tachometer design

Introduction A VARIETY OF CIRCUITS have been described in the literature which count and display heart rate. The principle used in all of these is to produce a count in beats per minute by either averaging a number of beats or by measuring the time interval between beats and then

The Fourier tachometer II An instrument for measuring global solar velocity fields
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ABSTRACT The High Altitude Observatory and Sacramento Peak Observatory have jointly constructed a second version of the Fourier Tachometer . which is now undergoing final integration and testing. This is an interferometric instrument for measuring the Doppler shift

DC motor speed controller: control a DC motor without tachometer feedback
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Figure 2 shows an open-loop type speed control circuit that drives a dc motor at a speed proportional to a control voltage, VIN. It does this by exploiting a basic characteristic of dc motors its speed-dependent reverse EMF voltage. The motor is modeled as a series

A non- tachometer based order analysis method for interior noise measurements in cars
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Order analysis is a common measurement method when determining the sound field in a car, since most noise components are related to the rpm of the engine. In product ion measurements there is a very limited time for doing the measurements. Therefore, the time

Electromagnetic coupling in a dc motor and tachometer assembly
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This paper presents an enhanced tachometer model that takes into account the effect of electromagnetic coupling that can exist between the actuator and sensor in an integrated dc motortachometer assembly, where the conventional model is found to be inadequate. The

FPGA Implementation of a Digital Tachometer for Angular Position and Speed Measurement
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A common method for angular position and speed estimation, in adjustable speed drives, uses an incremental shaft encoder and an electronic circuit. This paper presents a high precision electronic conditioning of a biphase incremental encoder generated signal. A

Design and Implementation of a Digital Tachometer
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Tachometer is a measuring instrument used for measuring the speed of a rotating body. The unit of measured speed by tachometer is expressed in revolution per minute or RPM. Tachometers were purely mechanical in past. In that time, the speed measuring parameters is often a need to obtain the heart rate or to monitor the hearts activity during various operative procedures. In many cases, this need has been satisfied by a pulse transducer which is placed on a digit or other pulsating anatomic location. These transducers

Multi- tachometer order tracking and operating shape extraction
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An automobile and a tracked military vehicle were instrumented with multiple tachometers, one for each drive wheel/sprocket and operated with accelerometers mounted at suspension, chassis, and powertrain locations on the vehicles. The TVDFT order tracking

Magnetic coupling between DC tachometer and motor and its effects on motion control
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This paper presents an accurate tachometer model that takes into account the effect of magnetic coupling in a DC motor- tachometer assembly. Magnetic coupling arises due to the presence of mutual inductance between the tachometer winding and the motor winding (a The principle of operation of an electret tachometer consists of the following. An electret glued to a rotating component or a rotor of a machine, in passing a stationary electrode, induces a charge in it. This charge is tapped off the tachometer output in the form of a An electronic frequency meter is used in the apparatus~ which has output connected to a microammeter with a needle scale which is directly calibrated in revolutions per minute. The range of measurement of the tachometer is broken up into three equal subranges of i0, 000

Contactless Tachometer
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ABSTRACT A tachometer is a device that measures the rotation speed of a shaft or disk, as in a motor of other machine. In automotive use, it is used as a gauge showing the speed (RPM) of the engine shaft that is driving the transmission, usually in thousands of rotations The precision of rotation-speed measurements can be sharply raised if the range covering the instrument scale does not start at zero, but at a certain intermediate value close to the measured quantity. In such a case, the scale factor can be set at any required value. At the

Experimental Analysis of Contact and Contactless Tachometer
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Electrical and mechanical machineries are used in industrial and domestic application Measurement of speed of revolving machineries is necessary for their proper functioning and controlling Tachometer is an instrument which is used to measure the speed of The pulse rate is one of the most important indices of the condition of the individual, and in a number of cases (as, for example, during operations), it is essential to have the pulse rate monitored continuously. Pulse tachometers, which can record the pulse rate over long Unlike conventional pulse tachometers with pointer-type readout, the digital pulse tachometer (Fig. 1) has all the advantages afforded by fast response and the possibility of visual readout at large distances. Its operating principle is based on measuring the time interval between two The Minsk Kamerton Special Design Bureau designed the RVT-0022 radio-wave tachometer , which is being mass-produced at the Minsk Electromechanical Plant. This is a noncontact automatic instrument intended for measuring the rotatiofi~ Speeds or vibration The basic schematic diagram of such a tachometer is shown in Fig. 1. The converter consists of a ferromagnetic tomidal core 1 on which the measuring coil 2 is wound. This toroid with the coil is placed on the stator, while a two-pole permanent magnet 3 is mounted on the

Brushless direct current tachometer Patent
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Pursuant to Section 305(a) of the National Aeronautics and Space Act, the name of the Administrator of NASA appears on the first page of the patent; however, the name of the actual inventor (author) appears at the heading of Column No. 1 of the Specification, following the

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