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Using architectural models at runtime: Research challenges
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D Garlan, B Schmerl ,Software Architecture, 2004 ,Springer
 1 Introduction One crucial aspect of high quality software engineering is the development of a
well- defined software architectural model. Such a model describes the runtime manifesta- tion
of a software system in terms of its high level components and their interconnec- tions. 

Developing mobile ambients using an aspect-oriented software architectural model
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Nowadays, distributed and mobile systems are acquiring greater importance and becoming
more widely used to support ubiquitous computing. However, developing systems of this
kind is a difficult task. Instead of concentrating on how problems should be solved 

 Feature-oriented model-driven software product lines: The TENTE approach
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compiler. Step 5: Derivation of a specific implementation The software architectural
model obtained in the previous step is automat- ically transformed into a complete
implementation in CaesarJ, using a code generator. This 

 A case for goal-oriented programming semantics
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U Saif, H Pham, JM Paluska ,Workshop on System , 2003 ,
 This representa- tion is also adopted by a number of architecture description languages, eg Acme
[6]. By the same token as a software-architectural model provides the generic abstraction for
applying analytical models to the overall architecture of a distributed application, the 

Quality characteristics for software components: Hierarchy and quality guides
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R Simao, A Belchior ,Component-Based Software Quality, 2003 ,Springer
 software architecture [21]: Reusable components are self-contained, clearly iden- tifiable artifacts
that describe or implement a specific function and that have clear interfaces in conformity with
a given software architectural model, an ap- propriate documentation, and a defined 

 Using MDA in web software architectures
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Computation Independent Business View Platform Independent Component View
Platform Specific Software Architectural Model Computation Independent Business
View Platform Independent Component View Platform Specific 

 Multifeature systems: The CARE properties and their impact on software design
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We have then shown how the CARE properties can be used as constraints for the
implementer. We have designed a software architectural model, PAC-Amodeus,
augmented with a fusion mechanism to support the CARE properties. 

Development of groupware based on the 3C collaboration model and component technology
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Design to PAC*: a Generic Software Architectural Model for CSCW. Conference on
Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’97), pp 242-249. 

 A CORBA Based Client-Server Model for Beam Dynamics Applications at the SLS
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M Böge, J Chrin ,Proc. of ICALEPCS, 1999 ,
 Database Message Ser ver All processes Figure 1: Software Architectural Model for SLS Beam
Dynamics APIs (egcs) avoids vendor dependency; compilation with egcs further reduces the
dependency on the

thereby increasing the portability of applications. 

Statistical inference of software performance models for parametric performance completions
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observed performance. The resulting mod- els are woven into the software
architectural model. The  performance completion. Performance completions allow
software architects to annotate a software architectural model. The 

Addressing new concerns in model-driven Web engineering approaches
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At the same time, the WEISA designer defines the software architectural model (called
Configuration Model, CM) which uses the Web component as architectural unit, and defines
around it a set of specific type of components of the Web application family (eg Controller 

On the role of architectural styles in improving the adaptation support of middleware platforms
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for creating, manipulating, and destroying the element. These abstractions enable
direct mapping between a system’s software architectural model and its im-
plementation. Prism-MW’s core functionality provides the necessary 

Encyclopedia of E-collaboration
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NF Kock ,2008 ,
 Calvary, G., Coutaz, J.,Nigay, L. (1997). From single- user architectural design to PAC*: A
generic software architectural model for CSCW. In S. Pemberton (Ed.), Proceedings of the
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’97) (pp. 242-249). 

MOSES: MOdeling Software and platform architEcture in UML 2 for Simulation-based performance analysis
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V Cortellessa, P Pierini, R Spalazzese ,Quality of Software , 2008 ,Springer
 The general methodology basically proceeds through the following steps Separately
build a software architectural model and a platform architectural model.  The obtained platform
model will be then integrated with a software architectural model. 

Applying the 3C model to groupware engineering
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Monografias em Ciência da Computação n° 01/04 Applying the
3C Model to Groupware Engineering Hugo Fuks Alberto Barbosa Raposo Marco Aurélio
Gerosa Carlos José Pereira de Lucena Departamento de Informática 

 Learning situation models for understanding activity
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In this view, a chair is anything that can be used as a chair, regardless of its apparent form. More
formal definitions for these two concepts are rooted in the software architectural model described
below. Operational definitions for property and entity are Page 3.