uwb-ultra wideband research papers 2012 section 4


A Parametric Study on Impedance Matching of A CPW Fed T-shaped UWB Antenna
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D Ujwala, DSR Kiran, B Jyothi, SS Fathima, P Harish ,International Journal of
Abstract:-A CPW fed novel compact Ultra wide band antenna is proposed in this paper. The
size of the antenna is 20mm x 20mm x 0.6 mm and it is prototyped on FR4-Epoxy substrate
material which has a dielectric constant of 4.4. The proposed antenna provides a 

 Design of 24 GHz UWB CMOS IR-UWB Transmitter with On-chip Balun
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KG Kjelgård, TS Lande ,folk.uio.no
Abstract—This paper presents a Short Range Radar IR-UWB transmitter design in 90 nm
CMOS with center frequency of 24 GHz and a tunable bandwidth (-10 dB) from 2 to 5 GHz. A
balun is loading the single balanced Gilbert cell mixer, providing a single ended output. 

 Detection and Tracking by Wireless UWB and Camera Networks
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T Axelsson, L Brandt, C Olsson ,ee.kth.se
Abstract—In this report, we have focused on how wireless Ultra Wide-Band (UWB) and
camera networks can be used to detect and track moving objects. The aim of the project is to
investigate how these technologies can be integrated into the smart building, where there 

 Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Communications Channel–Theory and Measurements
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The most recent increase in demand within the wireless user community for short-range,
very high rate data and video transmission devices has motivated the growth of a new
generation of broadband wireless access communication systems, ie Ultra-Wideband ( 

 Effects of Bandwidth on Estimation of UWB Channel Parameters
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D Coko, Z Blaževic, I Marinovic ,Ultra Wideband Communications ,cdn.intechopen.com
The subject of this chapter is to investigate the effect of bandwidth on a short range indoor
UWB channel performance. This research is based on a measurement campaign performed
on a wooden desk surface placed in an office room at our faculty building. A vector 

 Comparison of TH-SS and DS-SS with sleeping protocol for LDR-UWB Network
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MA Khan ,
Abstract—This paper addresses the performance evaluation of Time-Hopping (TH), Direct-
Sequence (DS) and sleeping protocol in LDR-UWB (Low data rate-ultra-wideband) network
in the view of energy consumption of node. The energy lifetime is one of the most 

 Non Destructive Measuring of Root Crop Properties using UWB-RADAR
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C Peveling-Oberhag, PS Lammers ,cirg.ageng2012.org
Abstract Rapid assessment of plant parameters in plant breeding requires sensor-systems
working in a non-destructive way. In case of root-crops there is still a lack for fast and reliable
systems for non destructive plant-root analysis. This paper will present an approach for 

 Design of a CPW-fed Compact Dual Band (UWB/Bluetooth) Integrated Antenna with Single Band Notched Features
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J Kishan, A Rajput, T Singh
Abstract—A compact, low-profile, and planar ultrawideband and (UWB) Bluetooth integrated
antenna with dual Band WiMAX/WLAN (3.4/5.5) notch features is presented. The antenna
works dual-band operation covering 2.4–2.484 GHz (Bluetooth) and 3.1–10.6 GHz (UWB) 

 Al-Hello (2012)Computer Simulation to Generate Gaussian Pulses for UWB Systems
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IA Murdas, A Murad ,Journal of Asian Scientific Research ,atifali.com
Abstract In this work we present a computer simulation of a simple technique for the
generation of power-efficient, FCC-compliant Ultra-Wideband (UWB)(monocycle and
doublet) pulses. A Simulated system consist of a laser sources, semiconductor optical 

 Performance Comparison of UWB-Fingerprinting Positioning with RBF Neural Network and k-Nearest Neighbor in an Indoor Environment
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W Winitchaikul, J Sangthong, K Limpisawat ,ist-journal.mut.ac.th
ABSTRACT–In recent years, an indoor positioning system has been widely used in medical,
industrial, public safety and transportation. In addition, its important requirement is high
accuracy in dense multipath fading environments. This paper studies on indoor 

