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Smart Phone Based Microcredit Risk Assessment using K-Means Algorithm
G Joshi, K Prathab ,2007 ,
Abstract One of the key issues in microfinance is credit risk assessment. In this project, we
propose to use K-Means algorithm to assist in making decisions regarding credit risk
assessment. The choice of smart phones is due to its increased processing power and 

Emotional Avatar Animation on Smart Phone SMS
HW Byun
Abstract Recently people do not only use mobile phone to call, but also use it to send a
SMS. However, it is difficult to express own complicated emotion with text and emoticon of
exited SMS service. We pay attention to express user’s emotion interesting and correct, we 

Personal Anomaly Detection and Smart-Phone Security
H Xiong, DD Yao, L Han ,2010 ,
Abstract Mobile devices increasingly become the computing platform for networked
applications such as Web and email. This development requires strong guarantees on the
system integrity and A cryptographic key generation scheme for multilevel data security
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In 1982, and Taylor proposed an elegant solution to rhe partially ordered multilevel key distribution problem, using a cryptographic approach. Since then, continuing research has been conducred to try to realize and simplify their scheme. Generally speaking, there are

Towards achieving data security with the cloud computing adoption framework.
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Offering real-time data security for petabytes of data is important for Cloud Computing. A recent survey on cloud security states that the security of users data has the highest priority as well as concern. We believe this can only be able to achieve with an approach that is

Data security model for cloud computing
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With the development of cloud computing, Data security becomes more and more important in cloud computing. This paper analyses the basic problem of cloud computing data security . With the analysis of HDFS architecture, we get the data security requirement of cloud

Data security in cloud computing with elliptic curve cryptography
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Cloud computing is one of todays hottest research areas due to its ability to reduce costs associated with computing while increasing scalability and flexibility for computing services. Cloud computing is Internet based computing due to shared resources, software and the protection of data from accidental or malicious modification, destruction, or disclosure (FIPS); the science and study of methods of protecting data in computer and communications systems against unauthorized disclosure, transfer, delay, modifications, or

Privacy and Data Security Risks in Cloud Computing.
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In recent years, cloud computing has emerged as one of the fastest-growing segments of the information technology industry. The ability to leverage economies of scale, geographic distribution,

Robust data security for cloud while using third party auditor
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Cloud computing has been envisioned as the next-generation technology of IT industries. The Cloud is a platform where data owner remotely store their data in the cloud to enjoy the high quality applications and services. The client or data owner send their data to data

Enhancing data security using video steganography
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Information security has become the area of concern as a result of widespread use of communication medium over the internet. This paper focuses on the data security approach when combined with encryption and steganographic techniques for secret communication
of mobile devices against malicious software (malware 

To understand the relationship between the smart phone and its users
R Lin, S Lin, C Lin ,j
A mobile phone is a device which can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link
while moving around a wide geographic area (Katz and Aakhus 2002). Smart phone is a
high-end mobile phones that combines the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) 

A Case for Scientific Applications on Smart Phone

Abstract Processors used in mobile phones are increasingly becoming powerful and
capable of handling much of what a desktop counterpart would do, albeit with much lower
power requirements. With the ubiquity of these devices, and increasing availability of 

MachineSense: Detecting and Monitoring Active Machines using Smart Phone
M Uddin ,
Detecting and tracking individual running machines at home have variety of implication at
context-aware application for home automation, energy monitoring, machine health
monitoring, human activity detection, etc. Researchers have came up with various ideas of 

Mobile Network Neutrality in Smart Phone Era
JY Kim, JK Park ,2010 ,
? Timothy Karr: actively argues that how net neutrality is beneficial for the end users and
network carriers are against it to protect their legacy business model. He is also right about
protecting consumers’ choice and the free flow of information online. He also said network 

Design and Implementation of a Fall Monitor System by Using a 3-Axis Accelerometer in a Smart Phone
YW Bai, SC Wu ,
Abstract In this paper we use the accelerometer of a smart phone to design and implement
a fall monitor with mobility detection function for the user. We not only analyze the change of
acceleration but also analyze the four typical actions of humans. These are going upstairs, 

A smart phone image database for single image recapture detection
X Gao, B Qiu, JJ Shen, TT Ng ,Digital Watermarking, 2011 ,Springer
Image recapture detection (IRD) is to distinguish real-scene images from the recaptured
ones. Being able to detect recaptured images, a single image based counter-measure for
rebroadcast attack on a face authentication system becomes feasible. Being able to detect 

Joint Tracking and Transmission System for Simulating Motion of the Human Body on AndroidSmart Phone
NJ Kwak ,system, 2011
Abstract This paper proposes a method of simulating the movements of the human body by
automatically extracting the characteristics of an object from a camera and sending them to
mobile devices. In this method, a RGB color video from a camera was converted into hue, 

Smart Phone and Tablet-Based Teleradiology for Rapid Diagnosis
J Modi, J Hargreaves, K Peterson ,Bridging the Gap– ,
Abstract In emergency situations, rapid access to medical imaging informatics can be
essential to providing timely and accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment. Current
teleradiology systems face barriers to rapid deployment; medical images commonly need 

