Types of std cell libraries

In industry how many types of std cell libraries are used ?
how these are differentiated & characterized ?
is there these libraries are different for CPU, GPU & chip sets ?
can anybody help me to understand the std cell libraries some more details ?
thanks & regards
Re: Types of std cell libraries

standard cell methodology is a method of designing application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) with mostly digital-logic features. But you can find analog designs also in std cell library.
Basically there is not broadly classified, but in terms of voltage you can differentiate as LVT, HVT cells.

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Re: Types of std cell libraries

hi sanjeev….
i hope these LVT. HVT cells are not corresponds to voltage but related to thresold voltages of moses.
here my doubt is especially:
if i want to devolop 2 chips one for performance & other for area. then how can i characterize these performance & dense std celly libraries ?