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Privacy-friendly Forecasting for the Smart Grid using Homomorphic Encryption and the Group Method of Data Handling
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Abstract. While the smart grid has the potential to have a positive impact on the sustainability and efficiency of the electricity market, it also poses some serious challenges with respect to the privacy of the consumer. One of the traditional use-cases of this privacy sensitive data is

Data flow requirements for integrating smart buildings and a smart grid through model predictive control
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Abstract A truly energy efficient and sustainable society requires intelligence embedded at all levels within energy production and consumption systems. The 'smartness' of a smart grid is wasted if major consumption locations, ranging from individual buildings to larger

A Review of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Smart Grid Projects and Their Implications for China
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Executive Summary The Chinese government has paid growing attention to renewable energy development and has set ambitious goals for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction and energy savings. Smart grid (SG) technologies have been regarded as

Efficient Energy Performance within Smart Grid
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Abstract The Smart Grid, regarded as the next generation power grid, uses two-way flows of electricity and information to create a widely distributed automated energy delivery network. Energy/power plays a critical role for social, economic and industrial development. Because

Smart Grid Technology for Intelligent Power Use
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Abstract:The existing Power Grids is antiquated, congested and inefficient in many ways and it does not take full advantage of new automation technologies that for example can prevent an outage or restore power much faster after an outage. It does not take advantage

Performance and Efficiency Simulation Study of a Smart-Grid Connected Photovoltaic System
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Abstract The availability of non-renewable energy sources such as crude oil, natural gas, coal etc., is fast diminishing. So the renewable energy sources such as solar, hydropower, geothermal, wind, tidal energy, are gaining more and more importance. Many new

A Comprehensive Review on Smart Meter Communication Systems in Smart Grid for Indian Scenario
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Abstract: In existing power grid, the currently used power meters, are either electronic energy meters or electro-mechanical meters and are limited to record power/energy up to KWh unit only. One of the drawbacks of these power grids is that out of the total power

Optimization of Railroad Electrical Systems with the Integrated Smart Grid
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Abstract This paper proposes an optimization model for the railroad transportation electrical systems with the integrated smart grid. The proposed railroad smart grid consists of distributed generation (wind and solar power generations) and the hybrid energy storage

Smart Grids smart grid technologies in India
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Abstract Smart grid is one of the trending technological innovation of the modern world, In India, present situation when the electrical industry is facing huge challenges Globally, ranging from a supply-demand gap to rising cost, global warming etc. the solution to reinvent

Simultaneous Control of Frequency Fluctuation and Battery SOC in a Smart Grid using LFC and EV Controllers based on Optimal MIMO-MPC
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Abstract This paper proposes a simultaneous control of frequency deviation and electric vehicles (EVs) battery state of charge (SOC) using load frequency control (LFC) and EV controllers. In order to provide both frequency stabilization and SOC schedule near optimal

Optimal Power Flow Approach for Cognitive and Reliable Operation of Distributed Generation as Smart Grid
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Abstract Smart grid expertise emphasises on the compound connections of the electricity to the grid, along with computing, control and communication interface. It will bring together in future smart infrastructure for power system. Investigating these complex dynamic

Research on Cyber-Physical Modeling for Smart Distribution Grid
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Abstract Smart distribution network will achieve the optimal operation of the distribution network, provide high-quality and reliable power, guarantee the development of modern social economy. The deep integration of cyber system and power physical system is the key

Methodology of Cyber Security Assessment in the Smart Grid
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Abstract The introduction of smart grid, which is an innovative application of digital processing and communications to the power grid, might lead to more and more cyber threats originated from IT systems. In other words, The Energy Management System (EMS)

Decreasing Data Analytics Time: Hybrid Architecture MapReduce-Massive Parallel Processing for a Smart Grid.
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As our populations grow in a world of limited resources enterprise seek ways to lighten our load on the planet. The idea of modifying consumer behavior appears as a foundation for smart grids. Enterprise demonstrates the value available from deep analysis of electricity

Energy management and consumer modeling in smart grid systems
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V Hatzi 2017 In the last decades, energy efficiency has turned into a major research issue, since the energy requirements of modern societies are growing continuously. Researchers have focused on optimizing the efficiency of the modernized power grid, ie, the smart grid, which

What are Smart Grid Optimised Buildings
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Page 1. What are SmartGrid Optimised Buildings Andreas responding to notifications issued by the Smart

A Review On Different Energy Efficient Communication In Smart Grid
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Abstract Electricity is a core utility for the functioning of society and for the services provided by information and communication technologies (ICTs). Several concepts of the smart grid, such as dynamic pricing, distributed generation, and demand management, have

232. A Novel Energy Management Approach in Smart Grid Challenges and Opportunities
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Abstract From national economy to national security, electricity plays an important role in the development of any country. Economic dispatch of electrical energy is desired both at the supplier and user end Demand side management is a technique that keeps the balance