 Planar monopole UWB antenna with 5GHz dual notched band characteristics
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Abstract. These days most of the research work in the area of antenna design is focused on
monopole antennas for UWB communications due to their high data rate, precision and low
complexity. However, interference effect increases within the Ultra wide Band due to the 

 A Performance Comparison of DS-UWB Rake Receivers for different environments
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Z HAIDER, M ZUBAIR, SA KHAN, IU HAQ ,red.pe.org.pl
Abstract. This paper focuses on the performance comparison RAKE receivers used in the
Ultra wide-Band system. The simulations are based on implementation of the complete
system using direct sequence spread spectrum approach. The results are obtained for the 

 Novel Steeply Slopes UWB Bandpass Filter with Notch Band Based On Cross-Shaped Stub-Loaded Resonator
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YF Chen, HW Wu ,teric.nioerar.edu.tw
Abstract—In this paper, the steeply slopes UWB bandpass filter with notch band based on
cross-shaped stubloaded resonator (CS-SLR) is presented. The proposed filter consists of
the CS-SLR for achieving the very sharp roll-off UWB passband response. The CS-SLR 

 Design a CPW-fed Integrated (UWB/Bluetooth) Antenna with Band Notched Features
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MS Singh, MD Jain, T Singh ,rspublication.com
Abstract—A compact, low-profile, and planar
ultrawideband (UWB) and Bluetooth integrated antenna with single Band WLAN (5-6 GHz)
notch features is presented. The antenna works dual-band operation covering 2.4–2.484 

 An innovative UWB Real-Time Position Tracking System proposal, for a Cardiological IVUS catheter
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Abstract Precise determination of the position of a medical device inside the human body,
specifically the tip of an Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) catheter, is a process currently
relying primarily on angiography techniques. The injection of a radio-opaque contrast 

 FPGA based DWT-IDWT implementation of OFDM on UWB Systems
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NS Bhat ,research.ijais.org
ABSTRACT Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing/Modulation (OFDM) is widely used
for symbol level modulationdemodulation in communication systems for a high data rate low
distance range applications. OFDM refers to both multiplexing and modulation technique 

 Sensor Set Switching Noise in UWB Indoor Position Tracking
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Abstract—Trilateration calculations are affected by errors in distance measurements from the
set of fixed points to the object of interest. When these errors are systemic, each distinct set
of fixed points can be said to exhibit a unique set noise. For ultrawideband (UWB) indoor 

 A High Data Rate 100nm CMOS IR-UWB Transmitter for Inter-Chip Wireless Communication
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MN Karim, SMI Hossain, PK Saha ,
Abstract—This paper presents a simple CMOS impulse radio (IR) ultra-wide-band (UWB)
transmitter designed in IBM 100nm technology for inter-chip wireless communication. The
proposed architecture is composed of two Gaussian mono-cycle pulse generators which 

 ASIC Design Implementation of Memory Efficient Infinite Impulse Response UWB Equalizer
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Abstract. Channel Equalization plays an important role in reducing distortion and Inter-
Symbol Interference (ISI) to improve the quality of transmission in Ultra-Wide Band (UWB)
channel. Many equalization techniques have been proposed in the past but the proposed 

 Design and Optimization of Integrated Bluetooth and UWB Antenna With Dual Band-Notched Functions
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SS Thwin ,International Journal
ABSTRACT A compact microstrip-fed printed planar integrated Bluetooth and ultra
wideband (UWB) monopole antenna with dual band-notched characteristics in the 3.5 GHz
WiMAX and 5.2/5.8 GHz WLAN band is presented. The proposed antenna design consists 

