video data mining -03

Video data mining: Semantic indexing and event detection from the association perspective
X Wu, AK Elmagarmid Knowledge and Data , 2005
Abstract Advances in the media and entertainment industries, including streaming audio and
digital TV, present new challenges for managing and accessing large audio-visual
collections. Current Learning content management system
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The paper explains the evolution of e-Learning and related concepts and tools and its connection with other concepts such as Knowledge Management , Human Resources Management , Enterprise Resource Planning, and Information Technology. The paper also

Integrating EduLearn learning content management system (LCMS) with cooperating learning object repositories (LORs) in a peer to peer (P2P) architectural
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Page 1. Integrating EduLearn Learning Content Management System (LCMS) with Cooperating Learning Object Repositories (LORs) in a Peer To Peer (P2P) architectural Framework Lakshmi

A content management system based on an event-based model of version management information in legislation
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Understanding electronic legislation requires a comprehension of its lifecycle and the events and corresponding transformations that make up this lifecycle. A metadata description attached to the legislative resource represents a time point in this lifecycle. In this paper we

Social awareness in the iHelp courses learning content management system
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Learning content management systems (LCMS) are web-based elearning applications that allow an instructor to deliver standards-based learning content to communities of learners. Despite the high popularity of these systems, they tend to have minimal collaborative

Semantic wiki as an integrated content and metadata management system
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1 Introduction In the increasing interest in the Semantic Web, more and more Semantic Web applications are being developed. One of the current main issues for the Semantic Web applications development is the simplicity and user-friendliness for the end users, especially

Decision rule induction in a learning content management system
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A learning content management system (LCMS) is an environment to support web-based learning content development. Primary function of the system is to manage the learning process as well as to generate content customized to meet a unique requirement of each

Improving image similarity search effectiveness in a multimedia content management system
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In this paper, a technique for making more effective the similarity search process of images in a Multimedia Content Management System is proposed. The contentbased retrieval process integrates the search on different multimedia components, linked in XML structures

Rapid e-learning content management system (RE-COMS)
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The rapid development in information-communication technology including the web technology has brought a big impact in education world. Today, people are talking about e- learning, cyber-learning, long-life learning, virtual learning and a few more terms have been

WikiSpeech-A Content Management System for Speech Databases
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In this paper we describe WikiSpeech, a content management system for the web-based creation of speech databases for the development of spoken language technology and basic research. Its main features are full support for the typical recording, annotation and

Learning management systems and content management system : definitions and characteristics
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The development of computers and the highly usage of technology all over the world increase the ability of using the e-learning methodology. E-learning becomes an essential part of any classroom. Continuous researches are taken place in the field of E-learning

Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS) at Virtual University
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Virtual universities with using of Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS) provide opportunities that manage learning, administration, tracking, and reporting functions. Virtual universities by apply the LMS and LCMS have a

Schoolbook-An Authoring Tool and Content Management System
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The ELAN projects aim is to provide an authoring system for web-based teaching and learning including interdisciplinary aspects. The web-based character eases the collaboration of specialised authors independent from location and time and any content

Agent-based Content Management System
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This paper describes the management of huge heterogeneous content using the agent- based content management system . The knowledge card that can wrap up heterogeneous content is proposed. The knowledge channel that is a model of content management system

Open source software for content management system
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Abstract Information and documentation services available on the Internet through web servers are growing in an exponential manner. In recent times,

Why open source software /free software (OSS/FS) Look at the numbers
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This paper provides quantitative data that, in many cases, using open source software /free software is a reasonable or even superior approach to using their proprietary competition according to various measures. This papers goal is to show that you should consider using

The effects of extrinsic motivations and satisfaction in open source software development
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As a new phenomenon in the software industry, Open Source Software (OSS) development has attracted a high level of research interest. Examining what motivates participants in OSS projects and how to enhance the effects of motivations has received increased attention in
has been seen as an increasingly mainstream part of the market. The field of content

Evaluation of open source content management system : A comparative study
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There are many web-authoring software like FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc which have been used to develop and maintain the websites. But gradually, it became difficult to maintain and update the websites because of their very dynamic nature and a variety of file formats

Semantic MediaWiki: a user-oriented system for integrated content and metadata management system
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An Agent-based Semantic Web for Paperless Office Content Management System
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ABSTRACT In the Semantic Web, human-to-machine and machine-to-machine interactions are expected to become to the wealth of metadata on the Web resources. It enables a knowledge based Web to provide a qualitatively new level of services. It also provides

Content management system for web portal
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In the mid-90s when the Internet started its activities as a commercial tool, mainly static pages-booklet containing information about companies were used. Only after some time the demand for dynamic Web pages has increased. Companies started to recognize the need for

Ontology-based learning content management system in programming languages domain
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This paper presents an ontology-based learning content management system to create the personal collections of learning resources. To manage the learning process the set of ontologies (ontologies of learning course domain, electronic learning resources, learners

Ontologyoriented inference-based learning content management system
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The world is witnessing the electronic revolution in many fields of life such as health, education, government and commerce. E-learning is considered one of the hot topics in the e-revolution as it brings with it rapid change and greater opportunities to increase learning

s support retrieval using low-level .