CAPTCHA-based DDoS Defense System of Call Centers against Zombie Smart-Phone
SW Jung
Abstract Recently, some researchers alarm the security community that the smart-phone
which is interoperable between telecom networks and Internet, is dangerous conduits for
Internet security threats to reach the telecom network such as DDoS attacks to the 

Analysis of Smart Phone User Mobility Traces for Opportunistic Data Collection
X Wu, KN Brown ,
ABSTRACT Considering that smart phones are tightly-coupled with their users, the
interaction between smart phones and wireless sensor networks will play a very important
role in pervasive computing for improving our daily life. Instead of using smart phones to 

The AMIDA Mobile Meeting Assistant: Remote Meeting Attendance Using a Smart Phone
L Matena, A Jaimes ,
ABSTRACT The AMIDA Mobile Meeting Assistant is a system that allows remote participants
to attend a meeting through a mobile device. The system improves the engagement into the
meeting of the remote participants with respect to voiceonly solutions thanks to the use of 

Remote Control Convergence of Smart Phone: An Approach for iPhone
G Jayagopi ,2011 ,
Our dependency on Smartphone is increasing manifold year over year. iPhone is an
example of Smartphone that has become an essential part of our lives. We always try to
make our work easier using this wonderful gadget. As part of the Master’s project, we 

Linking Psychological Attributes to Smart Phone Addiction, Face-to-Face Communication, Present Absence and Social Capital
BM Casey ,2012 ,
ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to (1) identify addiction symptoms that are uniquely
associated with smart phone use among university students in mainland China;(2) examine
the interrelationships among psychological attributes (such as shyness and loneliness), 

Heuristic-Based OCR Post-Correction for Smart Phone Applications
WSW Lian ,
Abstract Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software uses computer vision and machine
learning techniques to convert digital images of text into text files that may be easily modified
with text editing software or used as input to a language translator or text-to-speech 

Smart Phone Support for Bluetooth Body Sensors
 2009 ,
Abstract This project sought to evaluate the potential of combining advances in cellular
device technology with recent developments in the area of personal health monitoring. The
advantages of this marriage of technologies are discussed and their applicability to the 

J Roivainen, M Eteläperä, JP Soininen ,
Summary Modern mobile phones are complex but versatile products that include cellular
radio, application processing unit and a large set of software. The freedom of choice in
services even after purchasing the device is a requirement for smart phone users.

A Study on the Factors Affecting Smart Phone Application Acceptance
HS Lee, TG Kim ,
Abstract. In this study, to analyze the factors affecting the use of smartphone applications,
research model based on UTAUT (Unified Theory of Acceptance) model was hypothesized
and empirically tested. Credibility and personalization were set as factors affecting 

Smart Phone Based Cyber-Physical Social Network Interface for Older Adults
A Silkin, A Erridge, A Goodney, YH Cho ,
Abstract—With the Baby Boomer generation quickly approaching the retirement age, there
has been an increase in demand for assisted living facilities. Despite the improved services
and various group activities within these facilities, a number of studies indicate that over 

Providing a secure interface using smart phone based sensors networks in cloud computing
R Reddy
Abstract—The research on secure sensor networks in the context of a high-level cloud
based brokering architecture and highlighted various research challenges going forward.
We outline research challenges associated with assessing the trustworthiness of the 

Smart phone sensing to examine effects of social interactions and non-sedentary work time on mood changes
A Matic, V Osmani, A Popleteev ,Modeling and Using , 2011 ,Springer
The typical approach taken by clinical studies examining the factors that affect mood is to
use questionnaires in order to record the activities that impact the mood. However, recording
activities in this manner suffers from a number of issues including floor effect and difficulty 

Smart Phone; Confused User: Theory and methods for understanding the user
  2004 ,
Abstract Traditional studies of usability have focused upon goal-based measures of
efficiency and effectiveness. As a consequence of the recent shift in the focus of technology
from the workplace to the home however, the field of Human-Computer Interaction has 

Smart Phone Application to Influence Travel Behavior (TRAC-IT Phase 3)
M Wright ,2008
Executive Summary This report documents Phase 3 of the TRAC-IT research study. The
research focuses on using innovative technology to better understand and pattern
household travel behavior for the purposes of educating, promoting, and encouraging 

What’s So Smart About a Phone, Anyway?
IT Chapter ,
 All have built-in mobile phone functionality, but what differentiates a smart- phone from a traditional
mobile phone is the ability for the user to install and run advanced applications (in addition to
the ability for independent devel- opers to actually build and distribute those 

C-SMART: Efficient Seamless Cellular Phone Based Patient Monitoring System
G Blumrosen, N Avisdris, R Kupfer ,
 Major healthcare industry players have started to develop and market mHealth applications on
the smart phone application stores [2]. One of the main application categories in mHealth, is
remote monitoring and remote data collection using a set of sensor nodes [3]. Recent