types of leakage current in cmos

(1) subthreshold conduction,
(2) gate direct tunneling current,
(3) junction tunneling leakage,
(4) gate induced drain leakage (GIDL),
(5) hot carrier injection current,
(6) puncthrough current

Leakage power reduction in CMOS VLSI circuits
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CMOS circuits. In this paper, the efficient methodologies have been proposed for reducing leakage current in VLSI design 469-48 March 2011. Fallah, F., and Pedram, M.- Standby and Active Leakage Current Control and Minimization in CMOS VLSI Circuits

A low- leakage current power 45-nm CMOS SRAM
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A low leakage power, 45-nm 1Kb SRAM was fabricated. The stand-by leakage power of a 1K-bit memory cell array incorporating a newly-developed leakage current reduction circuit called a self-controllable voltage level (SVL) circuit was only 3.7 nW, which is 5.4% that of an

Leakage current reduction in CMOS circuits using stacking effect
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Due to the growing impact of subthreshold and gate leakage , static leakage is contributing more and more towards the power dissipation in deep submicron Nano CMOS technology. There have been many works on subthreshold leakage and techniques to reduce it, such as

Low dark current pinned photo-diode for CMOS image sensor
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Introduction CMOS image sensor applications are thought to be limited to low-end camera use although its low cost, low power, and on-chip functionality. It is because that CMOS imagers had low sensitivity mainly caused by their large photo-diode leakage current

Leakage power reduction in CMOS circuits using leakage control transistor technique in nanoscale technology
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The leakage power in a CMOS is due to sub- threshold leakage current ; which is the reverse current flowing through the OFF transistor, indicated with arrows in Figure 2. As the technology scales down which is the shrinking of feature size of transistor, the channel length

A Novel technique for glitch and leakage power reduction in CMOS VLSI circuits
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Static power refers to the power dissipation which results from the current leakage produced by CMOS transistor parasitic 168 | P age www.ijacsa.thesai.org Fallah, F., and Pedram, M., Standby and Active Leakage Current Control and Minimization in CMOS VLSI Circuits

Analysis of the effect of temperature variations on sub-threshold leakage current in P3 and P4 SRAM cells at deep sub-micron CMOS technology
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With ever increasing power density and temperature variations within high density VLSI chips, it is very important to study the temperature effects on the devices in a compact way and to predict their scaling. In this paper, the sub-threshold leakage power analysis of the P3

Leakage power reduction and analysis of CMOS sequential circuits
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each transistor in the stack induces a slight reverse bias between the gate and source of the transistor right below it, and this increases the threshold voltage of the bottom transistor making it more resistant to leakage 4a transistor T2 leaks less current than transistor T1 and

A novel approach to reduce the gate and sub-threshold leakage in a conventional SRAM bit-cell structure at deep-sub micron CMOS technology
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In , K. Nil, et.al., proposed Multiple Threshold CMOS Technique (MT- CMOS ) to influence the leakage current . In the active mode of the operation of the memory cell, the low threshold voltage is preferred because of the higher performance (speed)

Leakage current reduction techniques for CMOS circuits
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Most of the portable systems, such as cellular communication devices, and laptop computers operate from a limited power supply. Devices like cell phones have long idle times and operate in standby mode when not in use. Consequently, the extension of battery-based

Leakage Tolerant, Noise Immune domino logic for circuit design in the ultra deep sub-micron CMOS technology for haigh fan-in gates
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shown in Fig. where we have applied a square wave of amplitude 0.2 VDD and width of 30 ps to the gate of the transistor and used 70 nm CMOS technology. You can see the increase in the leakage current . If we could apply

Total dose and single event effects (see) in a 0.25 m CMOS technology
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TOTAL DOSE AND SINGLE EVENT EFFECTS (SEE) IN A 0.25 m CMOS TECHNOLOGY The threshold voltage shift after irradiation and annealing was about +45mV for NMOS and55mV for PMOS transistors, no leakage current appeared, and the mobility degradation was

Analytical modeling and reduction of direct tunneling current during behavioral synthesis of nanometer CMOS circuits
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de- creasing leakage current at the cost of some delay penalty. Bowman et. al. implemented an alpha power law MOSFET model to optimize the propagation delay of circuits [17]. They estimated the minimum oxide thickness required for optimal performance of CMOS logic

Growth, characterization and the limits of ultrathin SiO2-based dielectrics for future CMOS applications
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With such thin gate dielectrics, there are at least two concerns regarding the passage of a leakage current for CMOS logic applications. The first is the effect of the leakage . current on the actual device performance (ie mobility or transconductance degradation)

Impact of multi-trap assisted tunneling on gate leakage of CMOS memory devices
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While logic CMOS devices feature dielectric thick- nesses below 1.2nm, non-volatile memory cells rely on tunneling oxides as thick as 7nm trap centers in the insulator are created, which lead to trap-assisted tunneling at low bias, forming stress-induced leakage current (SILC)

Standby leakage reduction in nanoscale CMOS VLSI circuits
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Figure 1. Different Leakage Current Mechanisms in CMOS transistor In view to this, we stress the importance of leakage current in CMOS circuits. In this paper, several leakage mitigation techniques are explored that can control standby leakage

Techniques for sub-threshold leakage reduction in low power cmos circuit designs
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2013. Page 4. International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 8887) Volume 97 No.1 July 2014 13 Farzan Fallah, Massoud Pedram, Standby and Active Leakage Current control and Minimisation in CMOS VLSI Circuits, unpublished

Leakage current and dynamic power analysis of FinFET based 7T SRAM at 45 nm technology
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L eak ag e cu rren tn A supply voltage in V FinFET 16-bit leakage current CMOS 16-bit leakage current Figure 6: 4x4 SRAM Cell array simulation result Figure 7: Comparison of Leakage current between the CMOS and FinFET SRAM cells 4.2. EFFECT ON DYNAMIC CURRENT

Analysis and mitigation of CMOS gate leakage
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gate leakage current . This work focuses on understanding gate leakage current and developing circuit techniques for total leakage minimization. We present an efficient technique for gate leakage of CMOS circuits. Input vector

Is CMOS more reliable with scaling
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6 Igate is as much a function of gate oxide thickness as Lgate Page 7. 7/8/02 IOLTW TM Mak CMOS reliability with scaling 7 Gate Oxide Wearout Hot e- Gate oxide fails ( leakage current increases) in characteristic time dependent on electric field and temperature