research projects-electronics-mobile computing

1. Cost & collision mining forwarding schemes in wireless sensor network design & experimental validation

2. Consistency Management Strategies for Data Replication in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

3. Opportunistic scheduling with reliability guarantees in cognitive radio

4. CAR : Context-aware Adaptive Routing for Delay Tolerant Mobile Networks

5. Continuous Monitoring of Spatial Queries in Wireless Broadcast Environments

6. On the Security of Route Discovery in MANETs

7. RandomCast: An Energy-Efficient Communication Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

8. Opportunistic Scheduling with Reliability Guarantees in Cognitive Radio Networks

9. Cost- and Collision-Minimizing Forwarding Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks: Design, Analysis and Experimental Validation

10. Reliable and Energy-Efficient Routing for Static Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Unreliable Links

11. Optimal Radio Resource Partition for Joint Contention- and Connection-Oriented Multichannel Access in OFDMA Systems

12. Routing in Delay-Tolerant Networks Comprising Heterogeneous Node Populations

13. MAC Protocol for Opportunistic Cognitive Radio Networks with Soft Guarantees

14. DRAND: Distributed Randomized TDMA Scheduling for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

15. MDPF: Minimum Distance Packet Forwarding for Search Applications in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

16. The Beacon Movement Detection Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks for Localization Applications

17. On the Relevance of Node Isolation to the K-Connectivity of Wireless Optical Sensor Networks

18. Route Stability in MANETs under the Random Direction Mobility Model

19. Joint Task Migration and Power Management in Wireless Computing

20. Dynamic Multiresolution Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks

21. Mitigation of Control Channel Jamming under Node Capture Attacks

22. Efficient Uplink Bandwidth Request with Delay Regulation for Real-Time Service in Mobile WiMAX Networks

23. Nonparametric Model Comparison and Uncertainty Evaluation for Signal Strength Indoor Location

24. A Gen2-Based RFID Authentication Protocol for Security and Privacy

25. Design of Fair Scheduling Schemes for the QoS-Oriented Wireless LAN