software design


A layered approach to software design
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Software engineers create alternative designs for their programs, develop these designs to various degrees, compare their properties, then choose among them. Yet most software environments do not allo. oJ alternative definitions of procedures to exist simultaneously. It is

Software design as an investment activity: a real options perspective
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* This work was supported by the National Science Foundation (USA) under grants to Kevin Sullivan numbered CCR-950202 CCR-9506779 and CCR-9804078 decision theory and finance for mathematical foundations for key design guidelines. We take utility maximisation

Breakdowns and processes during the early activities of software design by professionals
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This chapter sum man zed some of the main break downs (or difficulties] occurring early in the software design procesa when professional designers work on problem of realistic complexity. Une class of breakdowns Is caused by lack of knowledge and another class is

What is software design
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Object oriented techniques, and C++ in particular, seem to be taking the software world by storm. Numerous articles and books have appeared describing how to apply the new techniques. In general, the questions of whether OO techniques are just hype have been

A Methodology for Secure Software Design .
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A good percentage of the software deployed in industrial/commercial applications is of poor quality and contains numerous flaws that can be exploited by attackers. There are many

D jà Vu: A Hierarchical Case-Based Reasoning System for Software Design .
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D jà Vu is a case-based reasoning system for software design . This paper describes the hierarchical case-base in D jà Vu and the blackboard based architecture that controls reasoning with this case-base. The case-base is structured as a partonomic hierarchy. Each

Multifeature systems: The care properties and their impact on software design
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This chapter is concerned with the usability and implementation of multifeature systems such as multimodal and multimedia user interfaces. We show how the usability of such systems can be characterized in terms of the relations they are able to maintain between the

Software Design Metrics for Object-Oriented Software.
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The importance of software measurement is increasing leading to development of new measurement techniques. As the development of object-oriented software is rising, more and more metrics are being defined for object-oriented languages. Many metrics have been

Long duration transactions in software design projects
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Computer-assisted design applications pose many problems for database systems. Standard notions of correctness are insufficient, but some notion of correctness is still required. Formal transaction models have been proposed for such applications. However

Data communications software design
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Why study MSc (Eng) Data Communications The efficient transfer of information around the world is a vital part of today s global economy and there is a huge demand for engineers with skills in data communications. This course draws upon the expertise of both

Quality improvement by identification of fault-prone modules using software design metrics
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Quality improvement in terms of lower costs, shorter development times and increased reliability is desired fi0m both the developers and their customers point of view. To enable early identification of problems, and subsequently to support planning and scheduling

A theory of control and complexity: Implications for software design and integration of computer systems into the work place
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In this article, I want to discuss three concepts, control, complexity and complicatedness. I want to argue that complicatedness should be minimized, complexity optimized, and control maximized. Control should be maximal because having control over conditions and ones

An instructional scaffolding approach to teaching software design
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Students often find introductory computer science courses boring and mechanical, leading many to drop from the major. Educators have suggested that bringing realistic design problems into the introductory courses would increase student retention and better prepare

Object-oriented software design with axiomatic design
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This paper presents a new software design methodology based on axiomatic design theory that incorporates objectoriented programming. This methodology overcomes the shortcomings of various software design strategies extensive software development and

Making exploration visible: On software design and school algebra curriculum
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There is plenty of software in use today in the secondary school math curriculum (Olive, 1996). It runs on computers or on advanced calculators. The bulk of this software is different from the educational software tools implemented a few years ago. The previous generation

The Hyper/UML approach for feature based software design
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The market requests complex but adaptable software systems. There are different concepts to meet this demand, for example software reusability, component-based development, agile processes, generative programming and domain analysis. For similar products within a ABSTRACT A model for evaluating software designs based on extending the functional model of program verification with concepts from economic decision theory has been proposed. The authors describe the method, and discuss a prototype implementation of aThis chapter introduces the definitions of the basic concepts used in the book. The chapter details the software and hardware organization for the heterogeneous MPSoC architectures and summarizes the main steps in programming MPSoC. The software design represents an

Community driven development as participation Involving user communities in a software design process
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In this paper we report on a case study of a participatory design process we call Community Driven Development (CDD). Together with a German software company we developed a socio-technical environment to motivate users of an existing online user community to