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Blind Estimation of the Modulation Scheme Adapted to Noise Power Based on a Concept ofSoftware Define Radio
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ABSTRACT Software Defined Radio (SDR) has attracted great attention of the research community due to its capability of reconfiguring itself via software. However, a problem upsurges when an SDR transmitter changes its specifications, namely, the need to

Voltage control oscillator design for software-define radio in wideband
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Abstract: In recent years, needs of mobile communication systems that covered global areas have increased very much. To achieve this application the software-defined radio (SDR) is a good method. One of important requirements of SDR is RF hardware that can work in wide

Blind Algorithm of the Modulation Scheme Estimation Adapt to Noise Power Based on a Concept of Software Define Radio
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Abstract Software Defined Radio (SDR) has attracted great attention of the research community due to its capability of reconfiguring itself via software. However, a problem upsurges when an SDR transmitter changes its specifications, namely, the need to

Reconfigurable antennas for SDR and cognitive radio
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Abstract Mobile phones will be required to operate in more frequency bands. This paper presents appropriate reconfigurable and adaptive antenna systems. Two approaches are explored based on utilising RF MEMS and on the co-design of the antenna (s) and RF

Advanced SDR platform eases multiprotocol radio development
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Next-generation multiprotocol radios, whether re-programmable or not, pose new challenges to developers in term of increasing signal processing requirements, either in terms of raw processing power or algorithmic complexity. Hence, developers are

targets: Making SDR feasible
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The vision of software reconfigurable radios is finally a reality, but implementations are not as efficient as they could be. Although the radio itself can be programmed to realize multiple waveforms for joint service interoperability, current implementations require redundant

Joint radio resource management and QoS implications of software downloading for SDRterminals
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ABSTRACT This paper presents research on advanced spectrum sharing techniques lead in TRUST and focuses on Radio Access Technologies'(RATs) joint radio resource management (JRRM). This paper provides details on cellular FDD/TDD JRRM and

Cordic based algorithms for software defined radio (SDR) baseband processing
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Abstract. This paper presents two Cordic based algorithms which may be used for digital baseband processing in OFDM and/or CDMA based communication systems. The first one is a linear least squares based multiuser detector for CDMA incorporating descrambling

Implementation of a channel sounder using gnu radio opensource sdr platform
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Abstract GNU Radio refers to some open source software which, together with low cost hardware called USRP, can be used to realize a software radio platform. Cognisant of the possible practical limitations inherent to GNU-radio technology, this research seeks to

Evolution of the software-defined radio (SDR) receiver
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Page 1. Evolution of the Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Receiver Asad A. Abidi Electrical Engineering Department University of California, Los Angeles Page 2. The Need Quad-band GSM GPRS Wideband CDMA EDGE GPS Bluetooth 802.11bCram down the funnel

PAR4CR: The development of a new SDR-based platform towards cognitive radio
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Flexibility–ability to process any required modulated signalAgility–obliges for the fast switchingRuggedness–robust response on power dynamicsLinearity–critical in wideband multi-signal environmentSelectivity–to relax convertors performancePower efficiency–

Software Defined Radio (SDR) based Implementation of IEEE 802.11 WLAN Baseband Protocols
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There has been rapid growth in the field of Wireless Local Area Networks (Wireless LAN or WLAN) over the last decade. Wireless LANs have transformed from bulky, costly, niche technologies into high performance systems operating at near-wire speeds. The Institute

Design of Future Software Defined Radio(SDR) for All-IP Heterogeneous Network
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Abstract: The software defined radio (SDR) is the heart of the 4G mobile communication to access any network at any time basis. The different wireless networks such as cellular, codeless, wireless local area network (WLAN) having different band of frequency requires

Software Defined Radio (SDR) for Deep Space Communication
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Abstract In this thesis, a Software Defined radio (SDR) transceiver has been simulated and implemented in compliance with the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) standards. This transceiver has been implemented using the GNU Radio

Evolution from SDR to Cognitive Radio
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Abstract Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a flexible radio architecture which can be configured to adapt various waveforms, frequency bands, bandwidths, modes of operations and wireless standards simply by altering the physical layer behavior through changes in

