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Smart Parking is a parking strategy that combines technology and human innovation in an effort to use as few resources as possible—such as fuel, time and space—to achieve faster, easier and denser parking of vehicles for the majority of time they remain idle.

Smart Parking and its sister approach, Intelligent Transportation, are based on the fundamental ecological principle that we are all connected. Parking and transportation are both essential in the movement of people and goods. The Smart Parking and Intelligent Transportation vision and overlapping technologies are steadily melding into one integrated stream.

A reservation-based smart parking system
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Therefore, the central systemno longer needs to maintain the reservation service. EVALUATION In this section, we simulate the proposed Reservation-based SmartParkingsystem (RSPS) based on realtarget area are from

The real-time city Big data and smart urbanism
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Data do not exist independently of the ideas, techniques, technologies, people and contexts that conceive, produce, process, manage, analyze and store them (Bowker and Star 1999; Lauriault 2012; Ribes and It is no different withbigdata used to underpin smart urbanism

Bootstrapping smart cities through a self-sustainable model based on big data flows
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Importantly, no clear business models exist; only recently, [5] pro- posed a suitable platform to requiring large upfront investments, showing longer return on investment periods or not necessarily producing This will bring high-quality smart city services and apps into the mobile

SPARK: a new VANET-based smart parking scheme for large parking lots
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time Parking Navigation When a vehicle equipped with OBU IDi is ready to enter a smartparking lot with of the Algorithm 2 is and the status is on, the vehicle is stationary, and no vehicle-thief Therefore, it is not suitable to simply disseminate Nuoc to those running vehicles.

Living in a world of smart everyday objects social, economic, and ethical implications
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No risk, no premium. Information asymmetry is not only a hindrance for trading, but also affects the risk management (moral hazard) of insurance companies. A smart car, for example, could provide detailed information about the driving style and parking habits of its owner, thus

Internet of things: Vision, applications and research challenges
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These two approaches are not mutually exclusive, and can complement each other. We can briefly resume the three main system-level characteristics of the Internet-of-Things Anything interacts: smart things can interact with the local environment through sensing and actuation

Big data
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Smart leaders across industries will see using big data for what it is: a management revolution. It also requires breaking a bad habit we’ve noticed in many organizations: pretending to be more data-driven than they actually are. Business licensees may not host this content on

The security and privacy of smart vehicles
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A first, obvious threat is the attempt by the smart vehicle’s owner (or thief) to disable, at least par- tially, its (Distance bounding guarantees that the distance is no greater than a this time is relatively short, given that C needs to perform only an XOR operation and does not need to

Media Impact
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customer behavior (such as the video analysis business tools from IBM’s Smart Surveillance System1 volatile swarm of sensing devices that can potentially provide coverage where no static devices instance, for image or video, scale- invariant key features that do not reveal theaccepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully Communication (NFC), it is possible to realize an electronic verification system of parking permits in traditional web technologies in the development of services for networks containing smart objects. The pros and cons of smart card use in public transit. collection previously achieved by the survey process is minimized (Bagchi and White, 2004),No information on amount of statistics available (Bagchi and White, 2005),The user’s ultimate destination is not provided, despite

Smart parking: An application of optical wireless sensor network
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The sensor nodes can be easily installed as they require no excavation and signal wiring Based on the above classification of smart parking systems, a parking garage may employ one or starts at State A where an unidentified object (pedestrian or vehicle) is not detected by entrance display and parking lot GUI then, displayed the total no of vacant CONCLUSION In this paper, we described the SmartPARKing (SPARK) management system using wireless of concept to realize and understand the real time scenarios in parking management systems

An information framework for creating a smart city through internet of things
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In-Network Processing NoNo Yes Yes Multi radio: It is not uncommon nowadays to have a number of radio access technologies available to connect to the 2) Application Structural Health Monitoring: A typical application of wireless sensor networks for smart cities is structural

Sensing as a service and big data
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In addition, 200 million smart meters to be operated in 2014 However, there is no single perfect data management solution for the cloud to manage bigdataIt need be decided where and when to use approximation where it will not harm the accuracy of the results or decision that

Context-aware vehicular cyber-physical systems with cloud support: architecture, challenges, and solutions
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The drivers or passengers can quickly obtain the parking space’s information by various smart terminals such as smartphones. k j i Figure 5. Traffic prediction for areas not covered by RSEs. Traffic data mining Origin, destination, and trajectory data

Internet of things in industries: A survey
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46] which applies a dynamic SOA architecture to enable the deployment of smart services. enhance these capabilities and share under-utilized resources among vehicles in the parking space or The data may not have much meaningful value unless people find an effective way

Internet of things: converging technologies for smart environments and integrated ecosystems
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Validating user acceptability, focusing on applications, which are not operational today and ethical issues This article expresses the personal view of the authors and in no way constitutes These types of applications can involve the electric vehicle and the smart house, in which

IBM smart surveillance system (S3): event based video surveillance system with an open and extensible framework
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It offers not only the capability to automatically monitor a scene but also the capability to manage the surveillance This could be deployed on various cameras overlooking the parking lot and the perimeter and inside of a facility. IBM:S3Smart Surveillance System Architecture

Performance evaluation of an EDA-based large-scale plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging algorithm
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Also, there is no limit to the number or format of the constraints. 6 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SMART GRID The computational speed of EDA and GA is compared in Table III. EDA is less time-consuming than GA because it does not perform selection and crossover operations.

COMMENT technology

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    Smart Parking systems typically obtains information about available parking spaces in a particular geographic area and process is
    real-time to place vehicles at available positions .It involves using low-cost sensors, real-time data collection, and mobile-phone-enabled
    automated payment systems that allow people to reserve parking in advance or very accurately predict where they will likely find a spot.
    When deployed as a system, smart parking thus reduces car emissions in urban centers by reducing the need for people to needlessly
    circle city blocks searching for parking. It also permits cities to carefully manage their parking supply