solar energy research papers 62

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AA Al-Hemiri, AD Nasiaf ,
195  ABSTRACT This work was conducted to study the coefficient of performance
for solar absorption refrigeration by using direct solar energy using aqueous ammonia 0.45
mass fraction (ammonia–water). The experiments were carried out in solar absorption 

 PSO Optimized Frequency Controller for Wind-Solar thermal-Diesel Hybrid Energy Generation System: A Study
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DC Das, AK Roy ,
197 The list of the solar thermal power stations include the 354 megawatt (MW) Solar
Energy Generating Systems power installation in the USA, Solnova Solar Power Station (Spain,
150 MW), Andasol solar power station (Spain, 100 MW), Nevada Solar One (USA, 64 MW 

 Application of Super-molecules in Solar Energy Conversion-A Review
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HC Mandalia, VK Jain ,Research Journal of Chemical Sciences ,
201  Abstract As molecules are made up by atoms, super-molecules are made up
by suitably arranged molecular components. The review concentrates on the recent
progress in studies of modified super-molecules and their applications towards solar 

 Enhanced solar energy absorption by internally-mixed black carbon in snow grains
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MG Flanner, X Liu, C Zhou ,Atmos. Chem. , 2012 ,
201  Abstract Here we explore light absorption by snowpack containing black
carbon (BC) particles residing within ice grains. Basic considerations of particle volumes
and BC/snow mass concentrations show that there are generally 0.05–10 9 BC particles 

 Introduction to India’s Energy and Proposed Rural Solar-PV Electrification
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203 Solar energy in particular, from a recent governmental policy, has gained the
momentum as one of the most important sources of energy for the country. Key-Words: India,
Energy, Electrification, Fossil Fuels, Development, Solar Energy 

 Use of Solar Energy for Absorption Cooling System to Drive Half-Effect
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MH Madveshi, PN Gupta ,
204  Abstract This paper presents the simulation results and an overview of the
performance of low capacity two stage half-effect absorption cooling system (10kW), suitable
for residential and small building applications. The primary heat source is solar energy 

 Solar Energy Storage Systems Review
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Y Hou, R Vidu ,
211  ABSTRACT: Solar energy can provide an abundant source of renewable
energy (electrical and thermal). However, because of its unsteady nature, the storage of
solar energy will become critical when a significant portion of the total energy will be 

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211  Abstract: Dehydration is one of the most common methods for preserving fruits,
especially grapes and plums, vegetables and mushrooms. This technology is one of the
most natural methods of preservation. There is no need for chemical treatment of food only 

 Design of the Low Energy Consuming SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) System using the Solar Cell
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JY Kim, JW Choi
212 To reduce the standby power in electronic devices, this paper proposes Hybrid
SMPS system using solar energy.  2.2. Solar cell (Photovoltaic cells) A photovoltaic cell is a cell
that converts solar energy into electrical energy through the photoelectric effect. 

 Preparation and Characterization of CdS/ZnO Nanoarrays for Solar energy Con-version
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J Zhu ,Proceedings of Shanghai International , 2011 ,
213  Abstract: CdS/ZnO nanocomposites as photoactive materials have their
promising applications in solar energy conversion. A combination of electrochemical
deposition and chemical bath deposition was used to prepare CdS/ZnO nanomaterials. 

 Multiphysics Modeling and Simulation of MEMS based Thermal Bimorph Sensor Array for Automated Solar Energy Storage Applications
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K Umapathi, VK Kanna, R Gowthami, M Alagappan ,
213  Abstract: The objective of this work is to develop a novel MEMS based Thermal
Bimorph sensor array for storing solar energy to meet the growing needs of the industry. Two
bimorph array facing opposite to each other are designed and attached with metal micro 

 Mapping compatibility to minimize biodiversity impacts of solar energy development in the California Deserts
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DM Stoms, SL Dashiell ,2011 ,
214  1.0 Purpose Areas of high solar energy potential are often in fragile
environments that are easily disturbed and hard to restore. The best way to minimize
environmental impacts in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) 

Density Functional Reactivity Theory and its Applications in Solar Energy Research
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S Liu ,
 Research Computing Center, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
27599-3420  Density functional reactivity theory (DFRT) is the chemical reactivity theory of
density functional  [1] Shubin Liu, J. Chem. Phys. 126, 244103 (2007). [2] Shubin Liu 

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S Dragicevic ,
1986. Solar Energy in Agriculture and Industry: Potential of Solar Heat in European
Agriculture, an Assessment, eds. The Netherlands: WD Reidel Publishing Company.  [8] Hasson
AM. 1991. A Study of Solar Energy and Its Components under a Plastic Greenhouse. 

 Solar electricity generation across large geographic areas, part II: A Pan-American energy system based on solar
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WD Grossmann, I Grossmann ,Renew and Sustain Energ ,
217 author Page 2. 2 Abstract Combining solar electricity generation sites across
large geographic areas, as recently proposed by research and large industrial consortia,
can significantly reduce the intermittency of solar energy. With 

 Energy and exergy analysis of biogas reactor which used different organic manure aidedsolar energy, heat controlling and phase change material.
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A Dikici ,Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2011 ,
218  Abstract: Recently, there are many studies about renewable energy sources.
Solar energy is the most important renewable energy sources. Biogas is commonly
recognized as an important renewable energy sources. Also the utility of solar energy in 

 Utilization of solar energy in dehydration of milk and in the manufacturing of Khoa
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KG Dande ,African Journal of Food Science, 2011
218  The cow milk was standardized to 4.0 fat and 8.5 milk solid not fat (MSNF) to
prepare khoa by solar as well as traditional method. The whole milk was divided into two
parts. One kept as control, while the other was used for the preparation of khoa by solar 

 Energy Conservation Using a Double-effect Absorption Cycle Driven by Solar Energy and Fossil Fuel
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A Ababneh ,EDITORIAL BOARD, 2011 ,
232  Abstract Energy conservation is a main theme nowadays in research mainly
due to the recent sudden rise and wide fluctuations in energy prices. This uncertainty is
viewed as an indication of reaching the depletion point of fossil fuel and consequently, 

 How support mechanisms and intrinsic country-level characteristics affect the implementation of wind and solar energy projects in several countries of the EU?
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B Bodoni ,2011 ,
232  Abstract Electricity drives the world around us; unfortunately, most sources of
electricity are fossil fuels with high CO2 emissions and low energy security factors.
Renewable energy initiatives represent a solution for both of these issues and many more.

 System Analysis of Electrical Vehicle Using Solar Energy
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233  Abstract The Sun delivers to the Earth’s surface during daylight hours around
85 milli watts per sq cm (79 watts per sq ft) of energy on a clear day. This energy source has
not been practical for vehicle propulsion because it may not be available when needed,