 Analaysis and Implementation of UWB Receiver in Multi-Band OFDM Systems
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P Srilakshmi, NG Chand ,ijmer.com
Abstract: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is a digital multi carrier
modulation scheme, which uses a large number of closely spaced orthogonal subcarriers. In
frequency and time must be extremely good. An OFDM system offers inherent robustness 

 Resistive Feedback Influence on Ring Oscillator Performance for IR-UWB Pulse Generator in 0.13 µm CMOS technology
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J Radic, A Djugova, LNM Videnovic-Misic ,jds.elfak.ni.ac.rs
Abstract-A CMOS standard three-stage ring oscillator is examined in UMC 0.13 µm
technologies. As the ring oscillator is a part of IR-UWB (Impulse Radio Ultra Wide Band)
pulse generator, its oscillating frequency determines the central frequency of the pulse 

 Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Slotted Partial Ground And Addition Of Stairs And Stubs For UWB Application
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IM Rafiqul, AAHM Zahirul, MFAJ Khan, S Alkaraki ,cyberjournals.com
Abstract—This paper presents the design with optimum geometry of a novel UWB
rectangular patch antenna. A simple narrowband patch antenna is designed before
proceeding to the geometry of UWB antenna. A special configuration of patch antenna 

 Non-coherent ToA Estimation for UWB Multipath Channels using Max-eigenvalue Detection
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Abstract—Due to the fine delay resolution in ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless propagation
channels, a large number of multipath components (MPC) can be resolved; and the first
arriving MPC might not be the strongest one. This makes time-of-arrival (ToA) estimation, 

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JW Choi, JH Kim, SH Cho ,casp.hanyang.ac.kr
Abstract: In this paper, a counting algorithm is proposed based on the signal’s local
maximum values of power signals and positions. After background subtraction process to
eliminate clutter signals, several positions and values of the signal’s local maximum 

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ANPS Ashtankar
ABSTRACT This paper introduces antenna designs for Ultra Wideband 3.1-10.6 GHz
communications. The inherent potential of UWB systems and techniques for use in
communication was demonstrated in various ways by many researchers in the past. An 

Influence of Waveform on Positioning Performance in a TOA/AOA based IR-UWB System
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C Schemes
 4, No. 3, September, 2011 v Table of Contents Influence of Waveform on Positioning Performance
in a TOA/AOA based IR-UWB System 1 Nammoon Kim, Inho Jeon, and Youngok Kim Subgoal
Discovery in Reinforcement Learning Using Local Graph Clustering 13 

 Analysis of Nonideal Multipliers for Multichannel Autocorrelation UWB Receivers
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A Pedross, K Witrisal ,zeo.spsc.tugraz.at
Abstract—Noncoherent UWB receivers promise low power consumption and low processing
complexity but their peak data rate is limited by the delay spread of the multipath radio
channel. A recently proposed multichannel autocorrelation receiver (AcR) can break this 

 UWB Multifunction Antennas
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P Baldonero, R Flamini, A Manna, F Trotta
In the last years Ultra-Wide Band technology has known an enormous success, both in military
and civilian applications thanks to its undeniable advantages over standard systems. Nowadays
the three main types of UWB applications are the following: 1. Applications involving 

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ABSTRACT In a context of the evolution of localization based on the technological progress
and the implementation of GNSS such as GPS or the European Galileo project used in
outdoor environment allowing accuracy of a few meters, but for an indoor environment, the 

 Tracking of UWB Multipath Components Using Probability Hypothesis Density Filters
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Abstract—In multipath assisted indoor navigation and tracking (MINT), individual multipath
components (MPCs) of the ultra wideband (UWB) channel needs to be extracted. A
sequential Monte-Carlo based implementation of the multi-source multitarget probability 

 UWB (Ultra wideband) wireless communications: UWB Printed Antenna Design
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A Alshehri ,cdn.intechweb.org
The admirable benefits of a wireless lifestyle have resulted in a huge demand for advanced
wireless communications. The quick tempered growth of the wireless communication market
is expected to continue in the future since the claim of all wireless services is increasing

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