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Ultra Wide Band Technologies
B Mihai ,Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks, Research Seminar , 2002 ,tml.tkk.fi
Abstract The paper covers Ultra Wide-Band technology. General description,
implementation issues, methods to design and use this technology and their applications
are covered. Special emphasize will be done on the applications in communications 

Ultra wide-band (uwb) indoor positioning
D Harmer ,ThalesResearch and Technology UK Ltd, 2004 ,esamultimedia.esa.int
Page 1. Thales Research and Technology UK IT & S A erospace D efence Ultra Wide-Band
(UWB) Indoor Positioning Dave Harmer Thales Research and Technology UK Ltd ? ARTES 4
Project ? ESTEC December 2004 Page 2. 2 Thales Research and Technology UK 

Analysis of time domain ultra-wide-band radar signals reflected by buried objects
P Falorni, L Capineri, L Masotti ,PIERS Online, 2007 ,piers.org
Abstract—The aim of this work is the analysis of the signal composition observed in a single
radar sweep during an underground investigation with an ultra-wide-band (UWB) radar. The
electromagnetic (EM) response of a buried object, the radar pulse spectrum and the 

High Throughput Reed Solomon Decoder for Ultra Wide Band
A Kumar ,Compare, 2004 ,ics.ele.tue.nl
Abstract: Reed Solomon (RS) codes have been widely used in a variety of communication
systems such as space communication link, digital subscriber loops, and wireless systems
as well as in networking communications and magnetic and data storage systems. 

Optimal pulses for ultra-wide band communication systems on gaussian and dense multi-path channels
B Berksoy, N Bhuvanendran ,Power (dB), 2004 ,pegasus.cc.ucf.edu
In this paper, we first present several propositions which show how to find optimal pulses for
UWB systems using PPM on Gaussian channels. The optimization has been done in term of
minimizing bit error rate (BER) for a given modulation index. Using the new pulses the 

A new CPW-fed slot antenna for ultra-wide band application
M Ali, Y Hu, ATM Sayem ,Wireless and Microwave , 2005 ,wami.eng.usf.edu
Abstract A new design of a coplanar waveguide (CPW)-fed folded slot antenna is presented
which is suitable for ultra-wide band application. Antenna impedance and bandwidth are
studied as function of slot parameters, substrate dielectric constant, and substrate 

Ultra wide band: an overview
P Hulbert ,Roke Manor Research, 2003 ,roke.co.uk
Because UWB must use spectrum that is also allocated to other systems, its regulation is
clearly an important topic. In Feb 2002 the FCC first licensed operation in the US. They
defined a set of spectrum masks for a range of applications. The most relevant here are 

Ultra wide band noise signal radar utilizing microwave chaotic signals and chaos synchronization
S Qiao, T Jiang, L Ran ,PIERS Online, 2007 ,piers.org
Abstract—In this paper, we present a new scheme for the realization of a wide-band
noisesignal RADAR utilizing wide-band chaotic signal generated from microwave chaotic
Colpitts oscillator. System simulations show that such RADAR can still work in an 

A high speed analog to digital converter for ultra wide band applications
A Mohan, A Zayegh ,Emerging Directions in Embedded , 2007 ,Springer
Over the past few years Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology has taken the realms of
communications circuit design to new levels. This paper demonstrates the design and
simulation of a very high speed Flash Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) for UWB 

Hybrid Modelling of Ultra Wide Band Self-organizing Networks
G Giancola ,Second International Symposium , 2006 ,eurasip.org
Abstract—Hybrid systems formalism is used to derive a model for a self-organizing network
of nodes that operate according to the UWB principle. We model the rules that lead to the
formation of the network and in particular an admission control procedure that is capable 

Development of microwave ultra-wide band balun using liquid crystal polymer flex
AC Chen, M Chen ,ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS , 2005 ,ecadigitallibrary.com
Abstract In this paper, we present the design and development of two low loss, ultra-wide
band, planar Marchand baluns [1]. The baluns were implemented in a multi-layered liquid
crystal polymer (LCP) flex, and in a LCP film laminated on an organic substrate. The best 

