VoIP Call Quality Analysis-thesis


Assessing voip call quality using the e-model
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Data networks havent traditionally been evaluated using a single metric because many factors contribute to the quality of data network performance. Yet in the telephony world, a single number is typically given to rate call quality. Voice over IP ( VoIP ) is an example of a

Analysis of influence of network performance parameters on VoIP call quality
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The paper deals about the measurement of the packet-oriented networks transmission QoS parameters impact to the VoIP call quality. Theoretical calculation of MOS call quality assessment for the selected audio co is implemented using the E-model. The main input

Assessment of voip service availability in the current internet
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In the case of VoIP this component corresponds to a dedicated call server such as a SIP proxy server, and it be implemented in hardware in the form of an IP PBX In our data, usually the lossy period lasts fairly long and covers an entire VoIP call

The Impact of Security on VoIP Call Quality.
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Modern multimedia communication tools must have high security, high availability and high quality of service (QoS). Any security implementation will directly impact on QoS. This paper will investigate how end-to-end security impacts on QoS in Voice over Internet Protocol

Adaptive VoIP with audio watermarking for improved call quality and security
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In this paper we describe a novel adaptive method of speech quality control which be used to adjust three call parameters: speech co configuration, playout buffer size, and amount of FEC (Forward Error Correction) mechanism information during VoIP (Voice over

On the TCP-friendliness of VoIP traffic
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off. A regular VoIP call involves at least two people talking to each other. If lower quality. As loss increases, the probability that a user will drop a VoIP call increases while the co and the playout scheme remain unchanged

Mean Opinion Score Measurements Based on E-Model During a VoIP call
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Abstract² This paper presents the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) measurements results of an input stage of an adaptive speech based on Quality of Experience (QoE) control during a Voice Over Internet Protocol ( VoIP ) call . QoE is periodically determined by means of a

Non-Intrusive Monitoring of VoIP Call Quality
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Page 1. QSDG 2002 Telchemy Non-Intrusive Monitoring of VoIP Call Quality Alan Clark Telchemy Incorporated Web: www.telchemy.com Email: alan@telchemy.com Page 2. QSDG 2002 Telchemy Problem Addressed Quality monitoring for Service management and billing Inter-domain SLA

Alternatives to MIKEY/SRTP to secure VoIP
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General IPSEC tunnels can be used to protect all traffic between these two persons, not only the VoIP call . The chosen and implemented solution, for the key exchange, is based on SIP, MIME and MIKEY IPSEC can also be used to protect general IP traffic not only the VoIP call

Impact of SRTP protocol on VoIP call quality
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The article describes the impact of VoIP communications security using SRTP protocol on the voice quality. SRTP as one of the protocols ensuring the protection of multimedia transmission significantly contribute to increased security in VoIP networks, its usage affects

Softspeak: Making VoIP Play Well in Existing 802.11 Deployments.
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like manner. Softspeak does not require any modifications to the WiFi protocols and significantly reduces the impact of VoIP on TCP capacity while si- multaneously improving key VoIP callquality metrics. Results show improvements

A handbook for successful VoIP deployment: Network testing, QoS, and more
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1 Contents Measuring Call Quality Objectively 2 Testing VoIP Call Quality 5 Getting your Data Network Ready for VoIP 6 Summary 12 Copyright Information 13 A Handbook for Testing VoIP Call Quality

VoIP Performance measurement using QoS parameters
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These include the VoIP call signaling protocols, the network environment, as well as the security for VoIP communication. 3.1 VoIP Call Signaling Protocols The VoIP communications were implemented with both the call signaling protocols (ie H.323 and SIP) for the tests

Detecting Spam in VoIP Networks.
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the same time. Content filtering is not useful in VoIP spam analysis as media flows in after the two participating entities have agreed upon to start the communication and would be too late to filter the call . This poses a serious

Data analysis and summarization to detect illegal VoIP traffic with call detail records
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ABSTRACT Voice over Internet Protocol ( VoIP ) is an advanced area for researchers. Many different methods are used to send voice over IP networks. With the development of modern telecommunications equipments and softwares telecommunications malpractices are

Assessing the quality of VoIP transmission affected by playout buffer scheme
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We proposed a method for assessing VoIP call quality by extending the ITU-T E-model concept. This method provides a direct link to perceived conversational speech quality by estimating user satisfaction from the combined effect of information loss, delay and echo. Keywords

An approach to transport layer handover of VoIP over WLAN
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Host To Network Host To Network Link 2 Link 1 Page 3. subjective quality of a VoIP call 100 100 0 0 5.4 10 7) 100)(60 ( 035.01 1 6 ₠R R R R RRR MOS From the G.107 recommendation the following ratings are given to a VoIP callVoIP over IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) is growing very fast and is providing a cost effective alternative for voice communications. WLANs were initially set up to handle bursty nonreal time type of data traffic. Therefore, the wireless access protocols

CallRank: Combating SPIT Using Call Duration, Social Networks and Global Reputation.
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4. CALLRANK EVALUATION An evaluation of CallRank in the real world would re- quire call logs from a VoIP system along with actual cases of VoIP spam. Call logs are hard to come by due to privacy concerns and VoIP spam is still not widespread enough

A peer-to-peer bare PC VoIP application
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The results indicate that call quality achieved with bare PC VoIP systems is better than that of operating system based softphones We described a peer-to-peer bare PC VoIP application and presented call quality measurements for bare PC systems including the MOS