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Abstract A Software Defined Radio (SDR) system is a radio communication system, which uses software for modulation and demodulation of radio signals. In software defined radio (SDR) receivers, high-precision clock with very low jitter is required. It is intuitive to use

Software Defined Radio (SDR)
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Abstract Building a Software Defined Radio (SDR) that is compliant to the Software Communication Architecture (SCA) standards by JTRS. The emphasis of this project is on the development of algorithms and code needed to develop software radios. The software

Software Architecture of Software-Defined Radio (SDR)
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Software-Defined Radio (SDR) and observation of SDR software performance which is implemented on SDR platform using Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) from GNU Radio to perform radio functions with GMSK and DQPSK modulation scheme. Its

Case Study: Using The OMG SWRADIO Profile and SDR Forum Input for NASA's Space Telecommunications Radio System
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Abstract The Space Telecommunication Radio System (STRS) standard is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture standard developed by NASA. The goal of STRS is to reduce NASA's dependence on custom, proprietary architectures with unique and varying

NanoSatellite Ground Station using Software Defined Radio (SDR) .
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Abstract The CubeSat origin lies with Professor Bob Twiggs from Stanford University and was proposed as a vehicle to support hands-on university-level space education and opportunities for low-cost space access. Most recently this kind of project have left to be

Adaptive Optimised Approach for Image Denoising for SDR Implementation in Cognitive Radio
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AbstractWireless Communication today is heading towards dynamic spectrum allocation technology ie Cognitive Radio (CR). Increased demand over the usable spectrum has left no alternative than CR for seamless communication. Working in the dynamic spectrum

Economical Antenna Reception Design for Software Defined Radio using RTL-SDR
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Abstract The field of wireless communication has become the hottest area and Software Defined Radio (SDR) is revolutionizing it. By bringing much functionality as software, SDR reduces the cost of hardware maintenance and up-gradation. Open source hardware such

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Abstract:A high performance NOC based radio system prototyping platform is presented. High performance is achieved by deploying ASIC like domain specific algorithm size building blocks. NOC with its interconnect generality enables combining these blocks to

Frequency Switchable Metamaterial Inspired Antenna for Software Defined Radio (SDR) Applications
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Abstract In this paper, we propose a frequency switchable metamaterial antenna for software- defined radio (SDR) applications. Metamaterial's zeroth-order resonance enables antenna size reduction. It is able to electronically switch a resonant frequency between 1.8 GHz

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Abstract: In this paper several technical solutions are proposed to extend SDR technology to X microwave band, at low cost. This extension requires a hardware combination of modules, most of them readily available on market from commercial suppliers. The great advantage

Design and Implementation of Adaptive Modulation Modem Based on Software Defined Radio(SDR) for WiMAX System
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Design and Implementation of Adaptive Modulation Modem Based on Software Defined Radio(SDR) for WiMAX System(BPSK, QPSK, 8QAM, 16QAM, 32QAM and 64QAM) are used in this work. Software Defined Radio(SDR) is used for implementing this modem.

Summer Workshop on SDR in Radio Equipment Sponsored by SSCS-Estonia
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The approach of digital RF design has recently generated much interest, for it capitalizes the benefit of CMOS process scaling. In light of its technical merits and potential applications, the Taipei Chapter organized a two-day short course on the topic of digital RF design

Dynamic spectrum access utilizing software defined radio (SDR)
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Currently, spectrum is managed in divide and conquers fashion where a specific band in the spectrum is allocated to a specific service. This practice causes the spectrum to be fully assigned especially from 3 kHz until 420 THz. In Malaysia itself, most of the spectrum is

target detection using SDR

Digital radar for collision avoidance and automatic cruise control in transportation
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targets is possible using radar imaging. 3D imaging will be able detectionusingSDR. But, here we could only extract the signal attenuation.

Implementation of Digital Radar Technology for Imaging and Remote Sensing in Intelligent Transport System
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1D imaging is successfully done using frequency stepping method, and the separation of multiple targets is possible by using radar detectionusingSDR. But, here we could only extract the signal attenuation.

Putting the software radio on a low-calorie diet

Their modular architectures and high-performance analog front-ends and digital back-ends also contribute to their high cost  a small and less expensive SDR platform may be feasible [23]. Waldo, based on a Xilinx Spartan 3  (b) Static and dynamic currents inside the CMOS buffer