Co-Design Process of a Smart Phone App to Help People With Down Syndrome Manage Their Nutritional Habits
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ABSTRACT People with Down syndrome (DS) often have trouble making healthy food choices. This article describes the user-centered design process of developing a smart phone app that could potentially help people with DS make better nutritional decisions when dining out

Comprehensive Study on Negative Effects of Mobile Phone / Smart Phone on Human Health
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ABSTRACT : The smart phone or a mobile phone has become 24hrs attachment with most of the users all over the globe. It is now very difficult to say who are the people not using mobile/ smart phone . The mobile phone users can not even think that the mobile phones not

The Assessment of Spasticity: Pendulum Test Based Smart Phone Movie of Passive Markers.
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ABSTRACT : The pendulum test is the method for quantification of the level of spasticity in persons with spinal cord and brain injuries/diseases. The data for the assessment comes from the analysis of lower leg rotation in the sagittal plane while sitting caused by gravity. We

A Smart ( phone ) Solution: An effective tool for Screening Anaemia-Correlation with conjunctiva pallor and haemoglobin levels
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ABSTRACT : Anaemia is a major Nutritional deficiency disorder in the country. It affects all age groups, especially women and children. As per International Nutrition Report 2017, more than 50% of the Indian women and children were affected by Anaemia. Invasive methods

A Study on Impact of Smart Phone Usage on Health of College Going Students
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ABSTRACT Smart phones have become one of the most influential technologies in peoples life and for the past several years, have played an influential role in everyday communication. But with the overuse of smart phones, plenty of problems have aroused

Smart Phone Based Robot for Domestic purpose using Bluetooth.
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ABSTRACT -Robot is a reprogrammable, multifunctional gadget which is basically intended to do work like human, for example, pick and place, stacking and emptying, observation, social insurance, modern, aviation application. Robots can perform hazardous and precise work to

A Smart Phone Enabled Driver Monitoring and Alerting System
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ABSTRACT The objective of this research work is to build a driver monitoring system. Nowadays because of the road accidents every year the death rate keep on increasing and the vehicle production rate is also increasing which leads to pollution. Drive Safe application

Hold the Phone : FDA to Regulate Smart Phone Health Applications
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ABSTRACT : As mobile platforms become more user friendly, computationally powerful, and readily available, innovators have begun to develop mobile apps of increasing complexity to leverage the portability mobile platforms can offer. Some of these new mobile apps are

Smart Network Cellular Phone for Disaster Recovery
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we tend to analysis the way to prepare cellular phone for giving interchanges in disaster recovery. By crossover the holes among varied types of remote systems, weve got outlined and executed a framework known as Team Phone which

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ABSTRACT The technology plays a vital role in the academic filed in the English Language Teaching. The Use of Smart phone is not just for Whats App, Face book, Twitter and Angry Birds. It can be used in Multitude of Ways from an Educational Perspectives. The Smart

Towards Smart Phone Image-Based Automated Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnostic System in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Systems Security Perspective.
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ABSTRACT Medical imaging has become a significant field of research due to the advances in the hardware and software resources used for the acquisition, processing and storage of the images. With the help of several imaging modalities, physicians are better informed with

Smart Phone Based Indoor Environment Awareness System
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U Farooq, MA Habib ABSTRACT The Global Positioning System (GPS) is highly reliable and accurate when used outdoors. Due to unavailability of GPS in an indoor environment, many other alternative techniques are proposed for indoor localization. But most of this system required an

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ABSTRACT --iris scanner is evolving for the futuristic security purpose electronic device. It is the most accurate device in the current scenario. IRIS scanner scans the retina with the help of CCD (Charge Coupled Device) camera. CCD is a device which scan the retina and converts

Smart Phone Adoption Among the Rural Customers with Special Reference to Coimbatore
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ABSTRACT Smartphones do so many things but one of the most important aspects of their usefulness is the fact that they keep people connected. Smartphones give fast, easy and increased communication by integrating contact information and providing applications that

Smart Phone Accuracy of Multi-Camera Pedestrian Tracking in Overlapping Fields of View
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ABSTRACT : In this paper, we analyze the suitability of event mapping via smart phones by evaluating the accuracy of pedestrian tracking. We employ a multiple view tracking and bundle adjustment and recover the scale by an alignment to reference points measured via CSE PROJECTS