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Next Generation Secure Computing: Biometric in Secure E – transaction
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To establish identity of an individual is becoming critical in our heavy interconnected society. The need for reliable user authentication techniques has increased heightened concerns about security and rapid developments in networking, communication, and mobility

Biometrics in Secure e – Transaction
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In the present day word, online shopping using WAP enabled mobile phone has widely come into use. Credit cards serve as the currency during e -business and e -Shopping. As technology has advanced in the negative side also hackers steal, misuse credit card

On Designing a Secure E -Commerce Transaction Management System A UML Based Approach
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E -commerce gained popularity as a sophisticated transaction system for buying and selling of products and services efficiently through Internet. Due to lack of privacy and security, customers are unwilling to participate in E -commerce transaction system. To combat such

Multimodal Biometric System in Secure e – Transaction in Smart Phone
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Now a day, e -commerce sites are very popular. Online shopping using wap enabled mobile phone has widely come into use. Debit and credit cards are used for secure etransaction. As the technology developed thief are also very smart, they stolen our detail from wap and use

A Framework to Create a Certificate for e -Commerce Secure Transaction Protocol
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The development of e -commerce requires security to win the confidence of its stakeholders. Among the common protocols to establish safe financial transactions, Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) protocol has more security providing a safe protocol of payments at the

Secure End-to-End Architecture for E -commerce Security-Oriented Transaction
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E -commerce (business-to-consumer electronic commerce), one form of which is Web-based shopping, is defined as electronic-based economic transactions conducted between individual consumers and organizations. While this form of ecommerce is forecasted to grow

A comparative study of secure electronic transaction mechanisms for e -commerce
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It is mandatory how to proceed with the transaction of on-line ordering and, in the meantime, to obtain proper protection of data security. Currently, there are three ways for secure electronic payment mechanism of credit card: Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Secure Electronic