A Text Watermarking Algorithm Developed Using Natural Language Processing
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Digital watermarking is a new technique for protecting copyright digital product. In modern times digital watermarking is mainly focused on audio, image, and video. This paper plans and accomplishes a digital text watermarking algorithm. In digital text watermarking , several

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Digital watermarking scheme is a common way for protecting copyright or verifying integrity for digital images. The working domain of the watermark is either spatial or frequency. Recently, some researches tried to work on another domain which is derived from matrix

Watermarking Colored Digital Image Using Singular Value Decomposition for Data Protection
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Digital watermarking is the process of embedding information into a digital signal such as image, video, audio data to easily identify the ownership of the original data. Such information is embedded for many different purposes, such as copyright protection, source

Robust Image Watermarking via Perceptual Structural Regularity-based JND Model
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A better tradeoff between robustness and invisibility will be realized by using the just noticeable (JND) model into the quantization-based watermarking scheme. The JND model is usually used to describe the perception characteristics of human visual systems (HVS) Digital watermarking is a technique to put a secret message, which may be logo of a company, name of the creator, etc., behind the cover medium, which may be image, audio, or video. Digital watermarking algorithms should fulfill three requirements of robustness

An Improvement in Digital Image Watermarking Scheme Based Rn Singular Value Decomposition and Wavelet Transform
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An enormous growth of multimedia information in the internet has given rise to varied unauthorized use and modification. This authenticity issue is equally a limitation both in the defense data transmission and secured transmission. Digital watermarking is one of the

A robust image watermarking scheme using Z-transform, Discrete Wavelet Transform and Bidiagonal Singular Value Decomposition
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Watermarking is a widely used solution to the problems of authentication and copyright protection of digital media especially for images, videos, and audio data. Chaos is one of the emerging techniques adopted in image watermarking schemes due to its intrinsic Vintage and retro photo effects from various photo and camera software are popular. They are typically obtained from various image processing techniques. However when such effects are applied to watermarked image, they can partially or fully damage watermark

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The wide use of the smart card makes the security issue more and more important. Authentication by using traditional password cant meet user requirements. Many schemes for users authentication have been proposed, especially, those based on image encryptionThe security of medical images becomes increasingly important for many reasons such as confidentiality, authentication, and integrity. In this context, the digital watermarking has appeared as a solution to protect the medical data diffused in hospital networks. In this

Development of a Novel Digital Image Watermarking Scheme Using a Concatenation of Three Transforms
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The digital watermarking scheme has obtained its prominence as a result of its capability to offer secure mechanism for copyright protection or prevention of illegal duplication and authenticity of digital contents. The major objective of developing an image watermarking

Improved DCT based Digital Image Watermarking Technique using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
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The copyright laws are not sufficient to protect the multimedia data against illegal recording and transmission. Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) image watermarking technique is used for copyright protection of digital images because of its robustness against some attacks and

Review of Watermarking and Color Image Retrieval
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The development of information technology and network technology is increasing rapidly. In network technology, multimedia communication applications are used in various formats such as text, image, audio and video. These formats are spreading very fast over the internet

Secure and Robust Digital Image Watermarking using Stegnography
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This paper presents a chaotic encryption-based blind digital image watermarking technique applicable to both grayscale and color images. Discrete cosine transform (DCT) is used before embedding the watermark in the host image. The host image is divided into 8 8 non

Watermarking Technology For Copyright Protection Of Relational Databases.
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Digital watermarking is the technology for digital contents such as audio, video or pictures. That technology helps to the keep copyrights of the digital contents. After the rapid expansion of technology business world become the data driven. On the internet huge

A Robust Color Image Watermarking Algorithm with Various Attacks
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The increased and widespread usage of digital multimedia has aroused great concerns regarding issues such as copyright protection, copy control and proof of ownership. Digital watermarking serves as a solution to these kinds of problems; however, with the help of my

Digital Data Security using Audio Watermarking Cryptography Concepts
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The information which is being transmitted from one place to another is vulnerable to various types of active and passive attacks. Therefore, the security of the data and information is one of the most challenging aspects of computer communication in todaytime. Steganography

Tampering Detection in Video Inter-Frame using Watermarking
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Technology overtures both pros and cons. creating a video is not an easier one but editing the video is more compatible by using many editing software. In existing world altering the video content is made easier due to easy accessibility of video editing software. Video

An Efficient Image Watermarking Based on Dual Noise and Rotation Attacks
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Digital watermarking is used for copyright protection of intellectual properties and hence it is important to protect and recover data from attacks. Existing systems work on and recover the image from single attacks. This paper aims at proposing a technique for retrieval of cover

Color Image Watermarking Based on Octonion Discrete Cosine Transform
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There are few watermarking algorithms for color images. In most traditional watermarking algorithms, transforms are applied to each component of the color model individually resulting in less robust experimental results. Therefore, we propose a color image