Smart Metering the new technology

Smart metering is a topic that recently has attracted much attention. Smart metering promises many bene¯ts and projects in Europe, the USA and other countries show that smart metering is technically feasible. Main issues are the actual value of the bene¯ts, the cost involved and the distribution of cost and bene¯ts of smart metering between market parties involved. An advanced metering infrastructure o®ers the possibility for additional energy related services such as demand side management and realisation of virtual power plants. The future of smart metering will depend heavily on the policy and decisiveness of the governmental bodies involved. Energy savings and an increased security of supply will be main drivers and believe in smart metering as a means to reach these goals is indispensable.

Smart metering is without any doubt a topic that recently has attracted much attention. Many countries within the EU and outside are already involved in projects with smart metering on a demonstration scale or larger. A variety of bene¯ts are generally attributed to smart meters and these will be discussed in detail in this paper. Many questions arise, even if we focus on smart metering for electricity use only. What are the exact functions of smart meters and what are the bene¯ts? What is the status of the technology? Which smart metering projects are carried out at this moment? What are the (intermediate) results of these projects? Are there any barriers for implementation and what is the nature of these barriers (technical, economical, organisational)? What is the projected future and impact of smart metering? This paper will guide you through these questions and provide you with insight into the status and future of smart metering. This paper will focus on electricity meters in Europe, but will also incorporate results from important projects out of Europe. It will conclude with a general view on the future of smart metering.

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