research paper on 3d vlsi

A 3D-DCT real-time video compression system for low complexity single-chip VLSIimplementation
R Keller, J Wassner, N Felber ,Proceedings of the , 2000 ,
Abstract: This paper presents the first VLSI implementation of a real-time color video compression/decompression system, based on the threedimensional discrete cosine transform (3D-DCT). Compared to motion-estimation/compensation based algorithms, the 

3D modelling of fluctuation effects in highly scaled VLSI devices
TD Linton, S Yu  VLSI DESIGN- , 2001 ,
Fluctuation effects are becoming important in advanced VLSI devices because of their increasing impact on circuit performance and chip yields. Accurate modelling of these effects generally requires full 3D simulation, which is used here to analyse four of the primary 

3D-Via Driven Partitioning for 3D VLSI Integrated Circuits
S Sawicki, G Wilke, M Johann ,CLEI ELECTRONIC JOURNAL, 2010
Abstract. A 3D circuit is the stacking of regular 2D circuits. The advances on the fabrication and packaging technologies allowed interconnecting stacked 2D circuits by using 3D vias. However, 3D-vias can impose significant obstacles and constraints to the 3D placement 

A Software Tool for 3D Meshing of VLSI Interconnect Structures
KJ van der Kolk ,
Abstract—Due to decreasing dimensions and increasing signal-frequencies, the study of on- chip parasitic effects has become of basic importance. In order to accurately predict the behavior of a VLSI design, it is nowadays necessary to use tools capable of performing 

VLSI design of 3D display processing chip for binocular stereo displays
G Chenyang ,High technology letters, 2010 ,
Abstract In order to develop the core chip supporting binocular stereo displays for head rnou. nted display (HMD) and glasses-TV, a very large scale integrated (VLSI) design scheme is proposed by using a pipeline architecture for 3D display processing chip (I- ..

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