-Based Cryptography N = p · q y = g x mod p m e mod N e(ga,gb) =? (Images courtesy 2 / 17 Page 3. Lattice-Based Cryptography =?

A Visual Information Encryption Scheme Based on Visual Cryptography and DH Key Agreement Scheme
Summary This paper presents a new visual cryptography scheme for secure digital transmission. Visual cryptography can be seen as a one-time pad system. Then, it cannot be reused. In this paper, we apply Diffie and Hellman (DH) key agreement method and toral

Teaching Elliptic Curves Cryptography Reflecting Some Experiences
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT This paper describes the experiences made when teaching Cryptography is an option. First, it gives context (students after their practical placement), conditions (prerequesites) and curriculum (DES, RSA, AES, ECC). Then it lists some principles

Issues in Elliptic Curve Cryptography Implementation
FREE DOWNLOAD Curve Cryptography (ECC). It provides a brief explanation about ECC basic theory, implementation, and also provides guidance for further reading by referring each sub topics with more specific papers or books. The future and research topics in ECC will also be

Abstraction in cryptography
I can only understand simple things. JAMES MASSEY Page 3.Abstraction

Security of Mobile Agent in Ad Hoc Network using Threshold Cryptography
ABSTRACT In a very simple form a Mobile Agent is an independent piece of code that has mobility and autonomy behavior. One of the main advantages of using Mobile Agent in a network isit reduces network traffic load. In an, ad hoc network Mobile Agent can be used

Cryptography and Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
FREE DOWNLOAD 1 Symmetric-key Cryptography: In a symmetric-key algorithm both parties use the same key for encryption and decryption (DES, AES) 2 Public-key Cryptography: Asymmetric cryptography algorithms use different keys for encryption and decryption. Each node in the

Parallelizing GF (P) Elliptic Curve Cryptography Computations for Security and Speed
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT The elliptic curve cryptography can be observed as two levels of computations, upper scalar multiplication level and lower point operations level. We combine the inherited parallelism in both levels to reduce the delay and improve security against the simple

A new technique on neural cryptography with securing of electronic medical records in telemedicine system
ABSTRACT There is a necessity to secure the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) when the exchange of medical information is taken place among the patients and doctors. We can generate a common secret key using neural networks and cryptography. Two neural

Design and evaluation of FPGA based hardware accelerator for elliptic curve cryptographyscalar multiplication
ABSTRACT Embedded systems find applications in fields such as defense, communications, industrial automation and many more. For majority of these applications, security is a vital issue. Over the last decade, security has become the primary concern when discussing e-

An Efficient Authentication Protocol Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Mobile Networks
Summary Mobile Networks offer unrestricted mobility devoid of any underlying infrastructure. Typically, mobile networks are deployed in un-trusted environments. Such networks in this day and age have to keep privacy and security of data as a top concern, because eaves

Implementing cryptography for packet level authentication
ABSTRACT Packet Level Authentication (PLA) is a novel countermeasure against distributed denial-of-service attacks. Each packet sent across a network has a digital signature and public key attached to it, allowing each hop along the route to verify the authenticity of

On the Use of Structured Codes in Code Based Cryptography
ABSTRACT Recent papers have considered the use of linear codes with structure (cyclic, dyadic) to reduce the public key size of code-based public key encryption schemes (McEliece, Niederreiter). We review here the security of those cryptosystems and examine

Lightweight cryptography and DPA countermeasures: a survey
The dawning Ubiquitous Computing age demands a new attacker model for the myriads of pervasive computing devices used: since a potentially malicious user is in full control over the pervasive device, additionally to the cryptographic attacks the whole field of physical


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