virtual reality IEEE PAPER 2018

Seamlessly Displaying Models in Virtual Reality
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ABSTRACT Virtual reality is a term used to describe a simulated reality where the user is shown the simulated world instead of the real world by using a headset. The popularity of virtual reality is rising every year. The goal of this project is to create a solution for industries such

Virtual RealityOpportunities and Challenges
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ABSTRACT -In todays world, we are surrounded by blends of technologies. We have acquired majorities of these technologies into our everyday lives. Increasingly, these various technologies are getting integrated to provide us with new abilities and services. And most

Introduction to the Minitrack on Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality
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Virtual reality (VR) refers to computer technologies that use software to generate the realistic images, sounds and other sensations that represent an immersive environment and simulate a users physical presence in this environment [10]. Mixed reality (MR) refers to

CLAW: A Multifunctional Handheld Haptic Controller for Grasping, Touching, and Triggering in Virtual Reality
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ABSTRACT CLAW is a handheld virtual reality controller that augments the typical controller functionality with force feedback and actuated movement to the index finger. Our controller enables three distinct interactions (grasping virtual object, touching virtual surfaces, and

Enabling People with Visual Impairments to Navigate Virtual Reality with a Haptic and Auditory Cane Simulation
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ABSTRACT Traditional virtual reality (VR) mainly focuses on visual feedback, which is not accessible for people with visual impairments. We created Canetroller, a haptic cane controller that simulates white cane interactions, enabling people with visual impairments to

The Effect of Music on Shoppers Shopping Behaviour in Virtual Reality Retail Stores: Mediation Analysis
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ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of music, as an atmospheric cue of 3D virtual reality retail (VRR) stores, on shoppers emotions and behaviour. To complete this research, a major empirical study was conducted in Second Life (SL) which is one of the ABSTRACT The ability to relax is sometimes challenging to achieve, nevertheless it is extremely important for mental and physical health, particularly to effectively manage stress and anxiety. We propose a virtual reality experience that integrates a wearable, low-cost

A Preliminary Investigation into the Use of an Imagery Assisted Virtual Reality Intervention in Sport
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ABSTRACT : This article explains an imagery assisted virtual reality psychological skills training program used with a NCAA Division I baseball team. This is the first time that imagery has been incorporated into a virtual reality program with the goal of increasing mental skills and

Haptic Links: Bimanual Haptics for Virtual Reality Using Variable Stiffness Actuation
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ABSTRACT We present Haptic Links, electro-mechanically actuated physical connections capable of rendering variable stiffness between two commodity handheld virtual reality (VR) controllers. When attached, Haptic Links can dynamically alter the forces perceived between

Remotely teleoperating a humanoid robot to perform fine motor tasks with virtual reality
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we describe our ongoing work to develop cooperative control of NASAs R5 Valkyrie humanoid robot for performing dexterous manipulation tasks inside gloveboxes commonly found in many nuclear facilities. These tasks can be physically

Quality Of Experience For A Virtual Reality Simulator
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ABSTRACT In this study, we investigate a VR simulator of a forestry crane used for loading logs onto a truck, mainly looking at Quality of Experience (QoE) aspects that may be relevant for task completion, but also whether there are any discomfort related symptoms experienced ABSTRACT Stress or anxiety disorders are a growing problem in industrialized countries. Those can be effectively countered by several relaxation techniques which are more effective using biofeedback. Modern virtual reality hardware provides a high level of

Comparison of Flocking Algorithm According to Number of Boids in Virtual Reality Environment
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ABSTRACT . Flocking algorithm in limited PC performance period was studied for efficient algorithm which could express large scale animation due to load performance, but since the 2000s, as the PC performance started to improve, studies focusing on efficient large scale

Evaluating joystick control for view rotation in virtual reality with continuous turning, discrete turning, and field-of-view reduction
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ABSTRACT Head tracking is commonly used in virtual reality applications to allow users to naturally view 3D content using physical head movement, but many applications also support joystick control to allow additional turning. Joystick control is convenient for practical The termsvirtual andreality of the phrasevirtual reality are literally contradictory when the two words are put together. Thus, it would seem that the term has no practical significance, but the rapid development of science and technology has givenvirtual reality a new

Cinematic Suture and Panoramic Stitch: Subject Formation in Immersive Virtual Reality
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ABSTRACT This paper discusses subject formation in todays panorama-like digital moving images by contrasting the idea of suture in film theory with stitching process necessary in digital 360-degree photographic image production. Derived from Lacanian psychoanalysis

Maps and Globes in Virtual Reality
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ABSTRACT This paper explores different ways to render world-wide geographic maps in virtual reality (VR). We compare:(a) a 3D exocentric globe, where the users viewpoint is outside the globe;(b) a flat map (rendered to a plane in VR);(c) an egocentric 3D globe, with the

Creating the Perfect Illusion: What will it take to Create Life-Like Virtual Reality Headsets
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The ultimate goal of VR Head Mounted Displays (HMD) is to provide an experience of virtual worlds that are indistinguishable from physical realitydeemed Life-Like VR in this paper. Todays HMDs such as Oculus Rift [42], HTC Vive [23] etc. remain far from providing this

Analysis of the Muscle Activity of Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Motions and Actual Motions in Healthy Adults
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ABSTRACT Background: This study compared the muscle activity of fully immersive VR motions with that of actual motions to if there difference. Methods: Study subjects were divided into a VR motion group using HTC VIVE devices and an actual motion group, and the muscle

