Software Quality Critical Design Review-CDR-Checklist

1 Have standards been identified to clearly define the review process?
2 Were guidelines used to prepare for the review?
3 Has the project submitted any request for deviations or waivers to the defined process?
4 Have entrance and exit criteria been established for the review?
5 Was an agenda prepared and distributed in advance of the review?
6 Was the review package provided with ample time to review?
7 Were the appropriate stakeholders in attendance?
8 Were the goals of the review and any review prerequisites provided?
9 Was the review process addressed, including the method for capturing Requests for Action (RFAs), risks, or issues?
10 Was an overview of the software project/system provided (e.g., mission goals, key functionality, operational characteristics)?
11 Is the Organization/Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)/Project relationship presented?
12 Is status included on action items from the Preliminary Design Review(PDR)?
13 Is IV & V status provided?
14 Are milestones, software builds, andschedules presented?

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