Energy Analysis and Carbon Saving Potential of a Complex Heating System with Solar Assisted Heat Pump and Phase Change Material (PCM) Thermal
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Building sector still consumes 40% of total energy consumption. Therefore, an improved heating system with Solar Assisted Heat Pump (SAHP) was introduced in order to minimse the energy consumption of the fossil fuels and to lower the carbon dioxide emissions

Energy Production Assessment of Solar Tower Based on the Study of the Mirror Shadowing and Blocking Effects
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Concentrated solar energy systems are one of the most important applications of solar energy , which will have a promising future in Jordan that because of Jordan has more than 300 sunny days with a high rate of solar radiation. In this research, the phenomenon ofEnergy demand has been rising remarkably due to increasing population and urbanization. Global economy and society are significantly dependent on energy availability because it touches every facet of human life and its activities. Transportation and power generation are

Analysis of the Calcium Looping process for chemical storage of solar energy aimed at decarbonizing power cycles and carbon intensive industries
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This Thesis proposes a novel solution for CO2 capture and energy storage by means of combination and hybridization of a calcium-based process (Calcium Looping, CaL) and concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies. These processes either make use of

Solar Energy Conversion System with Maximum Power Point Tracking
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This paper presents an algorithm that help to track the maximum power point of the solar PV module automatically. Perturb and observe algorithm is most popular algorithm. In this algorithm a slight perturbation is introduced. Due to this perturbation, the power of the

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Solar energy harvesting is of a great interest lately as itsa clean and environmentally friendly energy source. Therefore, Solar selective coatings development became one of the pioneering research routes nowadays. Copper oxide based films were prepared by a sol-gel Solar energy being intermittent in nature can provide a sustainable, steady, and high-density energy source when converted into electrolytic hydrogen. However, in the current photovoltaic market trend with 99% conventional single junction PV panels, this cannot be

Investigation of Solar Energy : The Case Study in Malaysia, Indonesia, Colombia and Nigeria
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In the present scenario of world (a growing world population developing countries), the increasing consumption of electricity controls the progress of different forms of energy (renewable or nonrenewable energy ) use around the world. Fossil fuels are non-renewable

The Effect of Fluorescence Lifetime and Energy Level in Small Molecules for Efficient Hybrid Solar Cells
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Two properties make organic semiconductor a good candidate for potential solar cell application: narrow band gap and long photoluminescence lifetime. The former benefit large short circuit current and high open circuit voltage while latter helps to achieve the separation

Uncertainty cost functions for solar photovoltaic generation, wind energy generation, and plug-in electric vehicles: Mathematical expected value and verification
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Welectrical power systems which incorporate solar or wind energy sources, or electric vehicles, must deal with the uncertainty about the availability of injected or demanded power. This creates uncertainty costs to be considered in stochastic economic dispatch

Thermal Energy Processes in Direct Steam Generation Solar Systems: Boiling, Condensation and Energy Storage. Front
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Direct Steam Generation Solar Systems solar collectors, evaporators, condensers and relevant energy storage schemes during thermal charging and discharging. A brief overview of some energy storage options are also presented to motivate the inclusion

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Airports are extremely energy intensive areas. To mitigate the environmental impact of energy usage and to reduce their reliance on the traditional fossil-based energy sources, many airports around the world have installed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems as part of

Optimal design of stand-alone hybrid power system using wind and solar energy sources
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Stand-alone hybrid renewable energy systems are more reliable than one- energy source systems. However, their design is crucial. For this reason, a new methodology with simulation having as aim to design an autonomous hybrid PV-wind-battery system is

Energy and exergy analyses of a novel solar PTC assisted multi-generation system
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In this study, a solar assisted multi-generation system is presented. The exergy and energy performance analyses are the objective of this research. The multi-generation system consists of two Rankine cycles, two absorption cycles and a hot water tank. Solar parabolic

Hardware Implementation of Hybrid Wind- Solar Energy System for Pumping Water Based on Artificial Neural Network Controller
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Solar energy and wind energy are being used more and more as a renewable source by various countries for different purposes. These energies offer many advantages and have a unique limitation due to the instability of energy . The aim of this paper is to command and

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Alternate energy sources are the buzz word in our resource starved world. Solar energy utilization is the prime consideration in research oriented towards alternate sources of energy . In order to remove its carbon footprint humanity is opting for renewable energy and

Journal of Solar Energy Engineering
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In the roughly 15 years that I have been active as a concentrating solar technologies (CST power and fuels) researcher, I have seen the field develop substantially. When I started my career in CST working at Sandia National Labs in 2004, our group of researchers was very

Microcontroller Based Variegated Solar -Wind Energy System
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Hybridization of several types of renewable energy sources is an interesting alternative to ensure autonomy in a stand-alone system, since it compensates intermittent production of each one. It is an interesting alternative of stand-alone system. Maximization of power

Review of Indias Solar Energy
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Wenergy demand is increasing day by day. It is not possible to get energy from limited fossil fuels we have to move towards renewable energy sources to meet this demand. In this paper the focus is given on solar energy , types and its review in India. Many solar projects

Hybrid Power Generation System using Wind Energy and Solar Energy
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Inow a days electricity is most needed facility for the human being. All the conventional energy resources are depleting day by day. So we have to shift from conventional to nonconventional energy resources. In this the combination of two energy resources is takes