Securing Elastic Applications on Mobile Devices for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides elastic computing infrastructure and resources which enable resource-on-demand and pay-as-you-go utility computing models. We believe that new applications can leverage these models to achieve new features that are not available for legacy applications. In our project we aim to build elastic applications which augment resource-constrained platforms, such as mobile phones, with elastic computing resources from clouds. An elastic application consists of one or more weblets, each of which can be launched on a device or cloud, and can be migrated between them according to dynamic changes of the computing environment or user preferences on the device. This paper overviews the general concept of this new application model, analyzes its unique security requirements, and presents our design considerations to build secure elastic applications. As first steps we propose a solution for authentication and secure session management between weblets running device side and those on the cloud. We then propose secure migration and how to authorize cloud weblets to access sensitive user data such as via external web services. We believe some principles in our solution can be applied in other cloud computing scenarios such as application integration between private and public clouds in an enterprise environment.

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