smart phone IEEE PAPER 2017

Smart Phone Based Energy Monitoring System for 3 Phase Induction Motors
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Abstract In this study, a mobile device based monitoring and control system is developed for 3 phase asynchronous motor parameters.? The designed system consists of an asynchronous motor, a frequency converter, a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), a

Automatic Accident Detection System through Smart Phone
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ABSTRACT The largest cost of unnatural deaths in the world today (apart from diseases) is road accidents. With increase in population and thus in the number of vehicles, accidents are only going to increase. Most of these deaths are due to delay in medical attention to the

Prevalence of Smart Phone Users at Risk for Developing Cell Phone Vision Syndrome among College Students
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Abstract The universe dependence on electronics has confirmed that in several approaches create a problem in the eyes. There is a shortage of literature survey to find out the high exposure to young college students in developing the cell phone vision syndrome. This

Estimating Driving Behavior by a smart phone
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Abstract: Smart systems aimed at detecting the fall of a person have increased significantly due to recent technological advances and availability of modular electronics. This work presents the use of em-bedded accelerometer and gyroscope in mobile phones to

Built-in Face Recognition for Smart Phone Devices
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Abstract-This paper presents the deployment of face recognition on mobile phones. Smart phones have become the most convenient and ubiquitous interface for Internet services. They are equipped with massive amount of sensors that can significantly improve the users

Cloud Based Ubiquitous Computing for Smart Classroom using Smart Phone
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Abstract: The idea behind this project is reducing the cost and improving the quality of service in this technology aided learning. Here, we will replace laptops or any other portable device with Raspberry Pi. The web interface of raspberry pi will be used to access files

Investigation of a new technology of controlling electrical apparatus via a smart phone
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Abstract. This paper discusses the present possibilities for controlling electrical apparatus via smart phone and

An Examination of the Role of Emissions Information in Transport Behaviour: The Results of a Smart Phone Trial in Dublin, Ireland
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ABSTRACT Within the transportation sector there is an emerging trend towards providing individuals with more information regarding the choices available to them. There are an increasing number of smartphone applications and online journey planners designed to

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Abstract: The proposed ANPR algorithm is implemented and simulated using Android SDK on a smart phone . Android platform has gained popularity in recent years in terms of market share and number of available applications. Android operating system is built on a Linux

Effect of smart phone using duration and gender on dynamic balance
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ABSTRACT Smart phones are constantly used for extended periods while looking at the visual display terminals this may causes musculoskeletal problems. So, the purpose of this study was to investigate effect of smart phone using duration and gender on dynamic

A Smart Phone Based Accident Fall Detection, Positioning and Rescue System
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Abstract: This paper proposes the architecture of accident fall detection, positioning, and rescue system that uses 3G networks. To perceive the fall detection algorithm, the angles acquired by the electronic compass and the waveform sequence of the triaxial

Bus Arrival Time Prediction System Based on Participatory Sensing With Smart Phone
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Abstract: For most city transport voyagers transport landing time is the fundamental data. Unreasonably long olding up time at transport stops frequently debilitates the explorers and makes them unwilling to take transports. In this paper, we exhibit a transport landing time

A hierarchical combinatorial testing method for smart phone software in wearable IoT systems R
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Nowadays, although IoT (Internet of Things)[1 3] has found wide applications in smart cities, remote monitoring, IoT is still faced with dependability, security [4], monitoring coverage [5], life cycle of sensor nodes [6], and real-time information transmission [7]. Especially, as the

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Given the number of applications available on todays devices, the sheer volume of smart phone notifications can already be overwhelming. This burden will only get worse with the exploding popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT), where each IoT device sends its own set

Development of a Sim800l Based Reprogrammable Household Smart Security System with Recipient Phone Call Alert
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Abstract:-Security has become a major issue everywhere. Home security is becoming necessary nowadays as the possibilities of intrusion are increasing day by day. A traditional home security system gives the signals regarding alarm or text alert through GSM. However,

An analytical study on impact of guerrilla marketing among middle aged smart - phone users
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Abstract Marketing exists in different form and every single day a new marketing method gets evolved. Companies use suitable marketing technique to sell their product. The usage of a specific technique depends upon various factors like nature of the product, target

Measuring the Relationship Between Product Quality Dimensions Repurchase Intention of Smart Phone : A Case study On Chittagong City
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Abstract: The purpose of this study is to explore the relationships between product quality dimensions and purchase/repurchase intention of smart phone in Chittagong city. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, a sample of 650 users of smart phone were taken by

