tachometer design

Design and Development of a Smart Digital Tachometer Using AT89C52 Microcontroller
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A microcontroller based tachometer is a device that measures the rotation speed of a shaft or disk in motor or other machines . This device is an embedded system; it is built using a microcontroller, an alpha-numeric LCD module and an infrared system to detect the rotation

Design of a Contactless tachometer
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Tachometer is used to measure speed of motor or shaft or propeller. This tachometer is designed using ATMega16 micro-controller. It can measure time interval with better accuracy. Attractive feature of this is it measures speed without any physical contact with

Design and production of AT89S52 microcontroller tachometer
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Article Preview Article Preview Article Preview t proposes a tachometer program that consists of AT89S52 microcontroller and Hall sensor. The tachometer is based on acquisition of pulse signal issued by Hall sensor and microcontroller count. Then, after the

Design of a Portable Contact-less Tachometer using Infrared Sensor for Laboratory Application
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A tachometer is a device that measures the rotational speed of a shaft or disk in motor or other machines. This paper presents the design of a simple, easy to implement contactless tachometer using low cost linear digital integrated circuits (ICs). This tachometer can be