video streaming IEEE PAPER 2018

Impact of Access Line Capacity on Adaptive Video Streaming Quality A Passive Perspective
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ABSTRACT Adaptive streaming over HTTP is largely used to deliver live and on-demand video . It works by adjusting video quality according to network conditions. While QoE for different streaming services has been studied, it is still unclear how access line capacity

Accurate inference of user popularity preference in a large-scale online video streaming system
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With the fast growth of online video services, the service providers pursue to satisfy users personal preferences. Most of them have noticed the diversity of users preferences on video content but not that on video popularity. Only Goel et. al.proved in other domains that

Review on Intelligent Video Streaming Schemes for Cloud Computing
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ABSTRACT Video streaming has emerged as an important tool for business, education, transportation and other fields. This study acts as a preliminary study on delivering video streaming within a mesh network such as cloud computing infrastructure. In this situation

Optimizing 360 Video Streaming to Head-Mounted Virtual Reality
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ABSTRACT Streaming 360 videos to Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) is very challenging due to large video sizes, stringent real-time requirements, and complex human visual systems. In my PhD study, we focus on three core problems to optimize 360 video

A Framework for Cloud Assisted Adaptive Video Streaming to Enhance User QoE
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ABSTRACT The drastic increase in the usage of handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, etc., produce huge traffic on the Internet which are mainly due the video streaming services applications. Due to the limitations of resources (Power, Memory, Processing, etc.)

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ABSTRACT In this research project, model of Wi-Fi Control Bot refers to the use of Wi-Fi Bot for Dynamic Applications. In this process we can see the Real time video and can control the movement of the Wi-Fi bot from Internet all over the world. Using the present Internet of

Towards Battery-Free HD Video Streaming
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ABSTRACT Video streaming has traditionally been considered an extremely power-hungry operation. Existing approaches optimize the camera and communication modules individually to minimize their power consumption. However, designing a video streaming

3-D Face Image identification from video streaming using Map Reduce (Hadoop)
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ABSTRACT This paper focuses on the massive face identification system. I want to recognize a face from a lot of faces at public places. There are two of techniques are used to hit the goal: one is the 3Dface identification technique and the other is the Hadoop detection

Picking Interesting Frames in Streaming Video
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As video camera deployments proliferate in the smart cities of the future, software systems are faced with the increasing challenge of determining which segments of data are relevant. For resourceconstrained edge nodes, limited network bandwidth back to the CSE PROJECTS