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Reducing energy consumption with using ventilation and solar cooling, school building’s case study
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D Košicanová ,Pollack Periodica, 2011 ,
287 1]. Other potential promising application to reduce energy consumption for cooling
is the solar thermal energy, which is used for building’s air conditioning and particularly in the
highest cooling requirements in the building, while the availability of solar energy is the 

 Tween 60–amido black 10B–ascorbic acid system: Studies of photogalvanic effect and solar energy conversion
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KR Genwa ,Journal of Chemical Engineering , 2011
288  Solar energy conversion and storage by use of photogalvanic cell was studied
in Tween 60–amido black–ascorbic acid system. Photogalvanic effect was studied in
photogalvanic cell consisting of ascorbic acid as a reductant, Amido black 10B as 

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 Thanks to the National Academy of Engineering in organizing and establishing
14 focuses deemed important to the betterment of mankind, countless professionals now
dedicate their focus to these specific fields [1]. One key field that I believe to be able to 

 Modeling of solar energy for Malaysia using artificial neural networks
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 Abstract:-This paper presents a solar energy prediction method using artificial
neural networks (ANNs). An ANN predicts a clearness index that is used to calculate global
solar irradiation. The ANN model is based on the feed forward multilayer perception 

 Influence of passive solar gains on the energy consumption of a typical house in Algiers
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INTRODUCTION The use of solar energy in buildings is one of most important
contribution for reduction of fossil fuel consumption and harmful emissions into environment.
More than 25 % of total energy consumption is due to buildings heating and cooling. 

 Nanoimprinting of Sub-wavelength Structure by Using Cone-shape Anodic Alumina Oxide Template for the Enhancement of Solar Cell Energy Conversion
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CH Chuang, FF Chuang, SW Tsai, YM Shen ,
292 References [1] JY Chen and KW Sun, Solar Energy MaterialsSolar Cells, 94
(2010), pp. 629–633. [2] CJ Ting, CF Chen, C and P. Chou, Optics Communications, 282 (2009),
pp. 434–438. [3] JT Wu, SY Yang, WC Deng, WY Chang, Microelectronic Engineering, 87 

Replacement of fossil fuel based lighting systems with solar energy systems in India
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AM Sharan ,EnergyEnvironment, 2011 ,Multi-Science
292  In this paper a lighting unit is developed for homes to minimize energy
consumption and cost. It has dual mode of charging batteries through a grid or photovoltaic
solar energy devices. The utility of such devices has increased in recent times because 

 Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems Are Not Energy Efficient or Cost Ef-fective for Domestic Hot Water Heating in the Northeastern US Climate
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CN McDaniel¹ ,
293 The amount of solar energy supplied by the ET to the hot water used was
calculated with the following data and procedures.  RESULTS Solar energy component of
the energy used to heat hot water with combined ET and OD sys- tems 

 In 2002, a phased, multi-year approach to space solar power has been published. Following this plan, several activities have matured the concept and
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Emergence of ambitious private large-scale solar energy projects Following
some interest at the end of the 1970s, there were only very few new large-scale terrestrial
solar energy projects except some visionary precursor plants. 

 Maturity of Photovoltaic Solar-Energy Conversion
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MY Levy
294  In this chapter, the author explains the present technological and scientific
maturity of the field of solar-energy conversion. The author builds on scientific foundations to
generalize several upper limits of solar-energy conversion as a function of the geometric- 

 Determinants of Trade with Solar Energy Technology Components
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F Groba ,2011 ,
299 Page 3. 1 Determinants of Trade with Solar Energy Technology Components
Evidence on the Porter Hypothesis? Felix Groba (DIW Berlin)  Using solar energy technology
components, this study adds to the literature by explaining exports of environmental technologies 

 Designing a model to use solar energy for heating usages of domestic constructions in Khouzestan province
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H Asareh ,Intl J. Physical Sci, 2011
303  In this research, the amount of solar radiation and its effect on domestic
buildings of Ahvaz (the center of Khuzestan province) has been studied. To this end, we
establish a model (dimension: m 7.011 xx), which has some pipes (Diameter: 1.375 Inch, 

