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A video streaming service is an on demand online entertainment source for TV shows, movies and other streaming media. Video streaming is a type of media streaming in which the data from a video file is continuously delivered via the Internet to a remote user.

Impact of Access Line Capacity on Adaptive Video Streaming Quality A Passive Perspective
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Adaptive streaming over HTTP is largely used to deliver live and on-demand video . It works by adjusting video quality according to network conditions. While QoE for different streaming services has been studied, it is still unclear how access line capacity impacts QoE of

Corrigendum to Developing a Video Buffer Framework for Video Streaming in Cellular Networks
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Demonstrating the Impact of P2P Streaming on Video Quality
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Respect to the traditional evaluation methodologies, which are based on simulations and on the evaluation of some chunk loss and delay characteristics, the presented tool will show the impact on real videos, by dividing the video stream in chunks (according to different

Emerging Technologies, Infrastructures, and Applications for Video Streaming over Future Communication Networks
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OakStreaming: A Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming Library
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Multimedia platforms dealing with movie streaming and video -based short messages have increased the global Internet video traffic substantially in the last couple of years. Over the same period, multimedia on the Web has been standardized in terms of codecs and

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Delivery of 360-degree videos poses a challenge to the existing video distribution chains due to the high volume of data to be transmitted. Viewport-aware delivery schemes, eg tilebased streaming , constitute a promising approach to reduce the transmitted data volume

A Novel Resource Management Scheme for Blockchain-based Video Streaming with Mobile Edge Computing
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Blockchain-based video streaming systems aim to build decentralized peer-to-peer networks with flexible monetization mechanisms. In this paper, we propose a novel blockchain-based framework for video streaming with mobile edge computing (MEC). With



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