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Design of Clock Generators for Use with COSMAC Microprocessor CDP1802
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D Hillman ,CHANGE, 2001 ,
Clock signal generation for the CDP1802 COSMAC Microprocessor is simple and
straightforward. The CDP1802 features of static operation, single-phase clock input, and the
on-chip oscillator amplifier make practical the use of a lowcost, highly stable, crystal- 

 The arithmetic operators you will never see in a microprocessor
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 2011 ,
Abstract—It has been shown that FPGAs could outperform high-end microprocessors even
on floating-point computations, thanks to massive parallelism. Too often, however, such
studies re-implement in the FPGA the operators present in a processor. An FPGA can do 

 Microprocessor-Controlled DC Motor for Load-Insensitive Position Servo System
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. 4bsmzcr—The conventional proportional P controller has been often used as the position
controller of the dc servo motor. When the unknown and inaccessible load torque, such as
the coulomb friction, the gravity, and so on, is imposed on the dc servo motor, this control 

 Trends and Challenges in High Speed Microprocessor Design
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K Bernstein ,
Abstract Entropy is a worthy adversary! High performance logic design in next-generation
CMOS lithography must address an increasing array of challenges in order to deliver
superior performance, power consumption, reliability and cost. Technology scaling is 

 Microprocessor control of a permanent-magnet motor with fault-detection, suited for an electromechanical brake system
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M Källvik ,2006 ,
Abstract In this thesis two different processor boards from the GAST project, with either a
HCS12 or both a HCS12 and a MPC565, has been tested to see how well they would act as
nodes in a distributed brake-by-wire system with electromechanical brakes. A brushless 

 Microprocessor chip timing analysis using extraction of simulated silicon-calibrated contours
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T Yanagihara, T Hamamoto, K Sato ,Proceedings of SPIE, , 2008
ABSTRACT With increasing chip sizes and shrinking device dimensions, on-chip
semiconductor process variation can no longer be ignored in the design and signoff static
timing analysis of integrated circuits. An important parameter affecting CMOS technologies 

 MP 5.7 A 600MHz IA-32 Microprocessor with Enhanced Data Streaming for Graphics and Video
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S Fischer, R Senthinathan, H Rangchi ,
This Intel architecture microprocessor (Pentium® III) implements 70 additional instructions to
further accelerate the performance of data-streaming applications including 3D graphics and
video encode/decode. This processor is enhanced by addition of these instructions along 

 Security Analysis and Superscalar Expansion of a Tamper Evident Microprocessor
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R Hott, A Morgan ,2010 ,
Secure software systems ultimately rely on the assumption that microprocessors are
trustworthy. By modifying lines of Verilog code, a malicious designer could inject a hardware
backdoor, subverting all security software and compromising confidentiality, integrity, or 

 Reusable Embedded In-Circuit Emulator for a Microprocessor Core in an SOC
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CF Kao, J Huang ,
Abstract In this paper, we introduce a testing and debugging mechanism for embedded
microprocessor core in an SOC. This testing mechanism is embedded in-circuit
emulator(ICE) that designed by soft-IP style. Our ICE IP provides some features like CPU 

 Development of a microprocessor-based joint tracking and operation guidance system for underwater welding.
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CL Tsai, B Liao, D Clukey ,OHSU-T-00-001, 2000 ,
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A series of research projects applying flux-cored welding process
to underwater” wet” welding have been conducted by the investigator, Professor Chon Tsai
and his underwater welding group at The Ohio State University. A contoured shroud 

 Image Generation in Microprocessor-based System with Simultaneous Video Memory Read/Write Access
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M Maamoun, B Laichi, A Benbelkacem
Abstract: In this paper we present a new architecture of video memory data handling in
microprocessorbased systems. This architecture is a solution for the real time image
processing systems which requires a significant recording time. The solution is based on a 

 Data Acquisition and Interfacing to Microprocessor
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TAA Popel
Signal contain information about a variety of things and activities in our physical world.
Examples abound: Information about the weather is contained in signals that represent the
air temperature, pressure, wind speed etc. The voice into a microphone provides an 

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UNIT I MICROPROCESSOR ARCHITECTURE 9 Instruction Set–Data formats–Addressing
modes–Memory hierarchy–register file– Cache–Virtual memory and 

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HCWTSSMS Sachdev ,
Abstract: The use of microprocessor technology for power system relaying was first
introduced in the early 1970’s. Since this time, many microprocessor based relays have
become commercially available. However, in most cases, the hardware used is specially 

 Improving Application Performance by Dynamically Trading Frequency for Complexity in a GALS Microprocessor
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G Semeraro, DH Albonesi, S Dropsho, G Magklis ,2004 ,
Abstract Microprocessors are traditionally designed to provide best overall performance
across a wide range of applications and operating environments. Several groups have
proposed hardware techniques that save energy by downsizing hardware resources that 

 Sustaining Error Resiliency: The IBM POWER6TM Microprocessor
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P Sanda, K Reick, S Swaney, JW Kellington ,2007
? Error Detection and Recovery requirements were specified during the High Level Design
phase? Firmware Recovery assists specified early? The POWER6 RAS design was a
collaboration between the System p and System z processor design teams? POWER6 

 Analytical modeling of modern microprocessor performance
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X Chen ,2009 ,
Abstract As the number of transistors integrated on a chip continues to increase, a growing
challenge is accurately modeling performance in the early stages of processor design.
Analytical modeling is an alternative to detailed simulation with the potential to shorten the 

 Specification and verification of the ARM6 microprocessor in HOL
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O Parshin ,2004 ,
Abstract This report describes the formal verification of the ARM6 micro-architecture using
the HOL theorem prover [5]. The correctness of the microprocessor design compares the
micro-architecture with an abstract, target instruction set semantics. Data and temporal 

 Software Emulation of an Embedded Microprocessor System
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AV Patel ,2001 ,
Abstract Software Emulation of Embedded Microprocessor Systems addresses the key
issues of reducing the cost of embedded systems development equipment and increasing
modularity and portability by turning an Embedded Microprocessor System development 

 WP 24.6 A 12ns 8MB DRAM Secondary Cache for a 64b Microprocessor
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I Naritake, T Sugibayashi, Y Nakajima, S Utsugi ,
The most important advantage of on-chip DRAMs is high bandwidth between a DRAM and a
processor. Many circuit technologies are used to enlarge the bandwidth [1]. For example,
sense amplifier data are extracted by a number of data-lines parallel to the bit-lines in 

 Microprocessor Control of an Ultrasonic Scanning Device
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 M Sotomayor ,
Abstract: A mechanical device has been developed as an ophthalmic ultrasonic scanning
probe. The device is composed of an oscillating beam where the ultrasound transducer is
mounted, part of which is flexible so the beam can oscillate when energized. Electric 

 Interfacing the PIC Microprocessor with a Windows based Personal Computer
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A Salem ,2002 ,
Our project requires data to be acquired by multiple PIC’s (8-bit microcontroller
manufactured by Microchip)[1]. This data must be processed and displayed in a user-friendly
manner. Therefore, it must be downloaded onto a personal computer. This paper 

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D WANG ,American Journal of Engineering and Technology , 2011
ABSTRACT Design verification is the process of determining that a design accurately
represents the developer’s conceptual description and specifications. These days, design
verification represents bring about 60% of total cost of the development of 

 Design of a Portable and Customizable Microprocessor for Rapid System Prototyping
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T Kranenburg ,2009 ,
Abstract Due to the increasing number of processors which are integrated in System On
Chips (SOC s) the need for robust, highly configurable processors emerged. Preliminary
research showed that commercial processors are not suited for many research projects