Tailoring the drug loading capacity of polypyrrole films for use in intraocular biomicrorobots

Preliminary results concerning impregnation of polypyrrole (Ppy) films with rhodamine B (Rh-B) are presented. The films are envisioned to be functional surface coatings on bio Biomedical Applications of Untethered Mobile Milli/ Microrobots .
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Untethered robots miniaturized to the length scale of millimeter and below attract growing attention for the prospect of transforming many aspects of health care and bioengineering. As the robot size goes down to the order of a single cell, previously inaccessible body sites

Motion-control analysis of ICPF-actuated underwater biomimetic microrobots
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This paper introduces the development of biomimetic underwater microrobots consisting of AVR microcontroller, an infrared ray communication system, and ionic conducting polymer film (ICPF) actuators. We use AVR ATmega16 as the control unit and an infrared ray receiver

Microelectromechanical components for articulated microrobots
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We propose to create a class of articulated micromanipulator robots with multiple degrees of freedom, workspaces on the order of a cubic millimeter, and payloads on the order of a milligram. We have created rigid links, mechanical couplings, and large-force, large We are creating a class of autonomous low-power silicon articulated microrobots fabricated on a 1 cm 2 silicon die and mounted with actuators, a controller, and a solar array. By taking advantage of the high force-densityof electrostatic actuators in the micro scale, low-power

Powering 3 dimensional microrobots : Power density limitations
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Many types of electrostatic and electromagnetic microactuators have been developed. It is important to understand the fundamental performance limitations of these actuators for use in micro-robotic systems. The most important consideration for micro mobile robots is the

Flexible microprocessing organized by versatile microrobots
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In this paper, we describe flexible microprocessing organized by versatile microrobots under microscopes. Versatile microrobots composed of four piezo elements and two electromagnets can move on steel surface with nanometer resolution. And the spherical

Autonomous jumping microrobots
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Despite their relative simplicity, modern day mobile robots capture the imagination by offering mobility in robust and controllable packages. While it would have been an enormous challenge to send humans to Mars, the Mars exploration rovers, Spirit and

Six-Degrees-of-Freedom Remote Actuation of Magnetic Microrobots .
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Existing remotely-actuated microrobots powered by magnetic coils far from the workspace exhibit a maximum of only five-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) actuation, as creation of a driving torque about the magnetization axis is not achievable. This lack of orientation control limits

The ants: a community of microrobots
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As the field of robotics advances, new areas of research are emerging. Two of these new fields are microrobotics and robotic communities. The goal of my thesis is to explore both of these areas with an example borrowed from nature the ant colony. Ants have evolved into

Drive modules for pipe inspection microrobots
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The inspection of low diameter pipes is a subject of great complexity due to the difficulty in finding miniaturised components and the precision that the design and manipulation must have. In this paper, two different approaches to a drive module for pipe inspection

Automated cooperative micro-assembly using multiple bubble microrobots
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Opto-thermally actuated multiple bubble microrobots were controlled by a computer- generated holographic (CGH) control system, and cooperative microassembly of sub- millimeter glass beads was demonstrated. Multiple microrobots were controlled both

Flexure-based two degree-of-freedom legs for walking microrobots
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This work examines the design of legs for a walking microrobot. The parameterized force- displacement relationships of planar serpentine flexure-based two degree-of-freedom legs are analyzed. An analytical model based on Euler-Bernoulli beam theory is developed to

Articulated mechanisms and electrostatic actuators for autonomous microrobots
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Page 1. Articulated Mechanisms and Electrostatic Actuators for Autonomous Microrobots by Richard Yeh BS (University of California at Berkeley) 1993 MS (University of California at Los Angeles) 1995 A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree

Precise manipulation control on three versatile microrobots for flexible micro handling
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In MEMS technology and precision engineering, there have been developed many reports about micromechanisms and microrobotics. Some are based on advanced technology including microbatteries, micromotors, and miniscule computational facility , the others are

Novel Smart Concepts for Designing Swimming Soft Microrobots
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The development of mobile un-tethered microscale robots could revolutionize the future of medicine, since they can be conceived to move in micro-structured liquid environments, such as in inaccessible districts of the human body for performing in vivo diagnosis and

Making Microrobots Move.
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Our group has recently demonstrated three distinct types of microrobots of progressively smaller size that are wirelessly powered and controlled by magnetic fields. For larger scale microrobots , from 1mm to 500 µm, we microassemble three dimensional devices that

Behaviour design in microrobots : hierarchical reinforcement learning under resource constraints
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In order to verify models of collective behaviors of animals, robots could be manipulated to implement the model and interact with real animals in a mixed-society. This thesis describes design of the behavioral hierarchy of a miniature robot, that is able to interact with

Towards Microrobots On Chip (MOC): first prototype and perspectives
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This paper deals with the MOC, ie Microrobot On Chip concept which corresponds to the development of compact, inexpensive and easily plug and use microrobotic chips (as it is the usual case with electronic chips). A first prototype of a six degrees of freedom

Mobi-mag: A compact device for medical research using wireless control of magnetic microrobots
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1 Background Continuous efforts towards the development of less invasive surgical procedures and targeted therapies have led to experimental studies on the possible use of microrobotic agents (Fig. 1a) in medicine . Due to their small size, these microrobots could

First evaluation of a system of positioning of microrobots with ultra-dense distribution
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Microrobots applications evolve in ultra-dense contexts. They are at the stage of the simulation to obtain 2-Dimension or 3-Dimension shapes for the deployment of individual or collective intelligent programs. In this work we address the individual positioning of MEMS
for controlled drug delivery. The polypyrrole films were obtained on gold substrates by anodic oxidation of pyrrole in aqueous solutions containing sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate (SDBS) as doping agent. The influence of the sodium doping level on the wettability of the Ppy surfaces, and the loading capacity of Rh-B is systematically analyzed. The undoping of the films results in the formation of surface microcracks and tends to make the surface hydrophobic in nature, which subsequently leads to an increase of the adsorption capacity of Rh-B on the Ppy deposit. This controllable increase in adsorption capacity provides an opportunity to tailor the drug loading capacity of Ppy films.

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