video communication IEEE PAPER 2016

Brain-Computer Interface for Communication and Estimation of Human Emotion from EEG and Video
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ABSTRACT The brain-computer interface (BCI) aim to use Electroencephalography (EEG) or other measures of brain functions can be implemented for communication with smart devices for disabled persons. For connection with different smart devices was used

A Frequency Based Hierarchical Fast Search Block Matching Algorithm for Fast Video Communication
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Abstract:Numerous fast-search block motion estimation algorithms have been developed to circumvent the high computational cost required by the full-search algorithm. These techniques however often converge to a local minimum, which makes them subject to

Performance Analysis of Encrypted Voice and Video data for MF-TDMA SatelliteCommunication
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Abstract: Satellite communication is high-speed large-capacity transmission intended to communicate with satellites in the chamber. It is wide-area communication, but the information is not secured. To compensate for this, AES encryption was applied to the

PhD-Video interactive communication: transmission with user interaction at the receiver
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Context Free-viewpoint TV is a new paradigm, in which users can interact with the server and request in real-time a desired viewpoint among the ones proposed.targeted applications are numerous, especially when 3D scenes contain some localized points of

Using video games for volcanic hazard education and communication.
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ABSTRACT This paper aims to understand whether video games (or serious games) can be effective in enhancing volcanic hazard education and communication. Using the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent, we have developed a video game–St. Vincent's Volcano-

Doctor, Can You See My Squats: Understanding Bodily Communication in VideoConsultations for Physiotherapy
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ABSTRACT This paper investigates the challenges of bodily communication during video- based clinical consultations. While previous works describe the lack of eye contact and gestures over video, it is unclear how these limitations impact the course of a clinical

Digital Video Broadcasting-Return Channel via Satellite (DVB-RCS) Implementation in Ghana for Maritime and Other Mobile Communication
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ABSTRACT This paper presents solution to developing trends in next generation satellite communication technologies which have significant implication on maritime and mobile communication systems based on specific need and significant broadband connectivity,

Video on Demand Over Optical Wireless Communication Links
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The video on demand application (VoD) is a very popular internet service occupying 27% of the internet traffic [1]. According to a survey more than 74.1% of business and personal users access streaming media at least twice or thrice a week [2]. In the United States, 66

Using Video Games to Motivate the Use of DisasterBox, a Social Media Tool forCommunication in Disasters
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ABSTRACT There is a need to aggregate and connect agents during a disaster to maximize relief efforts. Our system, DisasterBox, aims to fill that niche by connecting all invested parties. DisasterBox, a social media tool, allows for individuals affected by a disaster to