Voice Automated Mobile Robot

Voice Controlled Robot
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Abstract: This paper includes that how a robot works with the input given in voice. this paper explains that how a robot interface with user with voice command given by the user. This system is quite fast. this system consists three parts first one is voice recognition system

Voice controlled robot
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Speech is an ideal method for robotic control and communication. The speech recognition circuit we will outline, functions independently from the robot's main intelligence [central processing unit (CPU)]. This is a good thing because it doesn't take any of the robot's main

Single-surgeon thoracoscopic surgery with a voice-controlled robot
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Terlipressin (2 mg every 4 h) was administered to two patients (a 39-year-old woman and a 57-year-old man) with alcoholic cirrhosis (Child's score C) who developed variceal haemorrhage. Baseline serum K+ was 6 mmol/L, respectively. Despite K+

Control system design using rapid prototyping method on the examples of voice controlled mobile robot and 6dof parallel manipulator
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Abstract. The subject of the paper is a description of a process of a control system development using a rapid prototyping approach. The purpose of this article is to present a control system design process on two examples of electromechanical devices. The first

Voice Controlled Robot using Open Source Hardware Platform Beagleboard
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Abstract:The main idea of this work is to process analog voice signal. The theme is implemented for controlling the robot by voice through speech processing using Beagleboard (OMAP processor). The adopted model is based on grouping a ARM and a

ASR and TTS for Voice Controlled Child-Robot Interactions for Treating Children with Metabolic Disorders
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Abstract. Artificial companion agents are becoming increasingly important in the field of healthcare, particularly when children are involved, with the aim of providing novel educational tools, supporting communication between young patients and hospital

Voice Controlled Child-Robot Interactions-Development of ASR and TTS systems for the NAO Robot within the ALIZ-E Project
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Abstract:This paper describes the development of a voice controlled child-robot interaction system for the NAO robot platform within the ALIZ-E project. The ALIZ-E integrated system includes various components but we mainly concentrate on describing the Automatic

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Abstract:Mobile robot controlled by voice command means a robot that can be operated by our human voice. We have used voice recognition software to identify the appropriate command for robot to responds and another android device at the command sending end

This paper elucidates the research and implementation of voice automated mobile robot. The robot is controlled through connected speech input. The language input allows a user to interact with the robot which is familiar to most of the people. The advantages of speech activated robots are hands-free and fast data input operations. In future, it is expected that speech recognition systems will be used as man-machine interface for robots in rehabilitation, entertainment etc. In view of this, aforementioned system is a source of learning process for a mobile robot which takes speech input as commands and performs some navigation task through a distinct man machine interaction with the application of the learning. The speech recognition system is trained in such a way that it recognizes defined commands and the designed robot navigates based on the instruction through the Speech Commands.The medium of interaction between humans and computers is on the processing of speech (words uttered by the person). . The complete system consists of three subsystems, the speech recognition system, a central controller and the robot .we have studied the various factors such as noise which interferes speech recognition and distance factor . The results prove that proposed robot is capable of understanding the meaning ofspeech commands.
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