Security Issues in Web Services Review and Development Approach

Web Service is relatively new and a relevant area. The security issues of Web Services in a distributed environment are a major concern of research. Web service security is one of the thrust areas of research both in industry as well as in academia. The present work is mainly focusing on special security issues of Web Services. The study is done under the general framework of security issues. Special security issues are discussed with reference to present technology of Web services. Multi-Part Multi-Signature Document (MPMSD) based IT implementation is an emerging approach. Along with the emergence and development of this approach the XML signature security is also a matter of concern. Hence forth, the application of Multi-Part and Multi-Signature Document with respect to security issues needs further experimentation and exploration. Main aim of this proposed work is to describe the process and applications of Multi–Part Multi-Signature Document in the workflow environment and compares between XML signature security issues with the MPMSD. In addition, this work highlights the future issues for research and experimentation under the approach of MPMSD.

Service Oriented Computing (SOC) (Michael et al., 2005) is a latest paradigm of computing that reflects a trend towards platform and language independence of the components. It is relatively a new and relevant area. It provides a way to create a new distributed application. SOC helps in implementing and configuring distributed software applications in a manner that provides productivity and quality with service-orientation. Services are simply a mean for building distributed applications, which focuses mainly on how these applications are built and how services should function together. SOC offers three native capabilities: (i) description, (ii) discovery and (iii) communication. Developers implement SOC native capabilities using Web Service Description Language(WSDL)

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