robotics research paper-101

Application of WINROSA for controller adaptation in robotics and classification in quality control
T Slawinski, U Schwane, J Praczyk ,2nd Data Analysis , 1998 ,
Abstract This paper presents two applications of the WINROSA software tool. In the rst application a data {based generated fuzzy modul is used to adapt the parameters of the position controller of an industrial robot to optimise the continuous path accuracy. It is 

Telesurgery, robotics, and the future of telemedicine
RM Satava ,European surgery, 2005 ,Springer
Summary BACKGROUND: We are in a period where technology is a main driver of the direction of healthcare. Robots, computers, telecommunication, and information networks are changing the face of healthcare. This article aims to summarize current developments 

Underactuated Robotics: Learning, Planning, and Control for Efficient and Agile Machines Course Notes for MIT 6.832
  Working draft edition, 2009 ,
Our goals for this chapter are modest: we’d like to understand the dynamics of a pendulum. Why a pendulum? In part, because the dynamics of a majority of our multi-link robotics manipulators are simply the dynamics of a large number of coupled pendula. Also, the 

Merging planning and verification techniques for “safe planning” in space robotics
 E Giunchiglia , Intelligence, Robotics , 2001
Abstract Space applications require software systems that are both autonomous and safe. Planning techniques can automatically generate plans that achieve given goals. Formal verification techniques, like model checking, can guarantee a higher degree of safety. In 

Observer based dynamic visual feedback control for nonlinear robotics systems
M Fujita, A Maruyama ,Proc. of the 15th IFAC World Congress , 2002 ,
Abstract: This paper investigates a robot motion control problem with visual information. Firstly the model of the relativ erigid body motion (positions and rotations) and the method for the estimation of the relative rigid body motion are presented in order to derive the 

Automating activity-based interventions: the role of robotics
J Hidler, LF Hamm, A Lichy ,Journal of Rehabilitation , 2008 ,
Abstract—We have seen a continued growth of robotic devices being tested in neurorehabilitation settings over the last decade, with the primary goal to improve upper-and lowermotor function in individuals following stroke, spinal cord injury, and other 

A Remote Laboratory for Teaching Mobile Robotics
F Rodriguez, A Khamis, R Barber , Applications and Robotics, , 2001 ,
Abstract This paper presents the current contribution of Carlos III University (UC3M) in the Innovative Educational Concepts for Autonomous and Teleoperated Systems (IECAT) project which aims at create an innovative educational tool to allow students to perform 

Numerical solution of hybrid optimal control problems with applications in robotics
M Buss, M Hardt ,Proc. 15th IFAC World Congress on , 2002 ,
Abstract: Numerical solution techniques for a class of hybrid (discrete event/continuous variable) optimal control problems (HOCP) are described, and their potential use in robotic applications is demonstrated. HOCPs are inherently combinatorial due to their discrete 

Simulation and control of hybrid systems with applications to mobile robotics
JM Esposito ,2002 ,
ABSTRACT As the price-performance ratio of embedded processors increases and the size of microchips decreases, more sophisticated paradigms for software based control have evolved. This trend is particularly evident in mobile robotics because these systems 

Thirty Year Forecast: The Concept of a Fifth-Generation of Robotics–The Super Robot
D Tesar ,ASME Manufacturing Review, 1989
The parpóse of this override in to provide «¡ Mtlanced description of the present and future technologies associated with robotics, accurate perception of thin emerging technology is essential if decision makers arc to commit the proper resources (laboratori}, human 

Autonomous Robotics and Ground Operations
R L’Archevêque , on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics , 2003
Régent L’Archevêque, Erick Dupuis Canadian Space Agency 6767 route de l’Aéroport, St- Hubert, Canada, J3Y 8Y9 erick. dupuis@ space. gc. ca, regent. larcheveque@ space. gc. ca Keywords Teleoperation, Autonomy, Ground Control, Planetary Exploration, On-Orbit 

Monte carlo filter in mobile robotics localization: a clustered evolutionary point of view
  F Pascucci ,Journal of Intelligent, 2006 ,Springer
Abstract Localization, ie, estimating a robot pose relative to a map of an environment, is one of the most relevant problems in mobile robotics. The research community has devoted a big effort to provide solutions for the localization problem. Several methodologies have been 

Swarm intelligence and its applications in swarm robotics
A Jevtic ,2007 ,
This work gives an overview of the broad field of computational swarm intelligence and its applications in swarm robotics. Computational swarm intelligence is modelled on the social behavior of animals and its principle application is as an optimization technique. Swarm 

Visual perception in design and robotics
MS Bittermann, IS Sariyildiz ,Integrated Computer-Aided , 2007 ,IOS Press
Studies on human visual perception are described. The visual perception is mathematically modelled as a probabilistic process obtaining and interpreting visual information from an environment. By means of this model some other vision related concepts, such as visual 

Sensor fusion for social robotics
BR Duffy, CFB Rooney , ON ROBOTICS, 2000 ,
ABSTRACT This paper advocates the application of sensor fusion for the visualisation of social robotic behaviour. Experiments with the Virtual Reality Workbench integrate the key elements of Virtual Reality and robotics in a coherent and systematic manner. The 

Roomba pac-man: Teaching autonomous robotics through embodied gaming
B Dickinson, OC Jenkins, M Moseley ,Proceedings of the AAAI , 2007 ,
Abstract We present an approach to teaching autonomous robotics to upper-level undergraduates through the medium of embodied games. As part of a developing course at Brown University, we have created the Roomba Pac-Man task to introduce students to 

What is the best programming environment/language for teaching robotics using Lego Mindstorms?
  Life and Robotics, 2003 ,Springer
Abstract We are in the process of producing a range of eductional materials to teach robotics to a variety of audiences using the LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System. We briefly review the programming environments currently available, and consider how appropriate 

State of the art of robotics in general surgery
AL Gaspari , , official publication of the WMA Pag, 2002 ,
• The robot can be utilised to amplify or reduce the movements of the surgeon’s hand and arm, thereby enabling the determination of micrometric movements of the surgical instruments, while the surgeon makes use of a more normal and physiological range of 

Breedbot: An edutainment robotics system to link digital and real world
O Miglino, O Gigliotta, M Ponticorvo , Based Intelligent Information , 2007 ,Springer
The paper describes Breedbot an edutainment software and hardware system that could be used to evolve autonomous agents in digital (software) world and to transfer the evolved minds in physical agents (robots). The system is based on a wide variety of Artificial Life 

Mines and human casualties, a robotics approach toward mine clearing
M Ghaffari, D Manthena, A Ghaffari ,SPIE Intelligent Robots and , 2004 ,
ABSTRACT An estimated 100 million landmines which have been planted in more than 60 countries kill or maim thousands of civilians every year. Millions of people live in the vast dangerous areas and are not able to access to basic human services because of 

Mobile robotics for offshore automation
B Graf ,Proc. of the IART/EURON Workshop on Robotics , 2008 ,
Abstract This paper describes application areas for mobile service robots in offshore oil and gas producing environments, requirements and restrictions for the use of the robots together with a first prototype and its evaluation in a field test. The field of offshore oil and gas