Ultra wide band detection of on body concealed weapons using the out of plane polarized late time response
S Harmer, D Andrews, N Bowring, N Rezgui ,Proc. SPIE, 2009 ,
ABSTRACT A method of detecting concealed handguns and knives, both on and off body,
has been developed. The method utilizes aspect-independent natural, complex resonances
(poles) excited by illuminating the target with frequency swept, ultrawide band microwaves 

Performance Analysis of Ultra-Wide Band Impulse Radio (UWB-IR) with Super-Orthogonal Turbo Codes (SOTC)
U Riaz, MO Pun ,IEEE Globecom, San Franscisco, CA, 2006 ,lenst.det.unifi.it
Abstract—Low-complexity low-rate super-orthogonal turbo codes (SOTC) are proposed in
this work to replace the implicit repetition code (RC) in an ultra-wide band impulse radio
(UWB-IR) system to improve BER, transmission range and system throughput. Various 

Impulse radio ultra-wide-band through wall imaging radar based on multiple-input multiple-output antenna arrays
H Dong-Mei ,Information Technology Journal, 2010 ,docsdrive.com
Abstract: An Impulse Radio Ultra-Wide-Band (IR-UWB) Through Wall Imaging Radar (T WIR)
employing linear MIMO antenna array, which is designed based on the effective array
concept, is discussed in this study. An effective method to compute the signal travel time is 

A High Frequency Time Domain Measurement System and its Application to Robust and Scientific Ultra-Wide Band MMIC design for Military Applications
T Williams, D FitzPatrick, M Haynes , DTC Conference June, 2008 ,emrsdtc.com
Abstract Significant challenges persist to date in the field of high frequency MMIC design,
with the majority of designs based upon rather simplistic approximations or device models.
The development of such models requires significant time and cost investment. This 

modeling of pattern ground shield and silicon-substrate effects on radio-frequency monolithic bifilar transformers for ultra-wide band radio-frequency integrated
Y Lin, C Chen, H Liang, T Wang ,JAPANESE JOURNAL OF , 2007 ,wsnc.ntu.edu.tw
In this paper, an analysis of the effects of pattern-ground-shield (PGS) and silicon-substrate
on the performances of RF monolithic bifilar transformers are demonstrated. It was found that
high-quality-factor and low-power-loss transformers can be obtained if the optimized PGS 

The equivalent circuit of the tumor-skin model using ultra-wide band
MAA Eldosoky ,XXIX General Assembly, International Union of Radio , 2008 ,rp.iszf.irk.ru
Abstract In this paper, we deduce the variation in the equivalent circuit of the skin model as
inserting the tumor with its electrical parameters. This equivalent circuit is deduced from the
scattering parameters of the network analysis. Inserting the tumor in this model affects the 

Ultra Wide Band over fibre transparent architecture for High Bit-rate Home Networks
QT Nguyen, A Pizzinat, B Charbonnier ,2007 ,hal-institut-telecom.archives-
We numerically and experimentally demonstrate the feasibility of an Ultra Wide Band (UWB)
over fiber transparent architecture based on laser direct modulation and using single mode fiber
(SMF) for high bit rate home networks.  Today two phenomena are driving the increase 

Low-Power Fully Differential Ultra-Wide Band CMOS Multiplier for FM-UWB and IR-UWB Systems
FREE DOWNLOAD (PDF) from angela-lin.dk
CAA Lin, T Tong, OK Jensen , International Symposium on , 2005 ,angela-lin.dk
Abstract A CMOS low-power four-quadrant multiplier for Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) systems
using FM-UWB and Impulse Radio (IR) is presented. A set of transconductors, rather than
the traditional Gilbert cell, is employed. The configuration is simple and area saving. The 

Ultra-Wide Band Radio
P Withington ,UWB Colloquium, July, 2002 ,office-of-communications.co.uk
–S1. 166 interference: The effect of unwanted energy due to one or a combination of
emissions, radiations, or inductions upon reception in a radiocommunication system,
manifested by any performance degradation, misinterpretation, or loss of information 

