watermarking IEEE PAPER 2018

Forgotten Siblings: Unifying Attacks on Machine Learning and Digital Watermarking
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ABSTRACT Machine learning is increasingly used in securitycritical applications, such as autonomous driving, face recognition, and malware detection. Most learning methods, however, have not been designed with security in mind and thus are vulnerable to different

Digital Image Security Using Digital Watermarking
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ABSTRACT -Digital image watermarking process is definite as to insert information of digital into digital signal. In watermarking is defined as a technique which embeds data into digital contents such as text, still images, video and audio data without degrading the overall

A Study of ROI based Image Watermarking Techniques
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ABSTRACT Nowadays, Fast improvement of the computerized mixed media innovation and the web enable individuals to duplicate, transmit, circulate and store data all the more effectively. Medical image exchange over open systems require a procedure to give security

A Review on Digital Image Watermarking using 3-Level Discrete Wavelet Transform
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ABSTRACT The rapid expansion of internet in the past years has rapidly increased the availability of digital data such as audio, images and videos to the public. The problem of protecting multimedia information becomes more important. A lot of copyright owners are

An Efficient Selective Method for Audio Watermarking Against De-synchronization Attacks
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ABSTRACT The high capacity audio watermarking algorithms are facing a main challenge in satisfying the robustness against attacks especially on de-synchronization attacks. In this paper, a robust and a high capacity algorithm is proposed using segment selection

A Robust Watermarking Scheme Based on DWT and DCT Using Image Gradient
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ABSTRACT In this paper we propose a combined watermarking scheme of images based on discrete Transforms. The Discrete Wavelet Transform allows the decomposition of the image after multi-resolution analysis in sub bands by means of successive sub-samplings of the With the invention of less expensive means of internet access, voice communication via social media is on the rise, which often comprises threats and distortions. Incorrect speaker/speech identification may sometimes lead to ambiguities in speaker identification

An Efficient Group of Pictures Decomposition based Watermarking for Anaglyph 3D Video
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1Higher Institute of Computer Science, University Tunis El Manar, LR16ES06 Research Laboratory of Computer Science, Modeling and Information and Knowledge Processing (LIMTIC), 2 Street Abou Raihane Bayrouni, 2080 Ariana, Tunisia 2National Engineering

Digital Image Watermarking based on DWT and SVD Techniques
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ABSTRACT In digital world, multimedia content and data can easily be used in an illegal way being copied, modified and distributed again. Watermarking is identified as a major technology to achieve copyright protection. Because of its growing popularity, the Discrete

Different Video Watermarking Techniques-A Review
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ABSTRACT Nowadays, In every field there is a broad use of digital contents. Digital documents can be easily copied by large numbers of people without any cost. People can be download image, audio, and video, and they can share them with friends. Due to this

Improved Techniques for Color Image Watermarking
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A Upadhyay 2018 ABSTRACT Watermarking is effective method to hide the confidential information into some multimedia at sending side and later extracted at the receiver side to fulfill various requirements like ensuring identification and authentication. Several algorithms have been

Video and Audio Hybrid Watermarking : A Literature Review
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ABSTRACT - Watermarking is used widely to secure and authenticate the digital data. Different watermarking techniques are used to protect the data from unauthorized attackers. Some are discussed the audio watermarking and some about video watermarking But meanwhile

A Novel Smart Card Authentication Scheme using Invisible Image Watermarking
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ABSTRACT One of the primary issues of information technology and communication is the security of information from unwanted frauds. For every transaction over insecure channel authentication is required. Due to the rise of the Internet, smart card authentication schemes

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ABSTRACT This paper presents the results of watermarking selected various medical cover images with simple string of letters image (patients medical data) using a combination of the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and singular value

Security of Data with 3DESWatermarking Algorithm
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ABSTRACT Cloud computing is architecture for providing, pay per use, services on demand of the user over the network. Although cryptography can be used to provide the security of data but it has a problem. This cryptography problem is that, when we convert our plain text into

Combined Cryptography And Digital watermarking For Secure Transmission of Medical Images in EHR Systems
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ABSTRACT Telemedicine uses telecommunication and information technology is uesd to provide clinical health care from distance. The information privacy and security issues continue to plague telemedicine, especially due to the extensive use of new communication

Robustness Watermarking Authentication Using Hybridisation DWT-DCTand DWT-SVD
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ABSTRACT The watermarking is a method of concealing digital information in multimedia data, namely the host image. Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) when joined with discrete cosine transform (DCT) and SVD deliver powerful digital watermarking image. There are

An Adaptive Approach for image adaptive watermarking using Elliptical curve cryptography (ECC)
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ABSTRACT Elliptical curve cryptography (ecc) is a public key encryption approach based on elliptic curve idea that may be used to create quicker, smaller, and greater green cryptographic keys. Ecc generates keys through the houses of the elliptic curve equation in

A SVD and Adaptive Quantization Based Robust Digital Image Watermarking
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ABSTRACT Digital Watermarking is a technology, to facilitate the authentication, copyright protection and Security of digital media. The objective of developing a robust watermarking technique is to incorporate the maximum possible robustness without compromising with the

Digital Watermarking using Spatial Domain and Blowfish Algorithm
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ABSTRACT Use of internet in open environment in todays era, introduces the new set of problems of copyright protection, security and authentication of digital images. This paper is about the robustness of a digital watermarking scheme to protect and authenticate digital

A Survey on Techniques to Protect Video files Using Watermarking
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ABSTRACT :-In this advanced age the principle issue with multimedia documents like picture and video is theft. The Radical increment in trades of information over the web and the incessant utilization of advanced medium has been watched. Computerized data can be

Transform Domain based Fragile Watermarking Technique for Image Verification
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KM Varuna Rao 2018 ABSTRACT The dissertation work analyses the various issues related to the fragile watermarking and addresses some of its aspects. Suitable transform domain techniques are proposed to overcome the limitations present in some of the existing methods. Firstly, an

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ABSTRACT -Digital watermarking is a technique by which we can get the more authentication and copyright protection. In the age of internet, a huge amount of multimedia data has been transferred in terms of audio, video and image. For transferring a data in high speed and

A Hybrid Approach for Secure Message Communication and Color Image Watermarking
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ABSTRACT This research work is nominated for an image protection technique in the area of spatial domain based digital watermarking and steganography. The proposed work has evolved a hybrid algorithm, Namely, MP-1. In this paper, a new data hiding and digital

An Adaptive Approach Digital Image Watermarking based on Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)
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ABSTRACT The applications of different dimension of multi-media have been grown rapidly on daily basis. Digital media brings about the changes in the conveniences to the people, The cons of this technology is security threat if that security issue exist there is no meaning of

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ABSTRACT This paper presents a hybrid watermarking technique for medical images. The method uses a combination of three transforms: Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT), and singular value decomposition (SVD). Then, the paper

A perceptive approach to digital image watermarking using a brightness model and the Hermite transform
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ABSTRACT This work presents a watermarking technique in digital images using a brightness model and the Hermite Transform (HT). The HT is an image representation model that incorporates important properties of the Human Vision System (HVS), such as the analysis

Scale Factor Optimization for a Robust Multi-Biometric Watermarking
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ABSTRACT : In this study multi-biometric images are embedded into a host image that includes RGB channels. The watermarking method is based on to decompose both host image and watermark images into singular values and mixing these singular values with a scale factor

An Effective Watermarking Method Based on Energy Averaging in Audio Signals
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ABSTRACT Methods based on discrete cosine transform (DCT) have been proposed for digital watermarking of audio signals; however, the watermark is often vulnerable to data compression and signal processing. This paper presents an effective audio watermarking