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data science 2018

MLxtend: Providing machine learning and data science utilities and extensions to Pythons scientific computing stackfree download MLxtend is a library that implements a variety of core algorithms and utilities for machine learning and data mining. The primary goal of MLxtend is to make commonly used tools accessible to researchers in academia and data scientists in

dew computing

Dew computing is a new computing paradigm appeared after the widely acceptance of cloud computing. Dew computing has two key features: first, local computers (desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones) provide rich micro-services independent of cloud services; second, these micro services inherently collaborate with cloud services. Dew computing concerns the distribution of workloads between cloud

lifi light fidility 2018

Intelligent Transportation Systems Photovoltaic LiFi Communication Solutionfree download Over the past few decades, demand in mobility, particurly in individual mobility kept growing. The rapid traffic growth is suffering from specific drawbacks. For example, there are more deaths and injuries, a higher traffic congestion, a massive increase in greenhouse gas Application of LiFi In Wireless Sensor

micro air vehicle

MICRO AIR VEHICLEfree download For the most important component, the powerplant, we first chose electric motor as we hoped to power both the motor and the radio receiver by the same battery (in this case a flat lithium-ion Motorola Startec handphone battery weighing only 24g). The motor chosen was the The microcraft iSTARmicro air vehicle:

vertical farming

Farmingup the city: the rise of urbanverticalfarmsfree download The invention of agriculture dates back some 10 000 years and arose spontaneously at multiple sites throughout the world (Mexico, China, The Middle East, and Borneo). It rapidly spread to almost every culture, offering a better life to those who embraced it. The human Vertical farmingfree download

edge computing

Mobileedge computingwith network resource slicing for Internet-of-Thingsfree download Network slicing is an end-to-end concept that encompasses network functions, radio accesses, and clouds for enabling customized information-centric Internet-of-Things (IoT) services. The key idea is to virtualize all the resources from radio accesses to IoT service Wireless powered cooperation-assisted mobileedge computingfree download This paper studies a mobileedge

block chain

Building the Future of EU: Moving forward with International Collaboration onBlockchainfree download A block chain enabled Digital Single Economy can act as a catalyst for growth and could provide a platform where borderless innovative practices will thrive and create a true collaborative global economy, with shared goals and objectives for the benefit of wider Seguro

quantum leap

The Thermal Bus Opportunity-AQuantum Leapin Data Center Cooling download This paper describes an attainable means to provide the required cooling to server-based data equipment that not only satisfies the increasing heat load density in datacomm facilities but does so at a reduced infrastructure system first cost and reduced operating cost over the A decade

advanced remote sensing

Informing a hydrological model of the Ogoou with multi-missionremote sensingdatafree download Remote sensingprovides a unique opportunity to inform and constrain a hydrological model and to increase its value as a decision-support tool. In this study, we applied a multi-mission approach to force, calibrate and validate a hydrological model of the ungauged Ogoou Remote Sensingand GIS

metal printing

Metal printingprocess development of a new rapid manufacturing process formetalpartsfree download Abstract TheMetal PrintingProcess is a rapid manufacturing concept aimed at developing the equivalent of a high-speed photocopier that produces three-dimensional objects from powder material. In theMetal PrintingProcess each layer is deposited in a die where it is Metalparts generation by three dimensionalprintingfree download Dimensional

medical science artificial embryos

Culture of Pinus radiataembryoswith reference toartificialseed productionfree download seeds were cultured in a small volume of a nutrient medium contained in a small aluminium capsule to form an artificial seed. The embryosdeveloped with normal morphology, although not as large as those from natural Encapsulated somaticembryosand zygoticembryosfor obtainingartificialseeds of rauli-beech

blended learning

Developing a Global Mindset: Designs for Blended Learning free download This paper reports on the design of a blended learning course aimed at the development of a of students at a Japanese university. Principles of instructional design were utilized to combine several theoretical and practical learning elements in a blended learning A systematic review of

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