uwb ultra wide band 2019

Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) is a communication method used in wireless networking that uses low power consumption to achieve high bandwidth connections. In other words, it’s meant to transmit a lot of data over a short distance without using too much power

Modeling and Simulation of UWB Signal for Indoor Radio Channels
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In this paper, we describe the indoor radio channel characteristic of Ultra-wideband signals by computer simulation. To analyze the propagation characteristic of UWB radio signals, we used the parameter proposed by IEEE P802. 15 WPANs in 2003. From the simulation

Study on Heavy Metal Content and Microbial Ecology of Soil in Coal Mining Area and Application Prospect of UWB Radar
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In order to solve the problem of regional economic sustainable development caused by the ecology and environment in the coal mining area, the coal mining subsidence area is taken as the research object, and the total amount of heavy metals in the soil and various chemical

Construction of an indoor positioningsystem using UWB
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In the world we are living in today, GPS is really important to track and find people or objects. However, tracking people or devices inside a building is hard using GPS since it has a low accuracy. To track indoor objects, an alternative tracking system is needed This report describes

A CPW-Fed Hexagonal Antenna With Fractal Elements For UWB Applications
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We propose a coplanar waveguide-fed hexagonal antenna design for ultra wideband applications. The size of the antenna is miniaturized to 25 25 1.588 mm3 and the impedance bandwidth is improved by adding fractal elements at the edges. Parametric

Indoor positioning using Raspberry Pi with UWB
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Many indoor localization solutions rely on common radio signal strength indication or on Inertial Measurement Units (IMU). In this work, we present a server-based indoor positioning algorithm based on time of flight measurements of ultra-wideband ( UWB ) signals for

Design And Analysis of A Compact Fractal Patch Antenna with Improved Radiation Properties for UWB Applications
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In this paper the design of a compact Fractal Patch Antenna (FPA) is presented. This MLA antenna has been designed on FR4 substrate εr= 4.4 and thickness h= 1.53 mm. A partial ground plane is used for impedance matching and koch fractal patch are simulated to

UWB BPF With Uncoupled Symmetric loaded Stubs For Notch Implementation
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In the proposed paper a miniature micro-strip ultra-wideband ( UWB ) band pass filter (BPF) structure is introduced. The structure consists of two symmetrical placed resonator, quarter wavelength long parallelcoupled line stubs (at the mid-band frequency), short ended stubs

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The main aim is to design a compact microstrip patch antenna with bandwidth enhancement for UWB applications by introducing L-Shaped patch with a U-slot. The microstrip patch antenna are having compact profile, simple structure and easy for fabrication. The main

Low-Power Low-data-rate IR- UWB Transmitter for Pediatric Apnea Monitoring System
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Wireless telemetry has recently become a very important feature for healthcare monitoring and wearable systems. Several factors such as reliability, power budget, and cost impose design constraints for the data transmission. Literature reported transmitters characterized

DriftLess: Underground Positioning using Bias Compensation for Iner-tial Sensors combined with UWB
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This study considers the TNO DriftLess technology for the positioning of machines in the context of mining raw materials in underground mines. The positioning system is used to add position data to (material) measurement data. This way, the system enables smooth and

Study and Mitigation of Non-Cooperative UWB Interference on Ranging
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UWB localization systems are well known for their accuracy for indoor localization. Recently UWB -based localization systems with less than 5 cm error have been proposed. Since IEEE802. 15.4-11 standard only allows UWB signal transmission with very low power (-41.3

A Mixed-Signal Demodulator for a Low-Complexity IR- UWB Receiver: Methodology, Simulation and Design
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This works presents an integrated 0.18 µm CMOS 2-PPM demodulator based on a switched capacitor network for an Energy Detection Impulse-Radio UWB receiver. The circuit has been designed using a top-down methodology that allows to discover the impact of low-level