text detection in color images

text detection in color images

 Text detection in indoor/outdoor scene images
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B Gatos, I Pratikakis, K Kepene ,Proc. First Workshop of , 2005 ,iit.demokritos.gr
 We should mention that we deal with both color and gray scale images. In the case of color images,
we use only the luminance component.  Figure 1. Flowchart of the proposed method for text
detection in indoor / outdoor scene images. Inverted Gray Level Image O-1 

 Automatic text detection in video frames based on bootstrap artificial neural network and ced
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Y Hao, Z Yi, HZ Guang, T Min ,The 11-th International Conference in , 2003 ,wscg.zcu.cz
 detection in video frames. Compared with the traditional edge operator, the CED (color edge
detector) operates on the overall effect of three channels of YIQ color space. Combining with
morphological methods, the CED can locate not only gray images but also color images 

 Efficient automatic text location method and content-based indexing and structuring of video database
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HK Kim ,Journal of Visual Communication and Image , 1996 ,saigo.googlecode.com
 scripts of video programs, in Multimedia Computing and Networking are planned as applications
of the text detection algorithm 1995, SPIE, Vol. 2417.  pp. 23–38. Y. Zhong, K. Karu, and AK Jain,
Locating text in complex color images, Pattern Recognition, 28, 1995, 1523–1535. 

 Video classification based on HMM using text and faces
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N Dimitrova, L Agnihotri, G Wei ,European Conference on , 2000 ,reference.kfupm.edu.sa
 Face Detection in Complex Environments from Color Images. The Fifth Intl. Conference on
Theoretical, Experimental and Applied image processing, ICIP-99, Kobe, Japan, October 1999.
L. Agnihotri and N. Dimitrova. Text Detection in Video Segments. Proc. 

Automatic text segmentation and text recognition for video indexing
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text. Note that all pre-OCR processing steps are performed on color images in the
RGB color space, not on grayscale images. Page 3.  objects. Edges are localized by
means of the Canny edge de- tector extended to color images. 

 What fraction of images on the web contain text
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T Kanungo, CH Lee, R Bradford , of the International Workshop on Web , 2001 ,csc.liv.ac.uk
 Wu, Manmatha and Riseman [10] propose a text detection and extraction algorithm that is based
on analyzing the image texture.  The images on the web typically happen to be tex- tured color
images with various types of stylized fonts, over- lays, occlusion etc. 

A new text detection algorithm in images/video frames
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Q Ye, Q Huang ,Advances in Multimedia Information Processing-PCM , 2005 ,Springer
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Kia: Automatic Text Detection and Tracking in Digital Video. IEEE Trans. 

 A survey of text detection and recognition in images and videos
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D Chen, J Luettin, K Shearer , (IDIAP) Research Report, IDIAP-RR 00- , 2000 ,cs.cmu.edu
 The research on media text detection and recognition will add our knowledge about not only
the character recognition, but also the special  There are some other algorithms for locating the
text region in gray and color images by using texture analysis and connected component. 

Camera-based analysis of text and documents: a survey
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J Liang, D Doermann, H Li ,International Journal on Document Analysis , 2005 ,Springer
 There we elaborate various topics of text detection, extraction, enhancement, and recognition. 
Unlike im- ages of structured documents, image and video text are typically only a subset of a
large number of images or video frames, and text detection may be nontrivial.