rfid antenna research papers 2015 IEEE PAPER

An Improved Slotted Patch Antenna for RFID Application
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Abstract:This paper proposed a radio frequency identification (RFID) Reader Antenna which operates on ISM band with frequency range from 902 to 928 MHz and bandwidth of the antenna is 58MHz. Antenna consist of rectangular patches on Rogers RO4360

An RFID Antenna Implanted In The Human Arm For Medical Applications
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Abstract:Today, RFID systems, which are implanted in the body for the communication, cannot transmit medical data in several meters range [1]. in this section the aim is to study the implantable device systems activated for long range by transmitting the signal without

A Novel RFID Antenna with HIS Structure for Ka Band
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Abstract In this paper the radio-frequency identification (RFID) concept is expanded to millimeter-wave frequencies and millimeter-wave identification. In the first part of this paper, we will focus on the design of a notched patch antenna operating at 30 GHz (Ka Band)

Design of Micromachining Based Patch Antenna to Enhance Performances for RFID Tag Application
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Abstract Antenna is a significant component of wireless communication system. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the activities of Automatic Identification (AUID) system which comes under wireless system. To track any object wirelessly in RFID system

Antenna Design for Semi-Passive UHF RFID Transponder with Energy Harvester
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A novel microstrip antenna which is dedicated to UHF semi-passive RFID transponders with an energy harvester is presented in this paper. The antenna structure designed and simulated by using Mentor Graphics HyperLynx 3D EM software is described in details.