Virtual Reality for Real Estates
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ABSTRACT : Mixed reality is the result of blending the physical world with the digital world. Mixed reality is the next evolution in human, computer, and environment interaction. It is made possible by advancements in computer vision, graphical processing power, display

Analysis of Using Virtual Reality (VR) for Command and Control Applications of Multi-Robot Systems
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ABSTRACT With the introduction of autonomous robot swarms rapidly increasing in number and applications (eg multiple, heterogeneous drone swarms), command and control systems face new challenges and complexity in the human decision making processes. We

VirtualSpace-Overloading Physical Space with Multiple Virtual Reality Users
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ABSTRACT Although virtual reality hardware is now widely available, the uptake of real walking is hindered by the fact that it requires often impractically large amounts of physical space. To address this, we present VirtualSpace, a novel system that allows overloading

Communication Behavior in Embodied Virtual Reality
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ABSTRACT Embodied virtual reality faithfully renders users movements onto an avatar in a virtual 3D environment, supporting nuanced nonverbal behavior alongside verbal communication. To investigate communication behavior within this medium, we had 30

Augmented Reality based Platform to share virtual worlds
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ABSTRACT : Augmented reality is new emerging technology, where things in the physical world are mixed with digital content to increase user experience and simplicity. As augmented reality technology allows us to create a virtual world on top of the physical world, this can be

Virtual Reality Programs Applications in Healthcare
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ABSTRACT Current Virtual Reality (VR) applications in healthcare demonstrate potential abilities to address cognitive, psychological, motor, functional impairments and opportunities for training and education of clinical practitioners. Bearing in mind the overall wellness of

Redirected Walking in Virtual Reality
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Redirected Walking (RDW) is a collection of virtual reality (VR) locomotion techniques for immersive virtual environments (IVE) that enables humans to walk on paths in the real world, which may vary from the paths they perceive in the virtual environment (VE). RDW can be

Virtual reality in the architecture, engineering and construction industry proposal of an interactive collaboration application
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ABSTRACT The process of Building Information Modeling (BIM) represents an evolution compared to traditional methods of management and development to construction projects. However, this technology even though it had a recent significant increase in its adoption at

Eyes-Free Target Acquisition in Interaction Space around the Body for Virtual Reality
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ABSTRACT Eyes-free target acquisition is a basic and important human ability to interact with the surrounding physical world, relying on the sense of space and proprioception. In this research, we leverage this ability to improve interaction in virtual reality (VR), by

Application of Virtual Reality Simulators and Virtual Labs in Medical Education
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For centuries, medical education has concentrated on learning theoretical concepts, followed by clinical experience through direct student-patient communication. However, development of new technologies has led to a revolution in learning methods, known as

Distributed Metaverse: Creating Decentralized Blockchain-based Model for Peer-to-peer Sharing of Virtual Spaces for Mixed Reality Applications
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ABSTRACT Mixed reality telepresence is becoming an increasingly popular form of interaction in social and collaborative applications. We are interested in how created virtual spaces can be archived, mapped, shared, and reused among different applications

Unit 18: Virtual Classroom and Virtual Reality
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Distance education has always been at the receiving end for being asynchronous and theory oriented. Many still believe that practical based courses cant be taught at a distance. At the same time the popular belief is that interaction increases learning. With the

Psychological and Functional Effects in Mastectomized Patients Treated With Virtual Reality
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ABSTRACT Objective: To describe the effect of early physical therapy with virtual reality on function of upper limb and risk of depression and anxiety in mastectomized patients. Method: Descriptive study executed in women with unilateral mastectomy without shoulder

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ABSTRACT In this study, studies on the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications in engineering education are shared. AR/VR technologies are used successfully in engineering design, production technology and maintenance engineering. It

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Systematic exposure to feared stimuli within aSometimes not state of the art therapy Meyerbr ker K, Emmelkamp P. Virtual reality exposure therapy in anxiety disorders: a systematic review of process-and-outcome studies. Depress Anxiety 2010;27:933 944

Development of Components of Analog and Digital Gauges for Training Regulators Safety Check using Virtual Reality
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ABSTRACT The inspection and check of the pressure regulation facility should be achieved, because it is mandatory item on law of gas safety management. It is more effective education using 3D virtual reality to enable injecting real combustible and toxic gas. Also it give

Optimizing 360 Video Streaming to Head-Mounted Virtual Reality
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ABSTRACT Streaming 360 videos to Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) is very challenging due to large video sizes, stringent real-time requirements, and complex human visual systems. In my PhD study, we focus on three core problems to optimize 360 video

AnimationVR-Interactive Controller-based Animating in Virtual Reality
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ABSTRACT Creating animations can be a tedious and complicated process. The traditional way of animating with keyframes challenges beginners with a steep learning curve. In research, different approaches have been evaluated to make animation creation more

Virtual Reality Training vs. Apprenticeship Training in Laparoscopic Surgery A Meta-Analysis of the Literature
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Background The current paradigm is shifting towards minimally invasive surgery particularly due to cosmesis and reduced patient admissions. As a result, laparoscopic training has become part and parcel of any surgical training programme.[1, 2] These surgical procedures

Effectiveness of virtual reality survival horror games for the emotional elicitation: Preliminary insights using Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
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ABSTRACT . Survival horror games played in virtual reality can trigger intense fright and anxiety in the players. Such unique characteristics can thus be exploited not only as a source of entertainment, but also as a tool for both emotion elicitation and emotional training

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ABSTRACT Head-mounted virtual reality (H-VR) is increasingly being used to deliver health- related (behavioral) interventions. Older adults are an important target group, given the high prevalence of age-related health problems. However, it is unclear to what extent H-VR is