Certificate Authentication Using QR Code and Smart Phone
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Abstract An institution issued a degree certificate to those students who have successfully completed all studies included in the degree. The degree certificate awarded by the University is of prime importance in the persons life but the production and circulation of

A Smart Phone -Based Pocket Fall Accident Detection, Positioning, And Rescue System
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Abstract: This paper presents related work carried out in this domain and analogizes tools require for the idea to be successful. Accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities around the world. An important indicator of survival rates after an accident is the time

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Background: Smart phone have now become an essential part of life. It provides many services like internet, whatsapp, etc but sometimes it affect your life when it is used wrongly. The objective of this study was to explore factors which affect most and how smart phone

Relevance of Smart Phone Addiction on Indian Adolescent Their Sleeping Habit And Associated Behaviors: A Literature
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ABSTRACT World is ever changing due to advancement in realm of science and technology, one such advancement is in field of smart phones. The ubiquity of smart phone technology raises concern for its addiction among adolescents and its relationship with

Using smart phone to facilitate vocabulary mobile learning and teaching in Chinese college
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Abstract: Mobile learning is transforming the traditional classroom-based learning and teaching and bridges formal learning and informal learning. As vocabulary learning is a difficult part in English learning, how to teach and learn English vocabulary are challenge for

Smart Phone Based Assistant System for Handicapped/Disable/Aged People
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Abstract This paper Smart Assistant System is a system which provides functionality for disabled people to live independently in todays world. This project increases the ease of mobility for disabled/injured people. We have resolved the disabled problems by

Smart Phone Based Forward Collision Warning Messages in Work Zones to Enhance Safety and Reduce Emissions
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Abstract Collisions in work zones have always been a contributing factor in compromising safety on urban roadways. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and State Transportation Authorities have implemented many safety countermeasures to reduce

Smart Phone Based Robotic ARM Control using Wifi and Android
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Abstract: The main aim of the project is to design a wireless controlled Robot using android mobile with the help of Wi-Fi. It proposes a method for controlling a Robotic arm using an application build in the android platform. The android phone and arm board is connected

Reduction Vehicle Speed Using GPS Android Smart Phone Programming
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Abstract Today the new generation of smart phone such as Samsung galaxy, Sony, Motorola, HTC is used to build smart applications that made the human life more comfortable and safe. The Android open source operating system with java programming

Smart Home Automation Based on Voice Command Using Smart Phone
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Abstract: In the recent years, the voice controlled home automation systems have seen a rapid change due to introduction of various wireless technologies. This system is the most suited to seniors and the disabled persons especially those who live alone and since

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Abstract Recently, many researches and industries are developing smart home applications. In a smart home, electric devices (eg, plugs, lights, TV and so on) can have the capability of wireless communications. Users are allowed to control these devices by smart phones

Aphid identification and counting based on smart phone and machine vision
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Abstract Exacted enumeration of aphids before the aphids outbreak can provide basis for precision spray. This paper designs a counting software which can run on smart phones for real-time enumeration of aphids. First step of the method used in this paper, images of the

Naturalistic driving study on the usage of smart phone applications while driving
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Abstract: We present the first results from a study that tracked how Finnish drivers use their smart phones while driving. We monitored 30 heavy-user drivers in Finland in June September 2016, and recorded the times when they used their phones, the application used

Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Smart Phone
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ABSTRACT Smart phones are posed with heat transfer problems due to the space and weight limitation and also due to ever increasing processer speed. In this work, heat transfer in a Xiaomi Mi4i smart phone model has been studied using CFD. Studies at various

Speed Estimation from Smart Phone in-Motion Camera for the Next Generation of Self-Driven Intelligent Vehicles
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Abstract Estimating vehicles speed is of great importance for the vehicular technology society (VTS) and the intelligent transportation society (ITS) for the next generation of self driven smart cars. Having an accurate estimation of vehicle speed is critical for safe driving,

Smart use of Cell Phone for Vehicle Monitoring and Theft Control Using GPS and GSM
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ABSTRACT This paper deals with the issues of vehicle monitoring and theft control. This system not only tracks the vehicle but also reduces the risk involved in losing the vehicle. In the proposed system AT89S52 microcontroller is used for interfacing the various hardware