New Channel Coding Methods for Satellite Communication
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ABSTRACT : This paper deals with the new progressive channel coding methods for short message transmission via satellite transponder using predetermined length of frame. The key benefits of this contribution are modification and implementation of a new turbo code

Integrating Wireless Ad Hoc Network with Satellite Network in a Multicast Environment to Support Communication Restoration Teams in Disaster Situations
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Summary This paper proposes a novel scheme to support communication teams in emergency and disaster situations. First, the multicast ad hoc on-demand vector (MAODV) routing protocol is modified to integrate a wireless MANET into a Satellite network. The

Mitigationof Security Risk in Satellite Communication by using Turbo coded DSSS
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ABSTRACT When Turbo coding is employed with BPSK signaling, it execute very fine. Also its performance is very close with Shannons limit. Although BPSK is straightforward to put into operation and we know all about its performance. Although BPSK is not efficient alone

Miniaturized Dual Band Frequency Selective Surface Suitable for C and S Band in Satellite Communication
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ABSTRACT A theory based investigation on a dual band frequency operation of a single layer Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) is being presented throughout this paper. Easy manufacturing cost and a little dependency on the polarization of the waves are the key

Design and Implementation of a Security Processor for Satellite Communication Systems
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ABSTRACT Satellite communication security relies on cryptography schemes that must remain unbreakable for considerable amount of time, since in a satellites long lifecycle, updating and patching is not an easy process. Technological progress in quantum computers tend to

A Review on Inter- Satellite Optical Wireless Communication
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ABSTRACT Inter- satellite optical wireless Communication has been emerged as a revolutionary technology in the field of communication . Since its induction in early 60s, Is- OWC has revolutionized the communication industry with high sapped data transmission as

High Performance Dual Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna for Satellite Communication
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ABSTRACT High performance dual circularly polarized X-band microstrip patch antenna for satellite communication is presented in this paper. The high performance refers to high return loss, high isolation, high gain> 8.5 dBi and low cross polarization with axial ratio2dB

Performance Analysis of various Modulation Schemes on Inter Satellite Communication Link
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ABSTRACT Global space agencies uses satellite programme to cover wide variety of areas and caters to the needs of various applications such as communication navigation, earth observation etc. In the application of earth observation, satellites are placed in Low Earth

Multi-disciplinary System Design Optimization for All-Electric Geostationary Communication Satellite
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ABSTRACT Geostationary communication satellites are a large market for the space utilization domain. From the users perspective, the commercial communication payload mass is among the most important specification parameters. In order to maximize payload mass and

Hybrid SatelliteTerrestrial Cooperative Communication with Mobile Terrestrial Nodes
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ABSTRACT This work investigates the performance of hybrid satelliteterrestrial systems over time-selective fading links arising due to the node mobility with multiple relay based selective decode-and-forward cooperation. The aerial satelliteto-relay and satelliteto

Systematic Designing of Store and Forward Communication Payload for LEO Satellite Systems
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ABSTRACT : The purpose of this paper is designing a communications system and the required protocols for store and forward (SF) payload of a LEO satellite . Considering users dispersion in diverse places, split channel reservation multiple access (SRMA) technique, is CSE PROJECTS