Energy From Salt Lakes: A Primer on Salt Gradient (Solar) Ponds
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C Hignett ,Distributed Generation and Alternative Energy Journal, 2011 ,Fairmont Press
305 As a form of solar energy collector, the solar pond has major ad- vantages: • The
heat storage is massive, so energy can be extracted day and  Like most forms of solar energy,
the running cost of a solar pond is negligible—in this case just the cost of moving the coolant 

 Quantifying System-Level Benefits from Distributed Solar and Energy Storage
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S Huanga, J Xiaob, JF Peknya ,Journal of Energy , 2011 ,
306 Page 31. 31 Table 4: Average daily system costs for August with approximated
full utilization of distributed solar energy 100% PV Penetration 50% PV Penetration Net Metering
10 kWh Bat Net Metering 10 kWh Bat Total Cost ($) 53,052,000 49,437,000 60,199,000 

 The silent revolution: solar energy on its way to large-scale use
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W Sinke ,Energy: Inspiration for the future ,
306  Solar electricity may become competitive in major parts of the total global
electricity markets within a decade. It is not cost reduction that is expected to be the limiting
factor for market growth in the longer term, but rather integration into the grids for very high 

 Comparison of proposed Solar Energy Harvesting Energy Efficient MAC (SEHEE-MAC) with ZigBee and Preamble MAC for SHM in Wireless Sensor Network
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MSV Sankpal ,2011
 Abstract: Wireless sensor networks are appealing to researchers due to their
wide range of application potential in areas such as target detection and tracking,
environmental monitoring, industrial process monitoring, and tactical systems. Wireless 

 Evaluation of Solar Energy for Processing Aloe Secundiflora Sap into Paste Using Parabolic Solar Concentrating Technology
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MN Ondiaka, W Lwande, E Omulokoli ,ecological
313  Abstract: This paper presents an alternative method of processing Aloe
secundiflora sap into paste using solar concentrating technology. Local communities living
in arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya and other African countries harvest A. secundiflora 

 Orientation and Tilt Dependence of a Fixed PV Array Energy Yield Based on Measurements ofSolar Energy and Ground Albedo–a Case Study of Slovenia
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J Rakovec, K Zakšek, K Brecl, D Kastelec
314  In the last decade solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have become available as
an alternative electrical energy source not only in remote locations but even in densely
populated areas as their price decreases and their performance increases. The chapter 

 Dynamic Optimization of a Solar Thermal Energy Storage System over a 24 Hour Period using Weather Forecasts
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Additionally, by solving a 24-hour dynamic optimization problem where the plant
temperatures and power output are variable allows the system to capture and harvest a higher
percentage of solar energy, with the most benefit occurring on mostly cloudy days. 

 Optical properties and enhanced photothermal conversion efficiency of SiO 2/amorphous diamond-like carbon selective absorber films for a solar energy 
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FD Lai, KC Chang, WY Li, JM Hua ,Proceedings of the 11th , 2011
314  Fu-Der Laia, Kai-Cheih Chang* a, b, Wei-Yang Lia, Jui-Ming Huab, Ting-Pin
Chob and Yuen-Hsun Tsaib aInstitute of Electro-Optical Engineering, National Kaohsiung
First University of Science and Technology, Kaohsiung 811, Taiwan. bMicro/Meso 

 Economic evaluation of fluegas remediation by RDF and solar energy
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315  Abstract:-In recent years a big effort is aimed at the study of technology for
carbon dioxide reduction in flue gas but actual technologies imply the costly step of CO2
separation. An alternative is to convert it to an energy source by means of the Bouduard 

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P Kuran ,
Abstract: We consider minimum power associated with consumption of thermal
or solar energy which drives various one-stage and multi-stage drying operations. In these
evaluations essential role is played by the static optimization and the optimal control 

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I Farkas ,
318  Abstract: During the drying of agricultural materials it has to be taken into
account the energy saving, quality of end-products and also environmental aspects. Several
new approaches in application of solar dryers and a great number of biological materials 

 Large-Scale Use of Solar Energy wit Central Receivers
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A Israel ,
318  Systems using mirrors to direct sttrtlight at a central receiver cart produce heat
for industry arid electric utilities a receiver and transferred to a fluid such as air, water, oil, ora
molten salt. The highest temperature that can be achieved depends on the intensity of