software testing research papers 2012 section 8

Who tested my software? Testing as an organizationally cross-cutting activity
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Abstract There is a recognized disconnect between testing research and industry practice,
and more studies are needed on understanding how testing is conducted in real-world
circumstances instead of demonstrating the superiority of specific methods. Recent 

An Experience on Applying Software Testing for Teaching Introductory Programming Courses
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Previous work has demonstrated that the use of software testing concepts for teaching
introductory programming courses may be a good practice for the students. Indeed, these
courses provide limited opportunities for the teacher regarding dynamic activities that 

The seed is strong: Seeding strategies in search-based software testing
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Abstract Search-based techniques have been shown useful for the task of generating tests,
for example in the case of object-oriented software. But, as for any meta-heuristic search, the
efficiency is heavily dependent on many different factors, seeding is one such factor that 

 Towards developing software testing as a service (staas) model in cloud computing: a case of collaborative knowledge management system
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Abstract: Software testing (ST) is the process of identifying and delivering the software as a
product based on the specification that has been given and required by the users. In order to
ensure the product is working properly based on the user specification, there are many 

 Genetic Algorithm Based Software Testing Specifically Structural Testing for SoftwareReliability Enhancement
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PB Nirpal, KV Kale ,International Journal of Computational Intelligence , 2012
Abstract-In this paper we focus on software reliability with testing coverage, which will
increase the software efficiency. Testing costs often account for up to 50% of the total
expense of software development; hence any techniques leading to the automatic 

Behaviourally Adequate Software Testing
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Abstract Identifying a finite test set that adequately captures the essential behaviour of a
program such that all faults are identified is a well-established problem. Traditional
adequacy metrics can be impractical, and may be misleading even if they are satisfied. 

Automated PLC Software Testing Using Adapted UML Sequence Diagrams
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B Kormann, D Tikhonov , Control Problems in , 2012 ,
Abstract Current production plants are highly customizable and flexible in their processes. This
flexibility is mainly realized by software. It causes an increasing complexity of control software
components and the need of new methods for comprehensive and automated testing