sensor IEEE PAPER 2018

A High-Resolution Supply Voltage Sensor Design and Its Performance Evaluation on an FPGA
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ABSTRACT Nowadays, integrated circuits (ICs) have higher integration densities. The simultaneous switching activities that are synchronized with a single global clock is one of the main causes that produce voltage drops across the power distribution network (PDN) of

Design Manufacturing and Test of a High-Precision MEMS Inclination Sensor for Navigation Systems in Robot-Assisted Surgery
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ABSTRACT : Robot supported minimally invasive interventions are state of the art in operating theatres. To increase the accuracy of surgical instrument positioning, high-precision motion tracking systems are required. The miniaturization of microelectromechanical systems ABSTRACT This paper reports the developments toward an integrated, tri-axial, frequency- modulated, consumergrade, and microelectromechanical system (MEMS) gyroscope. A custom low-power (160A), low-phase-noise integrated circuit is designed specifically for

Sensor Node Design with Dynamic Remote Reconfiguration and Analysis
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ABSTRACT Sensor Nodes (SN) are key components in a wireless sensor networks (WSN). With varying technologies, the sensor nodes have evolved to great extent considering processing, communication and power consumption. In this paper we have discussed

Design and implementation of a wireless sensor network based scalable monitoring system (WiSe-SMS)
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ABSTRACT : Monitoring and tracking systems utilizing Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are in the core of Ubiquitous Computing research. The evolving computing field of Internet of Things (IoT) incorporates concepts from the ubiquitous computing paradigm. Many IoT ABSTRACT Force sensors using strain gauge have been widely applied in mechanical systems. They usually possess a structure consisting of a simple cantilever beam and two strain gauges attached to two opposite beam surfaces. However, this structure shows

Design and study of a post-processing tool for long-term thermal infrared image sequences and multi- sensor data exploitation
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Latest improvements on uncooled infrared cameras has brought new opportunities for non- invasive diagnostics in the Civil Engineerings field. In particular, such technology has been studied and tested for long-term in-situ monitoring. However, in order to perform a

Design fabrication, and characterization of Hg2+ sensor based on graphite oxide and metallic nanoclusters
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Abdul Rehman Saida, Khadija Saidb, Falah Awwada,∗, Naser N. Qamhiehb, Saleh T. Mahmoudb, Mohammed A. Meetanic, Saeed Tariqd, Ahmad I. Ayeshe Article history: Received 17 November 2017 Received in revised form 6 January 2018 Accepted 16 January 2018

Design and implementation of a wearable gas sensor network for oil and gas industry workers
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ABSTRACT : Industrial environment usually involves some types of hazardous substances including toxic and/or flammable gases. Accidental gas leakage can cause potential dangers to a plant, its employees and surrounding neighborhoods. Around 64% of accidents

Design of a Small Radio Frequency Identification Tag Antenna Using a Corrugated Meander Line Applicable to a Drug Runout Sensor System
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ABSTRACT This article proposes an ultrahigh frequency band radio frequency identification (RFID) tag antenna for drug runout management that can be used in hospitals. The RFID tag antenna is designed to function as a sensor that alerts drug runout when a drug inside a drip

An embedded multi- sensor data fusion design for vehicle perception tasks
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ABSTRACT Nowadays, multi- sensor architectures are popular to provide a better understanding of environment perception for intelligent vehicles. Using multiple sensors to deal with perception tasks in a rich environment is a natural solution. Most of the research

Design of a new MagFET-based Integrated Current Sensor Robust to EMI
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ABSTRACT This paper deals with the susceptibility to electromagnetic interference of CMOS integrated current sensors for power transistor current monitoring. Conventional integrated solution are first considered, hence a new integrated current sensor based on the Hall effect

Energy Efficient Design of Wireless Sensor Network: Clustering
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ABSTRACT One of the significant criteria of wireless sensor network is energy efficiency. Focused on the energy problem, researchers design a few algorithms based on clustering in the present era but lack of proper mathematically rigor justification. To fill this research gap

Design and evaluation of a Microcontroller Sensor Based Traffic Light Control System at T-Junction in Okene, Kogi state, Nigeria
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ABSTRACT Vehicular travel is increasing in Kogi state as more people are going or coming back from Abuja being headquarter of the country, and this increase in the number of vehicle on the road especially during the weekends has lead to congestion at road-intersections

Design of Compact Aerosol Particle Sensor by Integrated Spectropolarimeter using III-V-on-silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits
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ABSTRACT Aerosols are minute particles suspended in the atmosphere. When these particles are sufficiently large, we notice their presence as they scatter and absorb sunlight. Their scattering of sunlight can reduce visibility (haze) and redden sunrises and sunsets. The

Log Likelihood Ratio Based Quantizer Design for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
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ABSTRACT In Wireless sensor network (WSN), the estimated target location is measured by sensors at each time of tracking and sends to the fusion centre. Optimizing Sensors is a challenging issue with respects to size, battery powered devices and the resources

Design and Analysis of a Sensor for Measurement of Fat content in Milk using IOT technique
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ABSTRACT the internet of thing is revolutionizing the agriculture industry and enabling the farmers to contend with enormous challenges they face new creative IOT applications are tending to the cost adequacy of milk generation. Farmers themselves are recognizing that

Design Challenges in Solar Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
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ABSTRACT The silicon solar photovoltaic (PV) cells produce energy of few milli-watts (~ 15mW/cm2), which can drive sensors, low-power microcontrollers and RF transmitters for a complete self-powered wireless embedded system. The recent advancements in renewable

Design and Implementation of a Soil Moisture and Temperature Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Network
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ABSTRACT : This paper presents the design of a shortest path tree based data collection wireless sensor network to sense soil moisture, soil temperature and relative humidity. Each node in the network follows a synchronized, periodic sleep-wake up schedule in order to ABSTRACT The idea of software-defined wireless sensor networks (SDWSNs) have drawn a lot of attention in these years. To implement SDWSN, routing mechanism is one of the most important part. In this paper, we propose a mechanism of loadbalance centralized-control