robotics research papers 2012-104

Formal Modeling and Analysis of Autonomous Robotics System Using Z
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ABSTRACT—In recent years, the mobile robotics systems have been developed and attracted
more and more attentions because of its applications in various disciplines. The software
development of mobile robotics is a key and complex process and it is required to be

Robotics and Computers
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This Paper will inspect the social impact of robotics on our civilization. The History of robots
and robot-like machines and society s reactions to these will be examined, as well as the
effect of the portrayal of robots in classic science fiction on society. The development of

Design and Analysis of Visualization Techniques for Mobile Robotics Development
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ABSTRACT Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms are of vital
importance in mobile robotics. This paper presents novel Augmented Reality (AR)
visualization techniques for SLAM algorithms, with the purpose of assisting algorithm

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ABSTRACT This paper discusses the design and implementation of a mechatronics-based solar
cell surface roughness measurement laboratory for student learning experience in the
emerging field of renewable energy. Renewable Energy science and technology

The Effects of Robotics Club on the StudentsPerformance on Science ProcessScientific Creativity Skills and Perceptions on Robots, Human and Society
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ABSTRACT. The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of a Lego Mindstorms based
Robotics course, operated as an after-school Club but intended for the future within the
primary science and technology curriculum, on sixth and seventh grade students

World Modeling in Robotics: Probabilistic Multiple Hypothesis Anchoring
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Requirements of such a world modeling algorithm are:(1) semantic richness: object
descriptions must be semantically annotated, ie, stored with human-readable attributes such
as position, color and class such that human-defined tasks can be mapped to the world

A new Paradigm for Open Robotics Research with the C++ Object Oriented Mechanics Library
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ABSTRACT—For many years robotics has been benefited by the open source community.
Community projects like Player/Stage/Gazebo, ROS, or OpenCV are present in most robotic
applications. In recent years this trend has also been initiated among the electronic

Using Ontologies for Configuring Architectures of Industrial Robotics in Logistic Processes
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The provision of goods and services accomplishes a transition to greater value-
addedoriented logistics processes. The philosophy of logistics is changing to a cross-
disciplinary function. Therefore it becomes a critical success factor for competitive

Design, Development, and Implementation of Educational Robotics Activities for K-12 Students
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ABSTRACT Educational robotics provides many opportunities to enhance science, technology,
engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education for students and teachers by using
engineering and computer programming techniques integrated into the curriculum. In

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ABSTRACT The Goal-Oriented Autonomous Controller (GOAC) has been developed in the
frame of an ESA-funded R D activity with the objective to design a generic architecture that
can be used in on-board controllers of space robotics system in which autonomy is

A complementing approach for identifying ethical issues in care robotics–grounding ethics in practical use
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ABSTRACT—We use a long-term study of a robotic eating-aid for disabled users to illustrate
how empirical use give rise to a set of ethical issues that might be overlooked in ethic
discussions based on theoretical extrapolation of the current state-of-the-art in robotics.

Connections amongst robotics, computers and artificial intelligence
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Z Istenes ,
Robots, computers and artificial intelligence are closely connected to each other. Their
development shows several similarities. The future development of the robots and its
spreading in our everyday life will be expectedly measurable to the development of the

Motion Planning Problem for some Control Systems Applied in Robotics
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AP Mashtakov ,
SUMMARY The classic objects of study in robotics are mathemetical models of wheeled
mobile robots and robots-manipulators. In general, such systems are described by nonlinear
nonholonomic control system linear with respect to control q=? ni= 1 ui (t) X i (q), where

Adaptive Patterns for Intelligent Distributed Systems: A Swarm Robotics Case Study
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In order to propose some evaluation of adaptive architectural patterns for intelligent
distributed systems, in this paper we present a case study where a swarm of robots is
required to coordinate and adapt to perform a task. We will present the results of several

A Computer Vision Approach to Virtual Fixtures in Surgical Robotics
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ABSTRACT—This ABSTRACT paper proposes a novel method for implementing forbidden-region
virtual fixtures in robotic surgery. In the absence of force feedback it is extremely important to
prohibit the robot from accidentally colliding with sensitive organs and causing unwanted

Educational Robotics Constructivism and Modeling of Robots using Reverse Engineering
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DG Maxínez, AF Ramírez, IE Álvarez, FJS Rangel
ABSTRACT—The project describes the modeling of various architectures mechatronics
specifically morphologies of robots in an educational environment. Each structure
developed by students of pre-school, primary and secondary was created using the

Cognitive Robotics in Industrial Environments
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S Puls, J Graf, H Wörn ,
Industrial robotics is a challenging domain for cognitive systems, especially, when human
intelligence meets solid machinery with many degrees of freedom like most of today s
industrial robots. Hence, for guaranteeing safety for human workers, safety fences are

Validation of a Behavioral Robotics Framework for Social Head Gaze
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ABSTRACT This 1 x 3 between-participant study (N= 93) validates the correctness and
computability of a behavioral robotics framework for social head gaze. The framework
unifies previous studies into a collection of mappings of the engagement E for one of 5

Robotics System Design for Assembly and Disassembly Process
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N Danišová, R Ružarovský, K Velíšek
Cartesian robot for automated assembly and also disassembly process. The advantage of
this conception is the utilization the Cartesian assembly robot with its all peripheral
automated devices for assembly of the assembled product. The assembly product in the

