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War Field Spying Robot With Night Vision Camera
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With the aim of the satisfying and meeting the changing needs of human from manufacturing unit to the household unit robotics and automation has been a distinct key player throughout. This project focuses on building a RF based spying robot attached with wireless camera that

Wireless Spying Robot for Supervision
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Robot is the most important invention in many walks of life. Robots are invented to reduce human efforts. These Robots are extensively used in defence areas, industries, medical and home applications. It reduces human efforts and time by carrying out many risky jobs that are

WAR Field Spying Robot
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On aiming to increase the safety because by using this robot we can know their activities by keeping some safe distance from the enemy, the flexibility of attacking will be increased because we can know their activities and there will be a laser that will lock the position of the

War Field Wireless Spying Robot with Sharp Shooting Weapon
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One of the ways that our military are beginning to explore new technologies in war fields come from the autonomous spying robot . The Radio frequency (RF) based spying robot is something that is very new to the military application; United States is starting to use this type

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Nowadays as there are technological advancements these advancements are used by the military forces for reducing the risk of their casualties and to defeat their enemies. With the development of sophisticated technology, it mostly relies on the high tech weapons or

War Field Spying Robot and Fire Extinguisher with Wireless Night Vision Camera
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The intention of this paper is to increase security of the border and to reduce human victim in rival attack in the war field. To overcome this problem we have designed the RF based War field spying robot which involves wireless night vision camera along with the fire


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