Social computing networks

Social computing networks: a new paradigm for engineering self-adaptive pervasive software systems

quality of service (QoS) requirements. Unfortunately, engineers have faced major obstacles with automatic composition and adaptation of software systems using pervasive computing resources. A resourceAbstractly refers

Offensive Text Detection and Prevention in Social Networks

Cujo: efficient detection and prevention of drive-by-download attacks
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better performance is only achievedwhich is able to almost perfectly detect all attacks. high false-positive rate of AntiVir with 0.087% is due to overly generic detection rulesAlexa-200k data set contain fully encrypted JavaScript code with no plain-text operations except

Common sense reasoning for detection, prevention, and mitigation of cyber bullying
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Though YouTube gives the owner of a video the right to remove offensive comments from his or her video, a big chunk ofThat database has been combined with common sense and domain-specific texts to create a system that understands affect in free text [Cambria et al

Offensive message interceptor for computers
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The 1996 Telecommunications Reform Act makes it a federal offense to annoy others text from outgoing communication files, and screens for profane or offensive language accordinggenerating reminders to transmit electronic mail attachments by parsing e-mail message text.

Internet abuse in the workplace: new trends in risk management
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Detecting offensive language in social media to protect adolescent online safety
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N-gram suffers from difficulty in exploring related words separated by long- distances in texts. They also try to infer users' writing styles by checking offensive words used as nounsexperimental dataset, retrieved from Youtube comment boards, is a selection of text comments from

Modeling the detection of Textual Cyber bullying.
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Though YouTube gives the owner of a video the right to remove offensive comments from port-vector machines as one of the most robust methods for text categorization. Detection of textual cyber bullying is the first step; computational intervention mechanisms for reflective user

Text mining and cybercrime
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Chat room topic detection using classification.

Criminal detection and the psychology of crime
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brings together publications that lay the groundwork for social science contributions to criminal detection.Behavior typologies ; Personality assessment ; Forensic psychology ; Police policies and procedures ; Offense characteristics ; WorldA link to the full-text document is

System and method for preventing the reception and transmission of malicious or objectionable content transmitted through a network
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None of the offensive content will be viewable to the user; likewise, the user cannot typeThis analysis is performed on both the text contained in the message as well as anyBehavioral and anti-grooming server 46 functions as an abuse-detection system that keeps users safe

A survey of Voice over IP security research
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give an indication as to how many total pieces of related work (including those described in the text) could be[47] describe vFDS, an anomaly detection system thatUsing synthetic attacks, they show that vFDS can detect flooding attacks that use SYN, SIP, or RTP packets within language processing means that sometimes we can partially understand some aspects of a text. Modeling the Detection of Textualprovide a link to educational material appropriate to the user's situation (offensive terms redacted by

Unfolding communities in large complex networks: Combining defensive and offensive label propagation for core extraction
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obvious improvement would be to combine the strategies, thus retaining the strong detection ability ofof the (current) network are classified into the same community (ie, offensive propagation inis applied (steps 3 and 4). For more detailed discussion on the algorithms, see text.

Technique which utilizes a probabilistic classifier to detect" junk" e-mail by automatically updating a training and re-training the classifier based on the updated training
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others, such as pornographic, inflammatory and abusive material, are highly offensive to their an approach of classifying newsgroup messages through a rule-based text classifier.First, existing spam detection systems require the user to manually construct appropriate rules to

System and method for filtering offensive information content in communication systems
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230, the offensive content filtering module 120 removes and/or modifies the offensivetext (eg, dependingor the like) that can be used by the offensive content detection module 115Each communication server 145 can be in communication with the offensive information filtering

An effective approach for cyberbullying detection
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The experiments show effectiveness of our approach. Keywords- SocialNetworks; Cyberbullying; Text-Mining; Link Analysis.Our detection method can identify cyberbullying messages, predators and victims.

All your contacts are belong to us: automated identity theft attacks on social networks
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his disposal (such as a botnet that consists of thousands of compromised hosts), the detection of anedit-distance spell correction algorithm [23] to compensate for small errors in the text extraction routineNote that this attack is more difficult to detect by the socialnetwork ser- vice

Improved Textual Cyberbullying Detection Using Data Mining
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solution as there are many ways to express inappropriate, illegal and offensive information. Modeling the Detection of TextualToward the Tracking and Categorization of Internet Predators," In Proceedings of Text Mining Workshop


Pervasive Computing Approaches

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