Light-driven nano-robotics for sub-diffraction probing and sensing
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On the macro-scale robotics typically uses light for carrying information for machine vision
for and feedback in artificially intelligent guidance systems and monitoring. Using the
miniscule momentum of light shrinking robots down to the micro-and even nano-scale

Optical fibres in aeronautics, robotics and civil engineering
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Glass optical fibres are made from fused silica, are about the diameter of a human hair, and
transmit light over large distances with very little loss. They can also be made to be sensitive
to their state and environment and are therefore well suited as sensors. Optical fibres

RobotUI–A Software Architecture for Modular Robotics User Interface Frameworks
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F Poppa, U Zimmer ,
ABSTRACT—Modern robotics frameworks are based on modular architectures that enable them
to cope with the complexity and diversity of today s robotics applications. The encapsulation
of the framework modules is the key to their reuse in various robotics scenarios. Model-

Using musculo-robotics to explore the influences of dynamic mechanical loading on muscle-tendon function
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Methods Upon electrical stimulation, the muscle contracts against a conventional force-
length ergometer. The resulting muscle force is transmitted electronically as a torque
command signal to servo motors controlling the robot (Fig. 1). Nearly simultaneously,

The QUAD-AV Project: multi-sensory approach for obstacle detection in agricultural autonomous robotics
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R Rouveure, M Nielsen, A Petersen, G Reina ,
ABSTRACT Autonomous vehicles are being increasingly adopted in agriculture to improve
productivity and efficiency. For an autonomous agricultural vehicle to operate safely,
environment perception and interpretation capabilities are fundamental requirements. The

Producing Expressive Movement for Telepresence Robotics
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ABSTRACT—Much as people perceive body language during a face-to-face conversation, they
perceive embodied cues—such as gaze, orientation, subtle movements and proximity—
when interacting with telepresence robots. But while people have learned to ignore the

Description of the Warthog Robotics 2012 project
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RG Lang, H Aguirre, MR Batista, PHN Dos Santos ,
ABSTRACT. This paper presents the RoboCup SSL team WR Magic, developed during 2011
and 2012 by the Warthog Robotics group from the University of São Paulo at São Carlos.
This project merges the best features from older projects developed by the groups GEAR

Gaining Control Knowledge Through an Applied Mobile Robotics Course
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L Pacheco, N Luo, I Ferrer, X Cufí, R Arbusé ,
In this chapter the use of an open mobile robot platform as an innovative educational tool in
order to promote and integrate control science knowledge is presented. The idea of
including applied interdisciplinary concepts is an important objective in engineering

The Cognitive Systems Approach in Robotics
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M Zillich ,
Page 1. Bratislava AI Seminar 19.3.2012 ,Zillich The Cognitive Systems Approach in Robotics
Michael Zillich Vienna University of Technology Institute of Automation and Control  Page 2.
Bratislava AI Seminar 19.3.2012 ,Zillich Cognitive Robotics Cognitive? Intelligent

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M Gerald ,
ABSTRACT: Major technological innovations have had influence on human life at many points
in history. The invention of the wheel as well as machines that introduced the Industrial
Revolution, not to mention the great advances during the 20th century have left traces in

On some Geometric Principles involved in Space Research and Robotics
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JVR Raju, T Venkatesh ,
ABSTRACT Topological spaces and their geometry is central to the management, analysis
and design of navigational tools in space programmes. In particular the control of trajectories
of space ships, the study of orbits and the dynamics of space ships all of these activities

Lifelong Learning for Mobile Robotics Applications A Half-day Workshop for IROS 2012
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ABSTRACT—Online and lifelong learning approaches are key functions for a robot to adapt
knowledge and behavior over time. Crucial topics in mobile robotics such as mapping,
planning, navigation, target tracking can be performed more reliably when formulated as

A step-wise approach to oil and gas robotics?
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DA Anisi, C Skourup, ABB Petrochemicals ,
ABSTRACT: Developing a reliable and intelligent robotic system which enables the remote
operation of normally unmanned oil and gas facilities requires innovative and novel
technical solutions. Our strategy for meeting these challenges is based on a step-wise

Robotics in EducationEducation in Robotics: Shifting Focus from Technology to Pedagogy
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D Alimisis ,
ABSTRACT-In this work we highlight the role of constructivist pedagogy and consequent
educational methodologies either while using robotics in school education (Robotics in
Education) or while training teachers to use robotics for teaching purposes

Warthog Robotics Team Description Paper 2012
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P Carlson ,
ABSTRACT. This paper describes the Warthog Robotics 2D soccer simulation team. The team
was runner-up at the Brazilian Robotics Competition (CBR) 2011 and, previously under the
name of GEARSIM, won the CBR 2009 and the Latin American Robotics Competition (

Design of Semi-Autonomous Robots for Competitive Robotics
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P Benavidez, C Gleinser, A Jaimes, J Labrado ,
ABSTRACT—This paper presents the first-generation design of two classes of semi-
autonomous competitive robots created in-house at University of Texas at San Antonio for
iTEC, the educational outreach program sponsored at the university. The robots created