Effects of PRF and slot interval on the data throughput of PPM-Based ultra wide-band systems in multi-path channels
S Im ,Computational Science and Its Applications-ICCSA , 2006 ,Springer
In this paper, we investigate the effect of pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and slot interval
on the throughput performance of the ultra wide band (UWB) wireless communication
system in multi-path channels, and based on these observations, a data throughput 

Ultra-Wide Band Pulse Reflection: Exact Image Theory
M Raspopovic ,SoftCOM, Split, Croatia, 2005 ,morse.uml.edu
Abstract—In this paper a model for UWB reflection from a planar boundary separating two
media is given. The reflected amplitude will be determined using inverse Laplace-transform
of the Fresnel reflection coefficient. Our approach results in an image representation of the 

Ultra-Wide-Band PD Diagnostics of Cable Terminations in Service
E Lemke, T Strehl, W Weissenberg ,IEEE Transactions on , 2008 ,doble-lemke.eu
ABSTRACT Since the past decade the ultra-wideband (UWB) PD probing has been proven
successfully for on-site PD diagnostics of GIS cable terminations in service. Therefore it was
decided to apply this non-conventional method also for condition assessment of the 

Multiband-OFDM: A New Physical Layer Proposal for Ultra-Wide-Band communications
SMS Sadough, A Mahmood, E Jaffrot ,Journal of the Iranian , 2007 ,faculties.sbu.ac.ir
Abstract This paper investigates the Multi-band OFDM (MB-OFDM) based physical (PHY)
layer proposal for IEEE 802.15. 3a working group on short-range high data-rate Ultra-wide-
Band(UWB) communications. An overview of the MB-OFDM PHY layer architecture with its 

Localisation of ultra-wide band radio signals by time-multiplexed photonic analog-to-digital processing
R Llorente, M Morant, N Amiot ,European Conference on , 2010 ,dei.polimi.it
Abstract A time-multiplexed multichannel photonic-ADC is proposed and demonstrated for
the detection and localisation of ultra-wideband radio transmitters. The experimental results
indicate successful operation with a mean positioning error of 0.9 m.

Calculus of the Power Spectral Density of Ultra Wide Band Pulse Position Modulation Signals Coded with Totally Flipped Code
TN DURNEA ,Advances in Electrical and , 2009 ,el.trc.gov.om
Abstract—UWB-PPM systems were noted to have a power spectral density (psd) consisting
of a continuous portion and a line spectrum, which is composed of energy components
placed at discrete frequencies. These components are the major source of interference to 

An Imaging Algorithm of a Target with Arbitrary Motion for Ultra Wide-Band Radar with a Small Number of Antennas
Y Matsuki, T Sakamoto, T Sato ,IEICE transactions , 2011 ,www-lab26.kuee.kyoto-u.ac.jp
SUMMARY UWB (ultra wide-band) pulse radar is a promising candidate for surveillance
systems. The fast SEABED (Shape Estimation Algorithm based on BST and Extraction of
Directly scattered waves) imaging algorithm is deployed in the application of UWB pulse 

Overview of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Impulse Radio
J Padgett ,Telcordia Technologies/, http://www. umiacs. umd. edu , 2004 ,umiacs.umd.edu
Page 1. UMIACS/LTS Seminar March 17, 2004 Overview of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Impulse
Radio Dr. Jay Padgett  Page 2. 2 What is Ultra Wide Band? • FCC definition of UWB signal:
bandwidth is at least 20% of center frequency, or a bandwidth of at least 500 MHz 

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) compatibility
FREE DOWNLOAD (PDF) from aegis-systems.co.uk
PHCE FIEE ,Final Report to the , 2002 ,aegis-systems.co.uk
Ultra Wide Band (UWB) compatibility. Paul Hansell CEng FIEE, Selcuk Kirtay AMIEE
Final Report to the Radiocommunications Agency, 1/2002.