Various Types of Smart Grid Techniques: A Review
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Abstract For many years, there has been no reforms are done in the main architecture of the electric power grid. The twentieth century centrally controlled grids are unable to fulfill the need of 21st century requirements. Smart grid is introduced to address the challenges of the

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ABSTRACT: Smart energy grid and smart electricity distribution is envision to meet the requirements of the 21st century in a sophisticated distributing ways with real time transmission approaches. For real time transmission the various wired and wireless

Review on Power quality issues Rectification in Smart Grid
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Abstract: This Paper presents an over review of power quality in smart grid. Power quality has become the term used to describe a wide range of electrical power origin, monitoring and measurement. Power quality is also a complex subject requiring specific terminology in

Uncovering demand flexibility in buildings: a smart grid inter-operation framework for the optimization of energy and comfort
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Summary Increasing penetration of renewable energy resources (RES) together with advances in ICT and liberalized market models are the main drivers for the transition towards the emerging smart grid (SG). In order to secure energy supply and improve energy

AC Losses and Dielectric Losses in High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Power Cables for Smart Grid Applications: A Comprehensive Review
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ABSTRACT High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) cables are being used for effective power transmission and distribution as the losses in these HTS cables are less compared to those in conventional power cables. HTS cable constitutes of BSCCO-2233 or YBCO-123

Fuzzy Controller for Automatic Tap Changing in Transformers for Power Quality Enhancement in a Smart Grid Distribution System
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Abstract: A smart grid is an evolved grid system that manages electricity demand in a sustainable, reliable and economic manner, built on advanced infrastructure and tuned to facilitate the integration of all involved. The smart grid is the future for electrical systems.

A Reliable and Secure Smart Grid Communication Network Using a Comprehensive Cost Function
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Abstract: SG (smart grids) is an intelligent power grid in which the diverse nodes should communicate different types of information which have different communication requirements with CS (control stations). There exist several RATs (radio access

A Survey on Big Data Energy Based on Smart Grid
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Abstract:: Energy is the most important part of human life. As a significant approach energy in smart grid is interconnected with power grid that involves sensors, deployment strategies, smart meters, and real-time data processing. It generates the data with high velocity, large

Security Solutions and Applied Cryptography in Smart Grid Communications
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ABSTRACT SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are a critical part of modern national critical infrastructure (CI) systems. Due to the rapid increase of sophisticated cyber threats with exponentially destructive effects, intrusion detection systems

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Abstract-This paper gives the solution for enhancement of transient stability of smart grid connected squirrel cage induction generators. In most of the wind power plant induction generator is popular because it has low cost and low maintenance. Fault occurs in power

Households in the smart grid existing knowledge and new approaches
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Chapter 20 cally, most households have high electricity consumption at particular times, eg the peak between 17: 00 19: 00 in the evening when people return from work and turn on their electrical appliances in the home and start preparing dinner. Providing and distributing

A Novel Implementation of Demand Response on Smart Grid using Renewable Energy Sources
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Abstract-The smart grid (SG) is a policy for modernizing the electricity transmission and distribution for a reliable and secure electricity infrastructure to meet the future demand. The demand response acts as an efficient procedure for utilities to manage system peaks by

Use of smart grid technology to compare regions and days of the week in household water heating (April 2017)
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Abstract:Water heating is a leading cause of household energy consumption and, given its capacitive nature, has been the focus of research on demand side management and grid peak load management. Despite all the existing literature on energy for water heating, very

Requirements, Design Challenges, and Review of Routing and MAC Protocols for CR-based Smart Grid Systems
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Abstract Cognitive Radio (CR) technology can facilitate communication in smart grid (SG) applications through dynamic spectrum access. However, traditional routing and MAC protocols adopted for cognitive radio networks (CRNs) may not be beneficial in CR-based

A novel pricing mechanism for demand side load management in smart grid
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Abstract:This paper proposes a novel demand response (DR) mechanism based on real time electricity prices with the objective of cost reduction. The novelty of the proposed mechanism lies in the concept that electricity sub-prices are calculated based on the fraction

A Base Station DTX Scheme for OFDMA Cellular Networks Powered by the Smart Grid
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Abstract Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) is an efficient technology to improve the energy efficiency of the wireless cellular networks. DTX enables the deactivation of some components of the base station in sufficient short time, which can decrease the energy

How flexible is smart Determining the flexibility of a smart grid cluster
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This master thesis was written in close collaboration with the three partners within the'smart grid'pilot project'PowerMatching City'; KEMA, ECN and Humiq. PowerMatching city is partly funded by the European Commission and is part of the Integral project (FP6-038576). The

Smart energy monitoring for off-grid prosumers using low cost embedded systems
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Abstract This paper represents a practical solution for a dynamic, affordable and flexible, energy monitoring system, that is based on electrical sensors which are connected to the building's own power grid. By using embedded technology and the Internet Of Things